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Essay writing has been considered an important aspect of comprehensive learning in a student’s life. It seems like the hallmark of scholarship, which is partly gauged by the ability of the student to write coherently and elegantly on any topic. If students do not know how to write a good essay by the time they are leaving campus, they are considered not good by every standard. This is why every student gets too many essay writing assignments not only to hone his skills but also to develop his analytical skills when it comes to different essay topics.

Essay writing does not start at college or university levels but other junior levels. The difference is that junior level essays are not as detailed as college and university essays. Term papers, essays, research papers all constitute between 20 to 80 percent of a given grade that a student receives from an examination. This puts pressure on the students to write topnotch papers that will earn them good grades every semester. As the pressure piles, the student must think of ways of getting assistance, especially with the essay writing assignments. In most cases, students will go for essay writing services that are available online. They assist the student in getting their work done. Controversy surrounds these services, and if they amount to cheating, it depends on whom you ask.

Essay writing services

Recently, online freelancing has become popular, and the majority of these writers offer their services on different websites. This has culminated in a situation where these sites are reviewed based on some factors. This helps the clients with information on which essay writing entity to trust. The advent of these services was meant for the business community, but their affordability has attracted students. It is promising for a student to hire professional essay writers to deal with their assignments. The student is at liberty to provide the writer with any classroom material that is relevant to the assignment. Students do not necessarily have to rely on writing services but also with proofreading and editing services. It is a fast service to get, and the student has little or nothing to worry about when it comes to his assignments.

How students utilize online writing services

There are different reasons as to why students use essay writing services for their assignments. The student sometimes has too much academic work. Therefore, it is important to outsource. The student may also not have adequate time to work on every assignment and beat the deadline, and as such, online writers are a better option. A student may also lack the necessary skills to write a good essay. If this is the case, a professional writer is a go-to person to deal with this problem. At times the motivation of hiring a writer may make the student get one especially if he is not in the writing mood.

A certain group of students may decide to use these services for the above reasons or anything else. This includes students who take their writing assignments for granted, and do not think that these assignments are important. Others are not even confident in their ability to write a coherent paper.

However, irrespective of the reason that is driving a student to use these services, it is important to consider the following factors.

 Factors to consider before hiring cheap essay writing services

The introduction of technology has resulted in many companies and individuals who are offering essay-writing services in exchange for some money. However, there is a raging debate surrounding these services, with some saying they are making students lazy. The other faction argues that these services are assisting them in dealing with the workload of assignments they get from their professors. Irrespective of your take on this issue, there are several factors you have to consider before you hire the cheapest essay writing services.

Professional work

If you land the right essay writing service, you have little to worry about. These companies use rigorous recruitment processes to hire their writers. The prospective writers are required to provide the company with their curriculum vitae and other credentials as proof of their professionalism. If an online writing company has professional writers, they have high chances of producing quality work that will satisfy the students. This will also save their money that would have been used in hiring the best essay writing services from fellow students. This not only increases the student’s confidence in them, but also the expectation of a better performance.

When a student trusts a professional writer with his assignment, he is sure to perform better as opposed to hiring his fellow student.

Timely delivery

When hiring the best essay writing service, you have to consider their ability to deliver on time. Essay writing can be quite challenging especially if you are rushing against time. If you choose to use the services of a professional writer, they should give you a guarantee on the timely delivery of your work. You are paying them to ensure that you get a quality paper in good time and submit it to your lecturer before the lapse of the deadline.

These writers are more efficient in situations where the student is a slow writer. Their efficiency is as a result of long periods of writing not only essays but also other academic papers in a short time. This should guarantee you on time delivery.


Essay writing is not easy especially if you lack content. If you cannot resist the urge to copy other works, you should consider using a professional writer. The catch here is to ascertain that the work they give you is original. If these writers can develop essays from scratch, then you can use their services. However, the question is, how do you ascertain the originality of your essay? The writer should be able to guarantee that whatever he is writing in your paper has never been used anywhere else.
Professional writers understand the effects of plagiarism in the academic career of a student. Most of them have plagiarism-detecting programs that they use to ascertain the authenticity of the work they have produced. As a student, you should also ensure that you have checked your work for plagiarism before you submit it.

Affordability of the service

Nowadays there are available cheap essay writing services. This is another factor worth considering especially if you intend to hire professional writers. You have to get your assignments done without having to pay too much money. However, the cheap prices you look for must not be too low because that can be a red flag for a poor quality paper. There are many online frauds that come in the name of offering the best and cheap essay writing service, only to deliver garbage assignments. Be careful not to fall into this ploy.

Money back guarantee

Since you have fully trusted your professional writer with your work, you have to be sure that you will not lose your money. There were times when people would have doubts about these services, which is why the money back guarantee policy was introduced. This ensures that the clienteles get a refund of their cash in situations where they are not happy with the work provided by the professional writers. When you are seeking the services of a professional writer, this should be on your list of queries. You cannot afford to lose your money and the good grade for which you have clamored for long.

Enhanced customer service

When you are seeking the services of a professional writer, you should ascertain that they have excellent customer service. Since most of these writers fall under the umbrella of an online writing company, chances of having a customer care support are high. This enables you to be in touch with the writer in every step of the assignment writing process. Communication between the two of you is constant to ensure the work is of high quality.

Customer support also helps one in asking questions about the company to ascertain its credibility and professionalism. Assignments are very important to a student, and they cannot be trusted on a person whose credibility is at stake.


Through their customer support, you have the chance to establish their level of credibility. Most online writing companies have websites that contain important information. Use that information, for instance, client feedback, to ascertain their credibility. Most importantly, call them if possible and get to know them better. Interact with your writer to ensure he understands your assignment as well as to gauge his level of knowledge on the topic of your essay.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. When you are looking for essay writing services that are cheap, your advantages should outweigh the disadvantages. If the latter outweighs the former, then you have a big problem. The best way to know if the advantages outweigh the demerits is to go through the reviews by the clients.