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There is nothing that scares a writer than a blank paper page or a screen, especially when it comes to writing speeches, and the deadlines are lurking. This means one is desperate and has hit what is referred to as a writer’s block; however; this does not mean the assignment is not doable. With the right topics on speeches, you can overcome the writer’s block and produce one f the best speeches. You need to know how you can come up with good topics for persuasive speech and how you can apply them in your writing.

Choosing from a list of persuasive topics for speech

The best thing you can do here so far is to read fro the persuasive topics for speech below because they are applicable in reports speeches and seminars. Seeh can anchor on any topic, but it should be close to you as the speaker and fascinating to the audience. For instance, choosing a topic about a unique animal or the inhabitants of the underworld. Make a speech about pets in the best oratory skills which come from the deepest part of your heart.

Remember that a great persuasive speech requires emotional appeal and well-reasoned arguments. You have to persuade the audience that the topic is worth their time and attention and ensure that their change of conviction or behavior may be welcome. The best thing you can do is to choose unique topics fo speech that you are familiar with or the ones that touch on involvement with a crucial issue. Firsthand experienced and strong personal issues are essential in the development and delivery of persuasive topics for speech.

Therefore, if you want to come up with unique topics for the speech, you need to follow these steps:

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Fascinating to the audience. For instance, choosing a topic about a unique animal

The topics on speech that you come up with can be newsworthy and engaging. Watching the evening or morning news can help you get to know about the issues that are fascinating and trending. You have to research on the news about the story to occasion an emotional reaction towards the topic. This can happen, especially if it relates to a recurring issue that generates adequate public interest.

If you have to research on the persuasive speech topic of your choice, you may be surprised by what you find. Note anything that stakes you as unique because that is the most likely aspect that will interest your audience. You can also think about the current issues that may be generating a public discourse, and you would like to know more about. This should be an excuse for you to conduct some research and developed an informed perspective, thereby sharing your development with others through a timely persuasive speech.

topics for a persuasive speech

If you settle for a common topic, say, gun control, the death penalty, marijuana and so on, ensure that you have an original perspective that reflects research into an angle that many people are not familiar with. Refrain from choosing topics for persuasive speeches that not everyone is familiar with. Choosing a one-dimensional aspect is not good for your persuasive speech. You need to talk about an issue or which reasonable perspectives yet to be established.

unique topics for speech

If you are unable to come up with persuasive topics for speeches, you can consult online lists of the came to get inspirations. The lists are organized in broad approaches. You also need to read the assignment instructions again because they may contain a list of unique topics for speech. You can choose one of those and form your perspective in a manner that is unique and compelling.

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You need to choose something that you care about. It has to be a topic that you feel strongly about more than anyone else is. This will enable you to persuade your audience. As such, you need to know what your position on the issue is all about. This is essential in assisting you in selecting unique topics for speech that will allow you to develop a thesis and persuade your audience to recognize the validity of your position and the advocacy of your persuasive speech. When doing so, you need to reflect on the following aspects:

  • The unusual experiences you’ve had that provide better insights from which others can learn

  • The additional knowledge you have acquired that many people are unfamiliar with and how it has changed your perspective about certain things

  • Your strong beliefs and opinion. However, you should use these only if you have excellent reasons to support them because they can help you form great and unique topics for speech.

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You have to decide what you want to say about the topics for speeches that you can summarize your position in a single sentence. Even though there will be several crucial points, the overarching position ought to be prominently and independently noted early enough in the speech. Even though your position must be concise, you have to make it complete. It is even better to be more specific, and if you are researching materials making the same point, you can revise the specific argument you intend to make because it is not original or specific enough to pass for a topic for a persuasive speech.


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 Persuasive Speech Topics

Below are some of the unique topics for speech that you can choose from. Feel free to develop your persuasive topics for speech. They are divided into different categories.

