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Everyone gets excited when they join higher learning, but what they do not fully know is that assignment writing is rife. Writing an essay and other forms of academic writing is mandatory and among them are the descriptive essays. When it comes to writing these essays, you need to have a specific motive. You have to be familiar with the reason first because it will be helpful with the description as you stimulate the choice of the words you are going to use. With descriptive essays, you can give an example of a place and help the reader to see it especially if he has never been there or will not be able to go. These essays can make people go to places to see if it fits the description.

The idea of writing descriptive essays is to assess the writer’s ability to express their experiences without any problem. For you to be a good descriptive essay writer, you need to have good narration skills because it goes hand in hand with description. You have to explain and describe every aspect of your topic without any form of discrimination. You should be able to bring the audience to the real happening of your essay. As such, it will be good to share some of the best ways you can use to write your descriptive essays. More so, there are many examples of descriptive essays that you can find online to help you in understanding more about how you can come up with an effective essay.

Many experienced and renowned writers across the globe have utilized the description technique to attract the attention of their audiences. When writing descriptive essays, you get a chance to utilize meticulous details that provide the reader with relevant situations. The proverbial picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. However, how can one find the proverbial thousand words to paint the correct picture to the audience. The only way is to employ descriptive language. With this technique, you will be able to make inferences about the characters and the development of the plot.

Descriptive Essay Definition   

Before delving into the writing process for descriptive essays, it is good to first understand its definition. Descriptive essays fall within the genre that describes a thing, process, or a person through the creation of vivid experiences for the audience. It gives the audience an in-depth understanding of the main topic of the essay. Since human brains receive information through smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing, you must strive to appeal to these aspects when writing your descriptive essays.

If you are writing them, you can choose a person, place, memory, experience, or an object. All descriptive essays can take an artistic point of view you have to paint a clear picture to the audience and give them a well-rounded impression of the message e that you intend to put across. This essay must also serve a purpose and can hinge on a lesson from experience or how something influenced your life. When writing descriptive essays, you need to have a defined purpose.

The Process Of Writing Descriptive Essays

Now that you understand what descriptive essays are, it is good to delve into the process of writing one. It can be a class assignment or a writing experience for fun. One thing that is always emphasized after any process of writing is that you need to proofread your essay to ensure it is at its best. The process starts with the following:

Brainstorming For The Essay Topic

When you are looking for topics for descriptive essays, you can consider the following aspects.

  • Chose a person you can describe

If you know of someone in your life, hey cam makes a good topic form your descriptive essay. It can be a family member, friends, and coworker and so on.  We choose a person to write about, ensure that you have so much on them to help you in forming the descriptive essay. Conversely, you can choose a fictional person to describe. It can be a character ina book, play, or story. It could also be based on a televise character from your favorite show

  • Describe an object or a place

You will not lack some descriptive essay examples that have objects or places as the center of their essay.  You can talk about your high school in your favorite book or the magic wand from your favorite TV show.

You can choose to describe an emotion descriptive essay can use emotion as the anchor. You have to choose an emotion to which you can connect using your experiences with it.  Emotions can be rage, anger, loss, desire, or love. You can also use a more specific emotion like brotherly love or self-hatred. These are some of the emotions that can help you in writing great descriptive essays.

  • Enumerate all the sensory details about the topic

After choosing your topic, you can draw five columns on a paper or a word document. Abel each column for the five senses of touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste. Write down a much detaches as possible of the topic in each sense. These notes are useful when writing your descriptive essays. For instance, if you are writing about a person like your mum, you can write under “sound” soft voice at night clack of her shoes on the floor tiles, bang of the spoon when she is cooking and so on.

Writing Your Essay

When you are done with the selection of your topic for the descriptive essays, you need to get ready for the next step in the writing process. This is what you are supposed to do:

  • Outline your essay into sections

You have to formulate a brief outline that will help you in the process of writing your descriptive essays. In this outline, ensure there is an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. The standard format is to have five paragraphs where you have the introduction, three body paragraphs, and the conclusion. You also need to try having sections, and you will not lack descriptive essay examples that have utilized these sections.  This allows you to have, as many paragraphs as you can accommodate in your descriptive essays.

