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Every students needs to know how to write a critical thinking paper. It is one of the daunting tasks that a student in college will ever encounter. One needs profound knowledge and skills in completing the assignment and ensuring here is enough content that will guarantee an excellent paper. The A grade has always been elusive to some students, but it does not meant they cannot achieve it. For once, critical thinking gives you a chance to arrange your ideas systematically and research on them before you can start the actual writing process. Every student must do this paper. Critical thinking is crucial in everyday life, and it is a chance to evaluate various situations, reflect on possible outcomes and manage all the material at had without way bias.

When you are presented with a critical thinking paper, you are expected to show your thoughts as opposed to dwelling on the structure or usefulness of the facts. In other words, you are supposed to show how your opinion changes as an author as new data keeps coming in. Mastering the critical thinking skill for this paper is a little bit difficult especially if you are doing it for the first time.

Critical writing

Remember that a critical thinking paper requires you to analyze an event, book, play, argument and so on. It is an important aspect in your future life and when this assignment comes, it will leave you with essential critical thinking skills that can be very instrumental in different aspects of your life. Remember that sometimes you have to make decision after reviewing your options critically, which is why you have to develop your critical thinking skills with time.

If you know how to write a critical thinking paper, you also develop your research skills especially if you are a student. Most of the assignments that you will encounter during your studies will require you to do serious critical thinking, and as such, you formulate a solid foundation for a critical thinking paper. Critical thinking papers are not written on a whim. You have to know the best way to deal with them especially if you are looking forward to making the best performance.

image 02 write critical thinking paper

Before delving into how to write a critical thinking paper, let us look at the techniques that you are likely to use critical thinking papers. They include the following:

image 03 critical analysis

Writing a critical thinking paper will require you to analyze various works and formulate opinions and judgements on it. When you are delving into ideas opinions, characters and plots, you have to employ critical analysis especially if it involves works done by other people. You have to engage in deep reading as you examine novels, poetry, short stories and so on. When it comes to deep reading, it extends to historical, biographical and political works that explain an understanding of their subtext.

With critical analysis also, you have to engage in empirical analysis to study a phenomena through observation or experience of the subject. For instance, one can explore the effects of a new policy introduced to a specific society. For instance, you assignment can be based on the observation or experienced the criminal behavior that crop up as a result of these policies and the provide suggestions on how these polices can be adjusted.

image 04 Evaluation

For you to know how to write a critical thinking essay, facts are necessary, and so are the examples too as they validate the arguments that you are main. You have to evaluate very piece of information you provide within the paper.

image 05 deductive reasoning

This enables you as the writer to arrive at a decision concerning aspects of given subject or a literary text. In this case, you apply a singular line of thought as a logical way of understanding broad ideas.

image 06 problem solving

If your critical thinking paper is based on a text by another author, you have to break down the problem to bring out whatever that is not working. This enables you to suggest the best solution to the problem.

With the above tactics, you can now develop you know how to write a critical thinking paper depending on the topic that you are dissecting. As such, let us now look at the best way you can only write a critical thinking paper.

Writing the critical thinking assignment

Remember that critical thinking anchors on the conventions of formal logic, theory, and practice of argumentation, rhetoric, and scientific philosophy that focuses on the limitations instruments of cognitive activity. As such, since this is an academic writing, it must have the normal introduction, the body and the conclusion.

Pre-writing tips

If you want to know how to write a critical thinking essay write a successful critical thinking paper, you need to do the following before you can start the writing process. It includes:

image 07 pre writing steps

After the above steps, it is when you:

image 08 pre writing steps critical essay

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Selecting a fascinating topic

Just like any other academic writing, you need to come up with fascinating topic. If you have been given a topic by your lecture, you have to know the best way to approach it to make the critical thinking paper more than appealing. This topic is the one that is going to help you in developing a good thesis statement that will be the focus on the entire text. When you have been given a chance to choose a topic for yourself, go for something you are sure is going to be an easy one to talk about. Choose an idea that you can comfortably tackle and you will have lots of evidence proving your point. This will make the critical thinking paper writing process easier and enjoyable.