Persuasive speech topics on animal issues

These include:

1. Is animal hunting ethical, and can you kill the animal?

2. Does it help to use animals in medical research?

3. Is it morally right not to spend money on homeless people but for us it on homeless animals?

4. What animals are ethically edible, and what is acceptable in your family?

5. What are the types of pets that humans ought o have?

6. Are they spayed natural or neutered?

7. Which is the best way to implement dog training?

8. Should a driver be aware of animals when driving?

9. Is it safe to have pet snakes?

Persuasive topics for a speech on relationships

They include the following examples:

1. Is it possible to have a happy family and an excellent career concurrently?

2. What is the role of marriage in today’s society, and has it become an outdated institution?

3. Should there be a marriage between people of different cultures and races?

4. What is the influence of religion on marriage?

5. Is there happiness outside marriage?

6. What is the influence of parental pressure on child actors and athletes?

7. Should same-sex marriages be permissible in all countries?

8. Is it a bad idea to have a baby?

9. What are the demerits of polygamy?

10. What sort of expectation do parents have on their offspring?

11. How can child abuse be prevented?

12. What family values should every household have?

13 What is the most appropriate age for marriage?

Topics for a persuasive speech on children

If you want to talk about children, consider the following persuasive topics on speech.

1. How to avoid child labor

2. How violent toys affect children?

3. The story of how your school was founded?

4. How to get excellent grades in school?

5. Why you should always listen to your parents?

6. How to choose a name for your child

7. The problems of child geniuses?

8. The advantages and disadvantages of children’s politics in China?

9. Should teenagers rebel against school rules and parents?

10. The games that influence the development of a child positively

11. Should there be internet-use restrictions for adolescents?

12. Will imposing a curfew on teens save them from trouble?

image 08

Persuasive topics for a speech on child adoption

The topic of adoption is somewhat emotive, and some of the possible topics for a persuasive speech on adoption include the following:

1. Is an adopted child different from the one born in the family?

2. Should siblings (brothers and sisters) be separated in adoption?

3. Should the gay couple be allowed to adopt children?

4. What are the merits and demerits of adoption?

5. Which is the better option of having a child Adoption, assisted reproductive technology, or a surrogate mother?

6. Should couples be allowed to adopt children of a different race or culture?

7. How can you become foster parents

8. Is it better to close or open adoption?

9. Why are single people allowed to adopt children

10 The benefits of child adoption to society?

11. The legal chance to raise a child in terms of adoption


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Persuasive topics for speeches on lifestyle

1. Is dieting the best way to lose unnecessary weight?

2. What are the cases of different eating disorders?

3. What is the right amount of alcohol that a person can take daily, and is there a harmless does of it?

4. What are the major differences between the people who exercise regularly and the ones that are physically inactive?

5. How does the duration of your sleep affect your productivity and health?

6. The causes of eating fast food

7. Should public smoking be forbidden?

8. What is the importance of drinking enough water

9. What is the relationship between drinking and driving?

10. What is the importance of personal hygiene in a person’s life?

11. What is the most appropriate way to take care of your teeth?

12. Should marijuana be legalized?

13. The disadvantages of food additives

Unique topics for a speech on space

1. What are the difficulties that the Mars One expedition will face?

2. Are aliens real?

3. What is the importance of funding NASA?

4. What are some of the largest astronomy discoveries?

5. How are the galaxies formed?

6. What is the unrestricted commercial use of drones (small-unmanned aircraft systems) in the United States airspace?

7. How were the planets formed and more specifically, the earth?

8. What are the already invented engines for space ships?

9. What will happen to earth should a nearby supernova explode?

Persuasive speech topic on science and technology

1. Is Ford better that Chev?

2. Is it good to condone cloning?

3. What is the most appropriate method of dealing with people who spread viruses, hoaxes, or create spams on the internet?

4. What is meant by cryogenics?

5. What are the pros and cons of pesticides?

6. How a computer works

7. How radar detectors work

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The above examples of topics for a persuasive speech can form a very good anchor for an excellent speech for your audience. If you still have doubts about how you can come up with a good persuasive speech, you can consult our professional writers for assistance

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