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There are many essays that a student in college or university has to write. As such, it demands them to develop excellent writing skills, especially if they are garnering for an A-grade paper. Essays are both hard and easy to write. They are easy because the student is given a chance to express his ideas and thoughts on a given topic. They become hard if the student lacks the right skillset to come up with a good paper. Among these essays are descriptive essays. These can use a person, an object, an even, or anything that can be described to the audience and paint a vivid picture in their minds.

The best thing is that descriptive essays are that you play around with words. There is freedom of the way you use words to ensure you address the audience in a way that makes them get a sense of the event as if they were there in person. When writing a descriptive essay about a person, you need to be very careful about the subject you choose. It can be about a person that is dear to you, like your Mum, Dad, Brother, Friend, colleague, and so on.

The descriptive essay of a person can also be based on a historical figure. Some of the things you can talk about in your person descriptive essay include the following:

  • Appearance

You can talk about their appearance in terms of the clothes that they don

  • Manners

This regards describing the most typical facts of the person in question. If you are dealing with a famous person, you have to describe their mannerisms too.

Appealing to all the five senses of the audience

Remember that when writing the descriptive essay of a person, you have to appeal to the five senses of the audience. As such, you have to provide vivid details of your subject. Here you need to focus on the smallest details. You also need to be aware of the emotional qualification of what you are writing about. You also need to share your personal feelings and experiences with the person in question. Ensure that all the sensory details of the subject are observed and reported.

However, before you can even start writing a person descriptive essay, you need to have an understanding of what this type of essay is all about.

What is a descriptive essay?

This short detailed essay summarizes a topic, describes experiences and impressions. It is different from argumentative essays because it does not require responses, but describes places, people, situations, objects or even emotions. It uses personal feelings of and judgement. In other words, use your own opinion or what you think and feel about the subject, which in this case is a person.

The purpose of descriptive essays on a person

The idea of writing the descriptive essay of a person is to describe him or her as the subject. You give incisive details of that person in a way that paints a picture or a vivid impression in the minds of your audience. With the descriptive ring, you can use imaginative language, analogies, comparisons, time, as well as your location to make a descriptive essay about a person more effective and unique.

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Show instead of telling

When writing a descriptive essay of a person, you have to show the audience instead of telling them a sorry about the subject. Remember you are trying to give them a blow-by-blow description of his person that they have not met. Ensure that through your description you can bring to life this person in the minds of the audience in such a way that they will feel like they already know him or her.

Choosing a person as the subject of your descriptive essay

As earlier indicated, you need to choose a person who you know very well in your life. Chose a person who will provide enough details for your person descriptive essay. One thing about this essay is that you can also choose a fictional character to write about. This character can be to your favourite television series, book or even video game.

The best thing is to ensure the essay is structured in a manner that enhances the logic of the essay. When writing a descriptive essay of a person, you can start in a general manner and then delve into specific details as you build up to your conclusion. Remember that you have to set the tone for your person descriptive essay on the introduction. As such, you have to ensure it sets out all the major ideas about that person you are about to describe in your essay.

image 03 Enumerate sensory details about the subject you are describing

Remember that all descriptive essays are more effective when you are about to appeal to all the senses of the audience. You can have five columns that regard the touch, sight, sound, taste, and smell. Here, you outline as many details as you can about the subject based on each sense. These notes are essential when you are writing a person descriptive essay. For instance, under the ‘sound,’ you can describe the person as having a soft voice.

