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When talking about an article review, it regards the summary and assessment of another person’s article. It must be a logical evaluation of the work, especially regarding the central theme, the supporting arguments, and the implications of further research. For you to write an excellent article review, you must understand the major points of the work accurately to guide your summation.

Article reviews are also written by experts to assess the originality, clarity, and the level of contribution to the field of study of other writers. If you are answering, the question of what an article review is or how to write an APA article review, you need to understand the analysis and the evaluation that your supervisor requires.

For those of you who want to know how to write articles review, a professional or academic paper demands a high level of concentration, in-depth analysis, and a well-structured presentation of the major arguments. When dealing with an article review, the writing involves the following aspects:

  • Summarization, classification, analysis, critiques, and comparison
  • The analysis, evaluation and comparison methods utilize ideas, theories and research that is relevant to the topic of the article review
  • If your review does not have to include new information, but a mere response to the work of another writer
  • You can check out a few article review samples and article analysis formats to get an idea of how to write a article review.

Importance of writing article reviews

Writing article reviews is important because:

  • Corrects all vague terms
  • A review of any article analysis format may include the usage of unclear or inappropriate words of statements. As such, the writer is given a chance to clarify or change the terms
  • It clarifies questions
  • The author can see other people’s views and perspectives on the issue at hand. It is also essential to help the writer do away with personal biases.
  • The writer improves his grammar and enhances excellent and thoughtful writing
  • The author gets a chance to perform better next time especially after reading the review on his work

Types of article review you are likely to encounter

Article review writing is broad and consists of several types that one can write at any given moment. They include the following:

image 02 journal review

This one evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of a piece of literature. You must provide the reader with an analysis and interpretation that shows the value of the article.

image 03 research article review

A research article review is different from a journal review in that it evaluates the research methods used and hold this information in reconsideration to the analysis and critique. You can check out a few samples on how to write articles review based on research.

image 04 science article review

Scientific article review deals with everything that is within the field of science. In most cases, scientific articles have more information on the background that can be used to analyze the article more exhaustively.

The above types are necessary for your knowledge, and you ought to know the article analysis format that is preferred by your instructor.

Forming the article review

Besides knowing how to write a article review, you need to know how you can format the paper too. However, you need to prepare well in advance before you can start the writing process. The steps to prepare for this task include:

image 05 understanding the article review

This is a crucial tip on how to write an article review. Be aware of the audience of this paper has full knowledge on the subject. As such, you have to summarize the major ideas of the article, positions, arguments, and findings. More so, critique the contribution of the work and its overall effectiveness within the field. Remember that your review may be responding to the research of the author and does not involve any new research. You are simply summarizing and evaluating an already existing work.

image 06 identify the organization of article review

Show how your article review is going to be organized to enhance understanding. You need to summarize and include its major points, claims, and information. Incorporate and discuss the positive aspects and insight observations made by the author. As you follow the article analysis format, identify the gaps, contradictions, and inconsistencies in work made by the author. You also need to show where the auto has used adequate research or data to support his arguments.

image 07 5

When trying to know how to write an APA article review, you need to ask yourself a few questions. They include:

  • The format in which you are supposed to cite your articles, is it APA, MLA, Chicago, ASA, Harvard and so on?
  • How long is the article review going to be?
  • Are the summary, critique, or personal opinion important to include in the review?
  • Is it crucial to call attention to a theme or a major idea within the articles?
  • Does the supervisor require any background information?

The APA and MLA styles of formatting and referencing are the most common article analysis format that you will use in your article review assignments.

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The pre-writing for your article review

When writing your article review, the organization is an important aspect especial if you are doing it as a class assignment. Before you can start the writing process, you need to formulate an outline or use any article analysis format template for an outline so that you can have a coherent organization of your thoughts. In your outline, you need to:

  • Start with an introduction that tells the audience about the article and your thesis for the review
  • Subsequently, include a summary of the major points of your article
  • Highlight the positive traits and facts presented within the article under review
  • Comment on the work by identifying gaps, contradictions, biases, disparities in the text. You also have to consider unanswered questions of the work.

Outline and template of your article review

As you read the article under review, organize your thought into coherent sections in an outline. As you read, write down important facts, contributions, or contradictions that you identify within the work. You also have to identify the shortcomings and strengths of the work. This will help you to map out your outline. If your supervisor does not require a summary section or personal critic section, you need to do away with them. Like any other assignment, article reviews take the format on the introduction-body-conclusion.

As you, learn how to write articles review, remember that it has to include the following sections:

image 08 pre title page

This allows you to list the type of article under review, the title of the article, all the authors, and contributors, and author’s affiliations like position, department city, institute and so on.

image 09 optional corresponding author details

This includes the name, address, phone number, and email and fax number

image 10 summary details

It is optional, but it depends on the requirements of your instructor. It should not exceed a maximum of 800 words. Use straightforward, non-technical language. Avoid repeating the text verbatim or give references within the summary section. You only need to provide relevant background, explain the reason for doing the work, summarize the results, and explain the methods.

image 11 title page

You include a full title, 250-word abstract followed by “keywords.”

image 12 introduction

This should start with identification sentence and include the central themes of the article. When writing this introduction, you may determine your thesis because it may not be evident in the article. More so, sometimes, the argument may have multiple choices. The statement should not take the first person pronoun but should utilize the third person pronoun. This paragraph ought to take 10% to 25% of the entire article review and sold end with a thesis statement

image 13 body with headings and subheadings

This forms the core of the article review and should follow the article analysis format prescribed by the instructor. You have to check with the summary and describe how well the topic is covered in the article. You have to talk about the major points of the article and show how well the evidence given supports them. If there is any bias, mention it. You then show how the author contributes to the understanding of the topic, hence, giving the overall importance of the article.

image 14 6

As you understand more on how to write an APA article review, back your judgments by evidence and ensure the summary has a logical connection to the section where you are assessing it.

  • Works cited or references depending on which format you are using
  • Optional suggested reading page
  • Figure legends and tables if required by the professor

Post-writing tips for your article review

Now that you have an idea of an article review how to write is and so on, look at these tips during the post-writing process.

image 15 summarising the article

Write the major points of the article, the arguments, and findings using your own words. Let the audience see how the article supports its claims and write your conclusion. When writing your summary, you need to write several paragraphs. Their length anchors on the requirements of the instructor or the publisher. You also need to include specific examples, statistics, or background details familiar to the experts within the field the article is addressing. Every section must have major points and use direct quotes from the author sparingly. To ascertain the accuracy of your summary, read it several times, and correct any mistakes therein.

image 16 critique the work

This part requires the skills on how to write a article review excellently. Now that you are critiquing the work show the audience how the author has addressed the subject through your opinions. Include your perspective on the effectiveness of the explanation of the subject that you have found in work under review. You should also show the reader the importance and contributions of the article to the field and indicate if the author’s points helped you in the argument. Show any biases, if any, and specify if you concur with the author or not.

If you support him, give reasons to support your claims and if not, provide whatever cause informed your decision. In your critique, indicate the audience most likely to benefit from reading the review.

image 17 formulating your article review conclusion

As you follow the article analysis format and tips on how to write articles review, summarize the major points in single. Give your opinion on the clarity, accuracy, and significance of the article within the conclusion. If there is any implication of the work, comment on it. Remember that the conclusion ought to be 10% of the entire article review

Now you have an idea of how to write a article review. You can also get the help of our professional article review writers if you want a perfect paper. We are always ready to help you with an article review assignment when the need arises.

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