image 09 developing your thesis statement

This is the axis around which the ensure text is going to revolve. As such, you need to take your time as you decide on whatever that you are going to write. This requires you to think thoroughly on whatever that you are going to write about so that you are sure of what you want to capture excellently. The results of you research skills and knowledge will be displayed on the thesis statement that you are going to formulate. Remember that you thesis statement must be an arguable claim that you are going to support excellently as you write the critical thinking paper.

image 10 creating an outline

If you want to have an easy time knowing how to write a critical thinking paper, you have to formulate an outline. This will help you in capturing all the idea that you are going to discuss in relation to your thesis statement. With an outline, you are able to know where to put the right information. An important tip of writing an outline for your critical; thinking paper is that you can make it as detailed as you want. This makes it easier for you to write the body of the paper easily. An outline is also necessary because it helps you follow the structure of the paper. In other words, it contributes to the organization of your ideas and the general outlook of the paper.

Writing the critical thinking paper

With the prewriting stages done, it is time now to write the entire paper. Since it is an academic piece of writing, besides having a topic, thesis statement and an outline, it should also have the following areas.

image 11 the introduction in critical thinking paper

The first paragraph ought to come in like a wrecking ball. In other words, you have to start the paper with a fascinating opening line. If you want the audience to continue remain your work, you have to grab their attention from the onset. You have to state your intentions clearly in the first instance that the audience is exposed to your paper. However, you have to avoid sin clichés in you introduction because it makes the paper look like any other critical thinking assignment. If you want to know how to write a critical thinking essay, be unique through the words that you use on the introduction. To close this important paragraph, your thesis statement must come and the last sentence. Now your thesis statement can be a single or two sentences. Ensure they come at the end, unless instructed otherwise by your professor.

image 12 writing the body paragraph in critical thinking essay

Remember that you want to know how to write a critical thinking paper. As such, the body paragraphs present a platform for you to analyze any material that you have. The ideas that you have formulated during writing have to be analyzed profoundly. The evidence and the arguments that you have found have to also be analyzed. Talk about the strengths and weaknesses that you have identified and demonstrate crucial relationships that you have come across. The body paragraphs also have to include different viewpoints. For a critical thinking paper to be effective, one must not leave you the opposing views. As such, you have to be ready to review and evaluate scholarly opinions concerning the topic at hand.

You also need to review the contexts especially if you are dealing with works of an author who is trying approach the topic from an ideological school of thought. Remember that your interpretation can be influenced by your ideology culture a well as other biases.

You are also free to formulate your own point of view. This will require you to defend or validate your viewpoint using evidence. However, this does not give you the liberty to use the first person pronouns.

When writing the body paragraphs:

image 13 writing the body paragraphs

Writing the conclusion

Part of knowing how to write a critical thinking paper is finish with a strong conclusion. There are those who jump straight to conclusion as they read a critical thinking paper. As such you should ensure that you conclusion summarizes everything that you have written in the critical thinking paper. One important aspect to consider is that conclusions do not allow you to introduce any ideas or evidence and facts that you have not discussed in the body of your paper. This will throw off the audience. Ensure that your critical thinking conclusion restates your thesis statement albeit in different words and ties everything together. You can also sum up all the ideas and highlight areas that require further study.

Post-writing tips

Once you are done with your draft, you can take some time off the paper and relax. This will help you to come in with a refreshed mind as you start the following processes:

image 14 proofreading

Knowing how to write a critical thinking essay excellently means you have to proofread it. The first thing is to go through the paper underlining any mistakes therein. The second reading now enables you to correct all the underlined mistakes. It can be spelling, grammatical errors, and punctuation. In other words, you want to ensure that the general outlook of your paper is excellent.

image 14 proofreading

This one deals with the structure and everything to do with the flow of the ideas. Here, you can arrange and rearrange your ideas and paragraphs. You are also at liberty to delete any unnecessary phrases or sentences. You can also add more information based on the way you have discussed some of the ideas. Editing also allows you to focus on the structure of a paragraph and of the entire work. You have to make the paper as presentable as possible.

image 15 let another person look at it

It is good to let another pair of eyes go through your work. You can either read it to them aloud or have them read it. The feedback they give you is necessary in making the changes before you can write the final copy of your work.

Now you know how to write a critical thinking paper with the above tips. If you find any difficulties, you can let our professional writers handle it for you.

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