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Outlining your descriptive essay about a person

One of the best things that you can do your descriptive essay writing process is to come up with an outline. The outline can be done inspections, where you have the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The descriptive essay of a person can take the five-paragraph format when you have the introduction, three body paragraphs, and the conclusion. However, this does not restrict you from having as many paragraphs as you can depend on how detailed this person descriptive essay is going to be. What you need to know is the requirement from your instructor on the number of paragraphs that you are going to write in your descriptive essay about a person. How you write your outline determines the extent to which you will include the details in your descriptive essay. Remember that creativity is important because this essay gives you the liberty to play around with descriptive words.

image 05 Formulate your thesis statement

If you want to get an A in your person descriptive essay, you have to come up with an excellent thesis statement. This is the single idea that will take prevalence in our descriptive essay. Not only does it set out the purpose of the essay, but also regulates the way the information about a person is going to be conveyed in the body of the essay. The thesis statement appears last in the introduction unless instructed otherwise by your professor. It should also be restated in the conclusion of your descriptive essay about a person.

image 06 Writing your introduction

From any descriptive essay example about a person that you might come across, you will find that the introduction sets the scene for the audience and the subject. You have to use the list of the sensory details that you write to describe the subject. Use attention-grabbing opening sentence. This makes the readers want to know more about what you are writing about. The introduction should close with your thesis statement.

image 07 the body

As you write the body of your descriptive essay of a person, you have to be as specific as you can. However, you need to refrain from using broad adjectives and use the more specific ones. For instance, instead of describing the person as angry, you can use “rageful” to show more specificity. The idea is to and chooses adjectives that will paint the most vivid picture of the person to the audience. Adjectives like bright, tough, and so on can be used to describe a person.

You are also free to use metaphors and similes in your descriptive essay. Metaphors refer to when you are trying to compare one thing to the other. They can be used to show the reader what you think about the subject, which in this case, is the person you are describing. With metaphors, you are simply showing the readers how you feel about that person. For instance, you can say, “My Dad is a powerhouse. He has never taken a vacation for a long time.”

Similes can also be used when using “like” to compare one thing to the next. For instance, you can say, “My Dad is like a fierce soldier in battle…”

image 08 Do not fail to discuss emotions and thoughts about the person

Writing a descriptive essay about a person gives you the liberty to discuss your emotions in the body of your essay. Use the first person as you discuss those feelings about the person in details. You can talk about why you are angry with the person why you are happy and so on. Your emotional response is important to the subject that you are describing in your essay.

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Writing your conclusion

Like any other writing assignment, the descriptive essay of a person should have an effective conclusion. The idea of writing a good conclusion for your descriptive essay is to tie all the thoughts you have written in that paper together. Remember to restate your thesis statement in conclusion. You do not have to use the exact words found in the introduction; rather, use words that do not negate its meaning. One vital aspect you need to know is that the conclusion of a descriptive essay of a person does not allow you to introduce any new information, facts, or evidence. The idea is to evaluate our thoughts in the essay and provide the right closure with a short and precise final statement.

If you introduce any new information in the conclusion, you will throw off the reader and more so, confuse them.

Now that you have written the essay remember that you are not out of the woods yet. If it is a class assignment and you want to guarantee yourself an A grade, you have to polish the paper to the right standards. The following steps are important:

image 10 take a break from the work

If the deadline of your descriptive essay about a person allows you to take some time off, please do. This helps you to refresh your mind because, for one, you have become too familiar with the text and reviewing it immediately after writing will not help in weeding mistakes. Take some time off, like a day or even a few hours before reviewing the work. When you come back, you need to:

image 11 read the essay aloud

Read your descriptive essay about a person to yourself and identify any awkward phrases or unclear sentences. Mark them since you will come back to correct them later. You can also read the descriptive essay aloud to another person and listen to their feedback.

image 12 show the essay to others

You can show your work to a family member, a friend or a teacher to see if the essay is descriptive enough and captures all the sensory details. Let this person tell you if the descriptive essay paints a clear picture of the subject. You need to be more accommodative when it comes to positive criticism because it will not only make your essay stronger but also enhance your writing skills.

image 13 Revise your descriptive essay for clarity an length

Now you have a chance to edit out unnecessary or unclear sentences and phrases. You can also replace any weak adjectives and ensure that your descriptions of the person are clear enough to the audience. If there is a word count requirement, editing enables you to ensure it is met. You need to ensure you have captured all the aspects within the word limit in a manner that makes sense.

This is how you write a descriptive essay about a person. The above steps are the simplest and can apply at any time. You can also seek the help of our professional writers with regard to your person descriptive essay.

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