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Essay writing is a broad aspect that most students have to dealwith in school. In other words, college writing has different aspects that the student must learn to do in order to become an all-around writer. Essay ring involves persuasive essays, expository essays, argumentative essays, admission essays division classification essays, and so on. Thewriting skills of a student must be good enough to write top-notch assignments. Most importantly, the perspective from which the student approaches to essaywriting ought to be different. Most students have a negative attitude especially when it comes to essay writing,but that has tochange.

Now, when dealing with a division and classification essay, a student has to follow the requirement of the assignment. First, he must understand the definition of division and classification essay, which brings us to the next important point here. A division and classification essay is defined as the breakdown of a largesubject into smaller ones to enhance the understanding of the subject in a more clear manner.  With classification, you have to take items and put them in different categories. The classification hinges other writer’s decision o classifies the items. You have to pay attention to the most significant elements of the subject and how they can be classified.

all assignments relating to classification division essays are not as hard as they seem, even though sometimes students force essays into unprecedented divisions as they try to create three divisions. If you are writing a three-part structure of your division classification essay, you have several advantages. One, the two-part classification is usuallyvery simple. Secondly, classification and division essays going beyond five paragraphs give the student expandedparameters of discussing the topic as opposed to the typical essay. Since division classification essays have two aspects, it is goodfirst to break them down.

 Classification 2

When writing a classification essay, you have to organise the details in three or more categories. Every category must have characteristics that stand out. More so, classification essays will use description and examples as evidence and supporting details.  When you describe in division classification essays, you give the means to identify the distinct traits and examples that illustrate the members of each category. They also use anecdotes as well as short narratives as evidence to back up and illustrate a category.

Elements of classificationAs you continue to understand how to write division and classification essays, remember that classification has threeelements. They include:

  • The set of things or items under the classification
  • The principle of selection or the scheme that classifies the set.
  • The classes  into which the sets are divided

The set

In your division, classification essays, any set that is under classification must share similar traits or be differentiated from other things outside that set. For instance, living organisms are classified in biology. Non-living organisms fall outside the set. More so, generic nouns like the student, vacation spots, or pets can fall in a classifiable set.

The principle of selection or the scheme

This standard type, quality, or function is the criteria for selecting the elements for every class, which is why it is referred to as the principle of selection. For instance, biology classifies living organisms on the premise of life process and qualities. In geology, roc is classified into ingenious, sedimentary as well as metamorphic classifications. The classification anchorson how the rocks were formed. When you want to come up with an effective classification scheme, it must have relevance, importance and a valuable way to understand the set of thing under consideration. Thisis what makes division classification essays easy to write.


In your quest of knowing how to write division and classification essays, you have to understand all these elements of classification. Now, when it comes to the classes, you start with the explanation of the descriptor, the characteristics that identify the members of a given class and what makes them stand out from the members of other classes.Provide representative examples of that class and in your discussion, evaluate the worth of this class. On the other hand, you can compare and contact this class with other classes within the same scheme. For instance, in biology, there are frequent references made on how class members are different from the member of other classes. The methods you use in your classification can be description, narration, definition, examples as well as compare and contrast.

Organising classification and division essay

When writing your division classification essays, try to come up with a lead that identifies the set that you are classing. It should provide general significance, importance or relevance and the value of the applicable scheme. Your thesis statement must identify the classes in which the set will be identified.

The body paragraphs of your division classification essay have to identify the class that is in consideration. When writing this essay, you need to show the relation of the class to the scheme. Everal classifies re available,but it depends on the reason why you are classifyingthe set and what you want to gain from the scheme of classification. One important aspect to understand is that if you are writing a classification essay separately, you ought to deal with one scheme of set classification.

The conclusion ought to reiterate the importance, relevance, or value of the scheme that has a classified set.

Possible vulnerabilities

When classification division essays, students must produce examples that illustrate a class. Do not fail to explain and define the class first, and thenfollow it with examples. If you want your division, classification essays to be effective, you need to identify each class by describing its unique characteristics.  Every member or item should belong to a single class,and each class must have several members. Every paragraph must have a topic sentence that identifies the class under consideration. Use the supporting sentence to describe the class members. Give examples of the members that fit theclass and show their connection to the class.


