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Students have to write different assignments while in school. In general, writing is supposed to impart not only wring skills in a student, but also other aspects that involve critical thinking as well as persuasive skills. The idea of writing assignment is not meant to make students busy, but it is a way to keep them on their toes in developing different skills that are not only applicable in school but also their life after school. When it comes to persuasive writing skills, a student is expected to demonstrate the ability to persuade the audience through the use of careful choice of words.

Most importantly, it is supposed to show the professor that the student is ready to take on the next big assignment be it a dissertation or a thesis and that he can use all the available academic material to effectively communicate his stance on a topic. With persuasive skills, the first thing that comes in the mind of the student is the persuasive essays. However, it goes beyond the essay to encompass, persuasive communication skills. The idea here is to develop bot the writing, and the spoken words in terms of how well a student can convince anyone or a group of people into believing in his ideology.

Writing a persuasive essay can be equated to a lawyer arguing his case before a jury. Here, the writer has to take a stand either on an issue, which can be “for,” or “against. He then has to build the strongest possible argument that will win the audience for him. In persuasive writing, the writer is supposed to employ his persuasive skills to sway the reader in accepting a particular point of view on a topic or even take a specific action.

With persuasive writing skills, you ought to become a good researcher, be aware of the biases that the audience have and must have a solid understanding of both sides of the topic. Excellent persuasive communication skills demonstrate one’s ability to show why his opinion is correct as well as why the opposing view is not correct.

You could say persuasive writing skills demonstrate a fixture of modern life that can be found in advertising, newspaper editorials, blogs, and political speeches and so on. When it comes to persuasive skills in assignment writing a student is supposed to come up with a convincing essay based on the prompt of the topic provided. Sometimes he has the liberty to choose the topic by himself and convincingly sway the reader into his point of view.

Effective persuasive writing skills depend on the attention of the audience throughout the writing process. If you follow a traditional formula, you will not develop good persuasive skills especially when it comes to writing. You have to examine how the audience and the purpose influence persuasive writing skills and how you arrive at the strategies that work. You will have formulas, but there are only parts of the process. Persuasion depends on your understanding of how to use a formula as a guide, modifying it strategically to fit the needs of the purpose and the audience.

Persuasive writing techniques

With persuasive communication skills, you are bound to trigger something in your audience’s brains and snap them to attention, thereby compelling them to keep listening or reading. These persuasive skills not only apply in academic writing but also when it comes to business. So how do you develop the persuasive writing skills that will not only get you good marks but also will eventually trigger a response? If you are a student, you will apply your persuasive skills in essay writing.

Consider the following tips:

Persuasive writing techniques 1

When it comes to putting your persuasive writing skills into practice, you have to start from the prewiring stage. At this point, you need to plan your essay in terms of:

  • Choosing a stance where you think of the issue and decide the side you are going to advocate.
  • Understand your audience to help you in writing an effective persuasive essay. Understands their perspective and established if they are decided or undecided to favor one side.
  • Do your research because your persuasive writing skills depend on it. The research must be solid, convincing evidence. Most importantly, do not rely on a single source. Pull information from multiple websites and reference materials. Speak with teachers and community experts depending on the topic that you are handling. Read and take notes because there is no substitute for knowledge on both sides of the issue.
  • Identify the most convincing evidence and the opposing views on the topic.

Organizing your persuasive essay

Remember that you are trying to convince the reader to believe your point of view. As such, your persuasive communication skills must come out excellently. You have to organise 

Outline and structure

The next step if creating the outline and the structure of your essay. Since you have the evidence, organize it to come up with the best and strongest possible argument. Remember that you are using your persuasive skills to sway the audience here. Your compelling essay can have five to six paragraphs. Your outline should have the following structure:


This should grab the reader’s attention through a hook. It should also give an overview of the argument and close with a thesis statement that reveals the position taken on the matter.

Body Paragraphs

Each paragraph must have, though not limited to one piece of evidence and sufficient supporting details for the topic sentence.

Opposing view paragraph that describes and then refutes the key points of the opposing view conclusion paragraph that restates and reinforces your thesis and supporting evidence.

Now let us focus on other persuasive skills that you can develop to become not only a better writer but also a communicator.

