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At one point during their academic life, students will have to sit off one or several research papers. This requires them to have top-notch writing skills to come up with papers that will earn them excellent grades. Writing a research paper requires the student to come up with a perfect topic that will not be a challenge from the one. A student is supposed to choose a topic that piques his/her interest. If he is getting the research paper topic from his professor, he should ensure he has the right approach to it, creates research paper outline and writes a paper that will not only demonstrate his urge to perform better, but also write a paper that will demonstrate his critical thinking and writing skills.

As such, adequate preparation is necessary if the student is going to make any considerable impact on a research paper. He must ensure that there is a research paper outline that can act as a guide during the writing process. A student needs to know how to formulate outlines for a research paper so that he can enhance his changes in writing an excellent piece of academic work. With an outline, the student is likely to include everything relevant to his topic.

An outline is a simple framework that represents the main and supporting arguments for a given topic. A student can never go wrong with outlines for research paper, because he can develop a logical and coherent structure of the research paper this makes it easier for him to translate these ideas into words and sentences. After you, write a perfect research paper outline. You will get an idea of how your paper is going to look like and the direction that you want to take.

What is a research paper outline?

Are you wondering about the definition of a research paper outline? It is defined as an organisational plan that helps you in developing your research paper. You are supposed to write your outlines for a research paper before beginning the entire writing process. It is an effective way to organise your thoughts and ensure you capture everything you intend to include in the contents of your research paper. An outline is a simple breakdown of your thesis statement in a clear, hierarchical manner to assist in in the overall organisation of the research paper. What you need to keep in mind are the sections of your research paper, and they are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Of course, these are general sections, that make a research paper detailed and will have other sections that you need to include in the outline.

Importance of outline in a research paper

There are reasons why outlines for a research paper are important. These reasons are explained as follows:

image 02 Research paper outlines prevent potential errors 1

If you develop an excellent research paper outline, you will also get a creative way of organising your ideas. If you invest time in outlining your research paper, you will weed out many errors ad ensure that the paper you write makes sense. As such, you should invest in tie to make perfect research paper outlines. It is necessary to ensure that you cover all the gaps that you never knew existed as well as address ideas that are likely to have less support.

image 03 It keeps you focused

A research paper outline helps you to figure out the estimated time that you will take to finish the entire paper. With an outline, you save a lot of time that you need to do other important things in your academic life. With research paper outlines, you find it easy to check what you lack. Failing to develop an outline will greatly affect the way you deal with the project, especially the long ones. With a good research paper outline, you can remain focused on your work. It becomes easy to construct your arguments and details that support them. You will also avoid the writer’s block since you have a backup of ideas in the name of a research paper outline.

image 04 An outline makes reading and writing easier

Sometimes you may have several ideas that you cannot write about one thing only. With a well-developed research paper outline, you will be able to structure those ideas easily and eventual writing an excellent paper. When you are done with the writing process, you will find out how much easier it is to read the work because it is well organized. With an outline, it is hard to lose the focus on your paper.

image 05 A research paper outline motivates the writer

If you have developed an excellent research paper outline, you will see whatever you have managed to put together. If you can develop excellent outlines for a research paper, you will be more excited about the entire work as opposed to when you would have done it haphazardly. It also enhances the chances of your work coming together as you have envisaged. If you are a student, you will be sure to get an excellent grade from the entire research paper.

image 06 create research paper outline blog

Before you can develop your research paper outline, you need to:

image 07 Choose an appropriate topic

You cannot develop an outline when you do not have a topic. All research papers revolve around a topic and as such, ensure you have something that no only piques your interest, but also that of the audience. If you are choosing the topic for yourself, you have the advantage of going for something that you can authoritatively talk about. If you are getting it from your instructor, ensure you understand the instructions and have the right angle to use when doing your research.