If you are writing a descriptive essay assignment for class, your professor to ought to specify the number of paragraphs that they want, if they do not, then it means you have the freedom to decide on your own.

  • Formulate a this statement

Just like other academic assignments,descriptive essay sought to have a good thesis statement. This is the key idea or theme of the entire essay.  It shows the reader the exact purpose of the essay and guides them throughout the entire write up. When writing your thesis statement, ensure it comes at the end of your introduction and is restated in the conclusion of your descriptive essays. The internet is full of examples of descriptive essays,and you can use them to see how thesis statements are restated in the conclusion.

  • Writing a very strong  introduction

The introduction that you write for your descriptive essay sought to set the scene and introduce the reader to the subject. You can use the list of sensory details you formulated to help you in describing the subject. Ensure that you have a lead or the opening sentence that is strong enough to grab the audience’s attention. After you are almost done with your introduction paragraph, introduce your thesis statement. It should come at the end of the introduction.

  • Use vivid adjectives to describe the topic

Adjectives that express emotions are the best suited in this scenario. You also must be as specific as possible. For instance, instead of using “angry” because it is broad, you can go for something like “rageful.”  The adjectives that you chose must paint a clear picture in the minds of your audience.  You can also use adjectives that connect senses like, “rotting” and so on.

  • Incorporate metaphors and similes

Metaphors are applicable in descriptive essays when you are comparing one thing to the next. They are supposed to show the audience what you think about the topic instead of telling the reader how you feel. In other words, you are not direct to the point. For instance, if you are writing about your father, you could say “my father is a workhouse. He rarely takes vacations.”

You are also free to use similes in your descriptive essays as you compare one thing to another. You use words such as “like” or “as”to create the comparison.

  • Discuss your emotions and thoughts on the subject

You are at liberty to express your emotions in all descriptive essays that you will write. You can use the first person pronoun to discuss your feelings on the subject in detail. If you feel joy, sadness, disgust or anger about the subject, let it be known. It is your emotional connection to the subject that you have to discuss.For instance, if you are writing about how complicated your feeling are towards your mum, you cannot imagine that you feel sad about her sacrificing a lot for the family and the things you have in life because of her.

  • Finish your essay with a strong conclusion

The conclusion of your descriptive essays ought to tie all your thought in the paper together. This is where you restate your thesis statement and end with a final strong sentence. In conclusion, you are not supposed to add anything new, facts or evidence because for one, it will interfere with the purpose of the essay and secondly, it will disorient the audience. You simply have to evaluate your thoughts and ensure you wrap things up with a sort final statement. By now, the readers will have a mental picture of the event, person, or the object, which you were discussing in your essay.

Polishing Your Essay

After you are doing with the writing process, you are steps away from completing the paper. Several steps remain as you make the paper presentable before you can submit. These steps include the following;

  •  Reading the descriptive essay out loud

After you have finished your descriptive essay draft, you can read it aloud to yourself. This will help you to identify awkward or unclear sentences. You can circle them using a marker to that you can revise them later. You can also read the essay aloud to some of your friends and ask for their feedback. Let the, tell you if there are unclear or vague phrases or sentences in your essay.

  • Show your essay to others

One of the ways you can assess your descriptive essays is to let your fellow writers go through it. You can also show it too teachers, family members, and mentors. This will help you in knowing what they think about the work. Let them tell you if the essay is descriptive enough and full of sensory details. Let them tell you if they got a clear picture of the subject by the time they are done the reading. You must have an accommodative mind to constructive criticism and feedback from others. This will not only make your essay better but also enable you to strengthen your essay writing skills.

  • Revise your essay for clarity and strength

Some of the things that make descriptive essays better are the ability to write strongly and clearly.  When going through your essay, delete any sentence or phrase that does not feel necessary to the story. You have to replace weak adjectives with strong ones.  Ensure that your descriptions of the subject are clear and easy to follow.  If you have a word count limit for your descriptive essays, you need to ensure you have met them.  You can add more details to the paper or reduce unnecessary content to ensure you are within the word limit. After you are done with that process, compile your final copy ready for submission. Those are the tips of writing your descriptive essays.

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