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Students have varied attitudes and expectations when it comes to academic writing. Writing is an important aspect in the development of their studies. They have to engage in it constantly, as it is a way to improve their communication skills, besides getting good grades. To satisfactorily write an academic paper, a student needs to have excellent topic ideas and enough sources to support the argument. This way, he can communicate effectively the intended message and get the audience to think about the topic. Academic writing skills are therefore necessary for everyone, especially students if they want to enhance their communication skills.

Communication happens in both the spoken and written word. When a student writes an academic paper, he is communicating to the audience, which in this case, is the professor or anyone that is going to grade his work. As such, he has to ensure he uses the right language and simple words that easily describe the message and are easy to decipher. Good communication skills are not only god for the student but also his future endeavours. If you can comfortably communicate in both written and spoken word, then you are good to go. Academic writing prepares a study, not in different ways. However, it has its demands that should be met by the student, especially if they want to make excellent performance every semester.

Academic writing and communication skills

Academic writing and communication skills are essential aspects of a student’s learning process. They are also essential when it comes to the workplace irrespective of the career path that one chooses. As such, you need to know how you can enhance your communication skills.

Academic writing as an integral part of the studies

Academic writing is essential to every student and can be used to enhance one’s communication skills. With it, a student can show how to apply the knowledge acquired so far. This writing happens in a different setting; for instance; you can have academic writing that presents an argument with evidence to support the viewpoint. Sometimes its due to analyse certain information and present the analysis as a written piece.

All these aspects point to how you can communicate a standpoint or even present information pertaining to a topic.

image 02 academic writing is necessary communication skills

Communication aspects derived from academic writing

There are some aspects of communication that you can derive from academic writing to enhance your communication. For those who thought that your academic skills are done once you graduate, there is more to it than meets the eye. They can come in handy, especially if you get to a place of leadership. As a student, you should be able to improve both the written and spoken to make your communication all-round.

Your communication skill is enhanced through academic writing in the following ways:

image 03 Making arguments that are well reasoned

Remember that when engaging in academic writing, you are supposed to present a well-reasoned argument backed up by evidence. The same case applies when it comes to communication. You have to present your argument in a manner that is well reasoned. In other words, you are more capable of presenting substantiated decisions that are logical instead of bluster. For instance, if you re asked a question, you go beyond saying “yes” or “no” and give a reasoned argument.

image 04 Communicating without informal language

Your communication skills will earn you respect from around you. The way you write your academic papers following all the rules of citation and references earns you not only good grades but also respect from your lecturer because you have presented your work as a good scholar. Academic writing you an edge when it comes to communicating informally. You can put your argument in clear, unequivocal terms and the end; you earn respect.

This is necessary, especially during your career, which is why you should take your time to enhance your academic writing and use it as a stepping-stone to becoming a better communicator.

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Academic writing hones your correspondence

In your life as a student, you will write numerous academic papers. As time goes by, you will become a better writer, and you will find it easy even to write reports. Being good at writing helps you even to save time. You can effectively communicate more by saying or writing less.

Placing sufficient emphasis on evidence

Academic writing helps you to draw observations from data and information. This helps you to answer questions and provide evidence, thereby communicating effectively on the matter at hand.

Ability to focus on facts

When you are communicating, facts are important. With academic writing, you are supposed to use facts and evidence as a way of validating your standpoint. Communication works the same, and you can put aside all irrelevances and focus on what matters. You can differentiate what is necessary and what is superfluous.

Thinking in the language

English has been the means of communication throughout the world. It appeals to native and non-native English speakers. As such, academic writing is done in English in most parts of the world. This implies that you have to think in English. Thinking in the language is one of the fastest ways to master it. To communicate effectively, you need to think in English, especially in academic writing. This is the way that you are going to communicate your views. If you are used to academic writing, then writing in English will not be a hard task. It is a good way to enhance not only your written communication skills but also the speaking aspect of it.

image 05 language in academic writing

Asking for help from fellow students

Academic writing is no favourite undertaking for some students. Some of them find it hard, and in most cases, their performance may not be as good as they want it to be. As such, looking for help from fellow students is a good way of enhancing academic writing prowess as well as written communication skills. You can decide to engage with friends who can tell you something about academic writing hat you need to know and do. This improves your communication skills too. Go to a friend who has experience in the academic writing aspect that you. You can improve your written and spoken communication skills by listening to you more experienced friend and see how he or she has applied it.

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Doing some impromptu writing

Sometimes you need not get an assignment from your professor. You can think of a topic and come up with an academic paper about it. This will not only enhance your academic writing skills but also your communication skills; you can think on your feet and communicate effectively, whatever that is on your mind. Doing this severally will help you to do away with the fear of the writer’s block because you will not only write instantly but also communicate in the best way possible.

Never give up

Academic writing can be frustrating, especially if you are handling complex projects and tight deadlines. However, this should not be a recipe for your disillusionment. You need to ensure that you are consistent in your academic writing endeavours as you are improving your communication skills. You need time and space to masker the written communication, which in turn positively affects the spoken communication.

Clarity is important

When writing your academic papers, you are supposed to write clearly and concisely. This applies even when you are communicating through word of mouth. You are to be clear because no one likes to sit down and hear someone rumbling with incoherence. Both writing and speaking require clarity.

image 06 clarity is important in academic writing

Be concise

Academic writing calls for conciseness, especially if you are dealing with a complicated matter. This writing helps you to communicate in the fewest number of words you can think of. Remember that you can say too much with a few words or too little with many words. You choose what works for you best.

Research is key

Academic writing is critical and requires research. If you want to communicate effectively, whatever you are talking about must be well researched. You need to be aware of what you are saying and using the existing knowledge and evidence to back it up. This also shows that you are ready to go the extra mile to give your audience the right information. The same case will apply irrespective of the career path that you take. Research is a crucial aspect of communication that you need to develop.

Academic writing presents many opportunities, not only for your studies but also for your career. It helps you to enhance communications skills hat set you apart from others. The communication skills that you develop through academic writing will also put you in a better position for a promotion.

As such, when engaging in academic writing, you should look beyond your grades and see the future because whatever skills you develop will come in handy. You need to focus on developing not written and spoken communication skills with every word that you speak or write regardless of the email or any other relevant document.

This implies that academic writing tasks are important and should be taken seriously. If you have problems writing academic papers, you can seek our professional online help now. We shall assist you with any academic writing task that you have today.

image 07 research is key

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