image 08 Let your argument be known

You also need to identify what kind an argument that you are going to make, and how you are going to support it. You also have to figure out why it is important to you and how it might be important to your audience. You have to understand the aim of your thesis statement, find out if it can elicit an argument, how you can build a research paper around it and so on. Once you ascertain that, then you are almost there when it comes to developing an excellent outline for your paper.

image 09 Define your audience

If you are a student, your professor is the one how will read your paper. However, you also need to go beyond that and understand the audience. This will give you an idea of the best language to use, the tone, and the overall style of the research paper.

image 10 Conduct your research

This necessary step will define the way your paper is going to be. It should be done before coming up with your research paper outline. You have to investigate and evaluate a lot of sources so that you can land on the most relevant evidence to support your argument. You have to find the general information that supports your thesis statement and then delve deeper into it. You also need to be aware of the counter-arguments and the evidence that supports them. All of these aspects will be indicated in your research outline paper.

image 11 Organising your references

Every piece of evidence you use in your research paper must be referenced accordingly. As such, you need to prioritise them according to tom their importance and relevance to your main argument.

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Writing the outline

Now that you have what is necessary to develop your research paper outline, let us see how you put everything together. The following are the best tips that you can apply to come up with a perfect research outline paper.

image 12 Pay attention to the topic and the purpose of your research paper

By now, you know the topic that you are going to write about in his paper. You need to think about it as you prepare your research paper outline. When you have a purpose in mind, it will be easy for you to achieve the objectives. Think of the things that you want the audience to learn from your research paper and write them down. They are necessary for helping you to focus your ideas around a specific message that out want the audience to understand.

image 13 Formulating the introduction

This is a crucial part of the research paper that should be as fascinating as they come. The reader can use it to determine if the paper is worth reading or not. You have to make it as intriguing as possible. Think of the way that you are going to hook the audience depending on the volume of the research paper. A hook can be a single sentence or a series of them, and as such, you should make it as interesting as possible. Remember to put in our research paper outline, why the audience is the ones fit or the topic. You should ensure you make it as relatable as possible. End your introduction with a thesis statement in a clear manner.

For instance, the introduction should look like this:

  • The hook

  • Reasons for the topic and its relevance to you and the audience

  • Thesis statement

You have to make it as simple as possible

image 14 The body of your research paper outline

The body of your research paper is very crucial to the point that you are trying to make. As such, you should have ideas that you want to discuss in the body enumerated in your research paper outline. Remember that there are no limitations as to the number of paragraphs that you can include in the body of your research paper. It all depends on the volume that the instructor requires. The evidence that you have found goes to the body of your research paper. What you need to do is to identify topic sentences that you are going to use.

They are then followed by the evidence that you are going to use. The research paper outline here should look like this:

  • Topic sentence

  • Supporting evidence

  • Supporting evidence

This format should be replicated in all other body paragraphs that you are going to write f in that research paper. If there are counter-arguments, you need to indicate them in your outlines for research paper, at the same point you want them to appear in work. This is to enhance the flow of the paper and to show that you have taken into consideration, the opposing views. It will show that you are also committed to creating an excellent academic reputation for yourself.

As you write the outlines for a research paper, you also need to stick to the style of formatting. This will enable you to keep consistency at optimum. Remember that you will use evidence borrowed from other sources and as such, your research paper will need to be written in a specific style, ensure that your outline conforms to the said style.

image 15 create research paper outline blog
image 16 The conclusion

This is where you are going to summarise all you search to enable the audience to understanding the main idea as well as getting the right closure. You should outline the point that you are going to summarise remember that here, you will restate your thesis statement, albeit rephrased. Do not make it a long paragraph. Rather, you need to include the summary of all major arguments without providing a deep explanation. You also need to include a call to action to help in provoking your audience to a discussion of further analysis and investigation of the topic. As you close the research paper outline, you should know the message that you want the audience to take home.

Once you follow the above tips of developing outlines for a research paper, you can now comfortably start the writing process of the first draft of your paper. The research paper outline should guide you throughout the process and be a checklist after you finish.

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