Focus on resonating with emotional problems

For a marketer, you have to appear to the problems of the audience because for one; you want to solve their problem. Sometimes one is tempted to explain their solutions. If you want to have effective persuasive communication skills, you have to resonate first with your audience, which in this case are your customers. The way you describe something, especially the one that affects your audience will pull them into our idea. As such, you must be very good with your persuasive skills. More so, if you were to become a better communicator or write in persuasive essay, you have to make the audience feel like you empathise with their business. This will not only draw them to your paper, but if you are a businessperson with good persuasive communication skills, it will drive the mission of your business.

Understanding your audience

Another important factor to help you in developing effective persuasive skills is to understand your audience. You have to look at the issue and how it affects them, understand their emotions, and if you are writing persuasive content for business, you must think of the audience in terms of finances, emotions, spiritually and physically.

Include data facts and other analytical information

Students in colleges and university are accustomed to this type of academic writing where they have to look for credible sources of data and other statistical and analytical information. This not only makes their writing believable, but it adds more to their persuasive writing skills. If you are able to write something and back it up relevant evidence in the form of data, statistics and analytical information that is credible, you are bound it influence the way your audience think on the topic. Some of your audience can be analytical, and as such, you are better of using your persuasive skills through the provision of irrefutable evidence that your stand on the topic is the best option.

The idea here is to get results using your persuasive communication skills, and you have to demonstrate that you are talking from the point of information.

Use tine and emotion to keep things fascinating

You can use tone to develop your persuasive writing skills. In other words, you have to write t

he way you talk in real life. Your time is the one that gives life to your work here, and it can make it a lot less annoying for your audience. The tone is very important because it helps in talking like a fellow human being. It is a way you can build trust even though you are talking through written words. Persuasion does not have to rely on spoken word only. The audiences you are addressing are human beings too and can understand and relate to the tie if they sense it in your writing. Remember that you have to rest your persuasive skills right from the beginning.
Whatever they see in your copy is what they will react to, and if they see you shedding tears, they will be moved to tears. If you crack a joke, they will laugh, and amidst all these, you understand how persuasive communication skills work. You can develop them from there. 

Take your time to bring up and cover opposing opinion

You should never start writing your persuasive piece with a predetermined word count. Regardless of how long or short, it is going to be, but what counts is how you are going to use your persuasive skills to say everything that needs to be said. You also need to know how to cover your key objections, which are arguments that try to justify whey your point of view, is not valid. Remember that the power of objection goes to whoever comes to you with it first. As such, you need to know how you can use your persuasive skills to counter that argument.

Open your first paragraph with a serious hook

Just like any other essay, opening your persuasive essay with a serious hook is another way of developing your persuasive communication skills. You want to have an impact immediately the audience comes into contact with your piece. This should keep them reading your work as they understand your point and stand on the topic.

Use short and direct to the point statements

If you want your work to be memorable, you can use short and concise statements. This is a good way to develop your persuasive writing skills. It also reduces the excessive amount of mental effort to understand things. 

Draw attention to your essay with rhetorical questions

Rhetorical questions do not require answers, but they can be effective if you want the audience to remain glued to your piece. As they continue to read, the persuasive communication skills that you use will do their job accordingly. However, you need to have an open mind here because not all of the audience might be convinced. Therefore, if you put a few rhetorical questions in your essay, the audience is bound to continue reading it to the end.

The development of persuasive skills can also be achieved through writing. A student must be given a chance to write using different formats. Persuasion in writing helps students to come up with ideas and opinions coupled with their reasons. They have to search for facts that relate to their opinion and use the right persuasive communication skills to sway their audience into believing their opinion. Most importantly, developing persuasive skills means developing an understanding of how writing is able to influence or change another person’s thoughts or actions. They also understand the persuasive nature of marketing that they come across through television, internet, and other media.

Another way to develop these persuasive writing skills is to have them read examples of persuasive writing. They can look for woods or phrases and techniques that helped the writer persuade the audience. Brainstorming is another factor to consider when developing persuasive communication skills. They get to come up with ideas that they think are convincing enough and they can effectively and exhaustively write about.

Students can also do some research as they gather facts or examples that support their reasons. This will help them in summarising their position on the topic easily.

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