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Every year, students are expected to join institutions of higher learning to pursue further studies. These studies are in line with their career goals, which is why students look forward to joining different institutions of higher learning. However, the process of joining a university or college does not just happen. A student has to apply to these institutions to see if he or she gets a slot. In most of these universities, a student has to write an excellent application essay detailing why he should be allowed to studying that institution. Since there are many applicants, a student’s application essay must always stand out.

You want to get the attention of the admission officer because the success of your application rests with the way you write that college admission essay. College admission essays present a chance for students to demonstrate their best qualities and to show the admission officer that they are unique and deservedly so, are the right choice. As such, there is immense importance that comes with application essays. However, even before delving into its important, we need to examine the aspects that colleges look for in application essays.

What colleges looking for in application essays

These are the aspects that college admission officers are looking for in application essays.

Ability to write well

When it comes to writing your application essays, the first things that the admission officers are going to look for is the ability to write well. They want to see if you can argue your point well and support it with evidence. Remember that you are communicating your personality to the admission officer since he or she has no met you, and this is what might get you a chance for an interview.

image 02 ability to write well

Following instructions

Some of the application essays are based on a prompt. The admission officer is also looking to see if you can follow simple instructions. Sometimes you might be given a prompt to which you respond. The way you respond to it wilt el if you paid attention to the instructions or not. Application essays are important, and the instructions that come with them are crucial. Remember that this is a one-time essay, and as such, you have to make everything about it count.

Application essays also come in different types. When you are applying for college admission, you might be required to write a specific type of application essay. You need to be ready to write a good paper that will warrant your acceptance for an interview. These application essays include the following:

image 03 tell us about yourself

In this case, the admission officer is looking to know you through the application essay. They also want to see how well you can introduce yourself. Since this is the first time you are interacting with their admissions board, you need to make your introduction as simple and as fascinating as possible. This type of a college application essay allows you a chance to reveal something unique about yourself that goes not involve grades or test scores. What you need to do is to focus on a few things and refrain from telling everything at once. Application essays are not resumes to be written in prose. You develop a small event, place, person o feeling with a lot of specifics and narrative. You should have a story in your application essays that only you can tell.

image 04 the why us application essay

Some institutions of higher learning will have students write application essays detailing why they chose the college or the career path. What they are looking for are your goals and how committed you are to this institution. When answering this prompt, you have to be clear. Whatever subject you choose for this type of application essay, ensure you are fully knowledgeable about it. Your essay should sound sincere and not ingratiating.

image 05 the creative application essay

The idea of these application essays is to evaluate how a student thinks and writes creatively. It also helps the admissions officer to assess the student’s level of knowledge and education. As such, you have a chance to communicate your views and personality. The application essay that you write in this case ought to be informed and should use common sense. Do not write about complex topics or exotic locations jus to impress your audience. Remember that you are trying to get a chance that many other students are fighting for.

Understanding all these application essays prepares you for the task ahead, especially if you have that one school you have always dreamed of joining.

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image 06 writing application essay

Tips for writing a stellar college application essay

If you want to write a college application essay that will give you an edge over the others, you can consider the following pointers:

image 07 Write about something you hold dear to yourself

Application essays are personal and can only relate to the writer. As such, you can write about something which you deem important to you. It could be an experience, a person, a book or anything that has in one way or the other, impacted your life.

image 08 Use the application essay to reflect not just recount

Your application essay is a good chance for you to show your uniqueness and why you need to be admitted to that school. Anyone can write about anything, like how they won a big game or spent their holidays in Europe. When writing about such events, you have to transcend blow-by-blow kind of an approach and describe whatever lesson you inferred from the experience. You also need to show how it influenced your life in one way or the other. Such are the things that will make your college application essays unique.

image 09 Humour is good only when used sparingly

Everybody loves a good and a hearty laugh. However, when it comes to writing your application essay, you need to be careful about how you use humour. If you can make your admission officer laugh, the better. However, what might appear as funny to you might not be as such to the audience. This is why you should be aware of the way you infuse humour in your application essay. Do not use anything off-colour.

image 10 Start early to allow for improvements

When you start writing our college application essay, give yourself room to make mistakes. In other words, you are supposed to start as early as possible. This will give you ample time to set the essay aside for a few days before coming back to it. You will also have time to write drafts until you are satisfied you have the right one. One of the best ways is to put yourself in the shoes of the audience. Ascertain if the essay is interesting, ideas have a logical flow and see if it reveals something about yourself. Ascertain if you have used your voice. All this is done if you have ample time. Starting early will give you all the time you want to make the right corrections.

image 11 Answer the asked question

If you have written, several other applications you need to ensure you do not reuse any answers from them, in this application essay. You have to be original and stick to the instructions or provided promptly. Your unique answers are the ones that are going to determine if you deserve the slot or not.

image 12 do not repeat

Whatever that you have written should never be contradicted in any other part of your essay. You are not even supposed to repeat it. Your application essay is not a platform for you to chare your awards or discuss your test scores or grade. You have to remain true to your goals of being admitted in the school of your choice.

One thing you need to know is that you have unique stories and personality different from other students, and this is what sets you apart. With an application essay, you get a chance to tell your story, or at least part of it. This is why you have to write a personal, thoughtful college application essay about something that has meaning to you. Shine through your essay by being honest, genuine and through your unique qualities.

Remember that admission officers have to go through numerous application essays, most of which are not fascinating. As such, go for something that will guarantee you not only a chance for an interview but also a slot in that school. This is why application essays are important.

image 13 application essay importance

Why are application essays so important to a student?

For one, the student has complete control of the message he wishes to put across. Use the essay to speak to the person who is going to review your application. This essay makes or breaks your chances of ever being admitted in that institution. This is why it is important to shed light on your character because the admission officer does not know you yet.

The college application essay is important because it is written in the perspective of the prospective student. This provides the institution with a glimpse of the goals and intention of the student. It will help the institutions to determine if the student will be good for the school or not.

It helps to value honesty

When higher learning institutions ask for college application essays, they want the applicants to be as truthful as possible. As such, the applicants are required to talk about their experiences as they balance between confidently marketing themselves as the potential students and maintaining humility. Admission officers can recognise when the students are misrepresenting themselves, which is why honesty is important here.

The application essay boost your chances of getting admitted

College application essays are part of the admission process. They are among the documents needed for this to happen, but they carry more weight. You might have the best test scores, GPA or even good at extracurricular activities. However, you will need to write an application essay to demonstrate your personality as well as the reasons why you need to study in that institution. As such, this essay becomes extremely crucial to you.

Application essays are viewed differently from on college to the next. As such, you should always aim high. Write application essays that make the admission officer think that reading it is the best part of her job. You can do this by following the tips provided above.

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