When it comes to division, the writer is supposed to break down the subject into parts to get a better understanding of the subject. In your division classification essays, you ought to explainthe relations; of these parts. In this type of writing, you deal with systems and subsystems. The breakdown transcends list of items and focuses on the individual aspects of the subsystem and how they relate to the whole system.

Elements of division

As part of creating an understanding of how to write division and classification essays, you have to know the elements of the division.  They include the system, the principle of analysis and the subsystem. For instance, if you are dealing with a car, it is the system; its functionality is the principle of analysis. For a mechanic, it is easy to divide the car into subsystems of transmission, engine, and exhaust and so on. For you to understand the entire system, explain the entire functionality of every subsystem, and the other subsystems as well as the entire system.

The subtle difference between classification and division is that embers of a class in classification must be strictly different from those of other classes. They can also not belong to two classes at the same time. In the division, members can belong to two or more classes at sometime. However, the evaluation is based on individual members to identify their relationship with regard to other members of the subsystem.

For instance, the human boy can be subdivided into circulatory, respiratory, and excretory subsystems. Since the blood is the universal element of each system, its function can be interpreted differently with regard to the subsystem under discussion. Division essays use method since they examine functionality. Process essay and division essays are different in that the former focuses on the interdependence of processes of subsystems and the entire system.

With the understanding of the elements of division classification essays, it is time to delve into the planning process and how to write division and classification essays.

Planning for classification and division essay

Those who know how to write division and classification essaysunderstand that there are two approaches or steps involved in planning for these essays. They include the following:

Deciding on what to classify

Imperatively, choose a topic that sparks interest in you. Just like any other essay, the division classification essays that you write must revolve around an interesting topic not only to the audience but also to you as a writer. Whatever the topic that you choose, you should have a distinct category when you are presenting it.

Divide the topic into three different items within the category that you would have chosen in step one. This will allow for three body paragraphs that culminate in a good and ideal organisation.

Outlining your division classification essay

Thedivision and classification essays take the same standard format of a typical essay. The outline that you formulate must have the following sections:

  • Generic topic
  • Subtopics to be used
  • Definition of subtopics
  • Examples for illustrating each subtopic

Writing the classification and division essay

It is important to understand the categories in division and classification essays because they will help you in revealing the theme of the essay. Even though some categories are seemingly separate hey must follow a logical principle and every category must incorporate examples. These aspects make the writing process of division classification essays easier.

Creating your thesis statement

If you know and understand how to write division and classification essays, it is good to mention that you must have a topic that shows its classification. Your thesis statement must be written in a manner that reveals the topic and how it is going to be classified. As such, you must follow a logical and meticulous structure.

The introduction

This is the first paragraph of yourclassification division essay.  When writing your introduction, you have to identify the classification that you have selected. It should also house your thesis statement and a description of what it means. Your thesis statement usually comes at the end of your introduction,only that this time around it has a simple description.

The body paragraphs

The paragraphs that you write in your classification division essays must discuss your thesis statement exhaustively. To achieve this, every paragraph should have a topic sentence is discusses. The topic sentence is explained through the description and illustration using details. The body paragraphs of your division classification essays must be arranged in a manner that achieves a logicalsequence of items in every category as you mentioned it in your thesis statement.

Comparative analysis is essential in division and classification essays in that it helps in creating smooth transitions between the paragraphs. It also reveals the sympathies for the writer.

The conclusion

This paragraph ends the discussion of your topic. The conclusion of your division and classification essays is anchored on the existing set and class of data and statistics. You can give a final moment and each item or provide a summary of the values and limitations of each item. This conclusion must augment the reason that led to the investigation and justifies the classification. The writer can divide what was made initially before he started writing the division classification essay.

Common classification or division transitions

When writing your division classification essays, you can divide three items by mentioning in each of the body paragraphs the specific number that is assigned to it. For instance, you canuse phrases like “the first type,” “the second type,” “the third type” and so on. Onething you should always remember when it comes to writing division and classification essay is that you should organise things into useful categories, use a very distinct organisingprinciple, and illustrate the categories well by providing good examples.

After you are done with your essay, do your proofreading and editing toensure everything is in line with the assignment requirements, after that submit your paper where relevant.

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