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It can be more difficult to write a short essay as opposed to a long one. In longer essays, you have more space to explain and clarify your arguments, but when it comes to short essays, you might feel like she is no space to further your arguments. As such, you have to make your point early enough because, for one, you have the limitation of words. However, students are happier when they write a short essay even though it could be complicated than a long one. It is better to write something short instead of taking too much time dealing with a lengthy write-up, or so they think.

Remember that you are putting your ideas and arguments in a limited number of words and as such, you have to make the assignment one of the best short essays you will ever write. Irrespective of the shortness, the topic must be reflected as high as one can do. Grading will be an anchor on how well you have proved your point within a limited number of words. In other words, short essays are meant to teach students how to use minimal words but still say too much.

Therefore, it does not matter whether you are writing descriptive, explanatory argumentative or narrative essays. You have to know how you are going to use your words within that limit and make the best out of it. Short essays are not unusual to write up. In essence, they represent the typical essay. As such, it has three major parts and aims at giving the reader vivid details and description of events, phenomenon, or objects. This is achieved through the comparison between things or certain relations with the object under description.

Formatting your Short Essay    

Since you want to make it one of the best short essays, you need to ensure that it is well formatted. The guidelines of formatting are all the same, and the only noticeable difference or unique characteristic here is that the write up is a short essay. Short essays have catchy topics, and in most cases, they are half or a single page. This essay, just like the rest, must have an outline. It becomes useful especially when you face challenges in choosing the topic or when you have a complicated topic at hand.

Short Essays Writing Guidelines

Just like the rest of academic essay writing, short essays have guidelines applicable in the entire process. Since it is a typical essay, it must have the introduction, the body,and the conclusion.  The introduction and conclusion are complete paragraphs, and the number of body paragraphs anchors on the topic you are handling.  If you are handling a difficult topic, you are likely to have more body paragraphs in your short essay. If you have a topic, that is narrow, two or three paragraphs is the maximum number you will have. Remember that it must live up to its name; hence, the write up has to be short.

Most importantly, you must have an outline regardless of the number of paragraphs that you intend to put in your short essays.

The Introduction

If you want to write one of the best short essays, you must come up with an interesting introduction. This paragraph is an integral part of any paper structure. It must provide an effective and catchy lead or opening line for your short essay and define the direction that the writing process will take. If you want your short essays to be catchy enough, you must have a topic that is interesting, provocative, and arguably to engage the audience. You must formulate an effective thesis statement that will grasp the attention of the reader and keep them glued to your work.

To influence the attention of the audience, you must have an introduction that is catchy. The introduction will also provide a clear understanding of the writing structure and dictates ho the contents are going to unfold. Remember that in your introduction, you must have your thesis statement. This must be brief enough not to bore the audience. Ensure that your introduction remains engaging as well as appealing. You can incorporate a quote that hints about the topic and its development.

Body Paragraphs

The body is the major part of the short essays. It represents all the facts, supporting evidence and perspectives about the topic.  This is where you list all the information appropriately as well as coherently to give the audience a smooth and uninterrupted reading process. In the body paragraphs, it is where you create a better understanding of the topic as well as validating your claims. As you research on your essay topic.  You must have come across nice quotes, names, or dates that could be helpful to your short essays writing process and the discussion in particular. Feel free to use them in the body of your short essays as a way to illustrate facts and provide relevant examples.

Conversely, do not forget about the connection between the body paragraphs. In other words, the flow from one paragraph to the next has to be smooth. You have to use transitions to enhance the flow of information. Transitions are essential in enhancing the progression of thought. If you find that your paragraphs lack in the progression of thought, you can refer to your outline.  You will get a better perspective on how you are in to correct some of the troublesome things.

The Structure of the Body Paragraphs in a Short Essay

If you want to write one of the best short essays ensure that every paragraph discusses a point. This will help you to maintain your focus without forgetting your line of thought. To achieve this, you need to make every argument objective, narrow and specific. There are no laid out guidelines on how you can structure your body paragraphs, but it is not a bad idea to consult an expert writer or even your lecturer. You can follow this simple progression:

  • Start with the discussion of the strongest points
  • Deal with arguments that have supporting evidence that is not strong in a descending order
  • Finish with the weakest arguments in the closing paragraphs of the sort essay body

With the descending arguments of points, the audience will have a better understanding of the points. You will convince them to take your side on the topic.

The Conclusion

When you finish the body of your short essays, it heralds the beginning of the end of the writing process. When writing the conclusion of the short essay, ensure that it is a clear summary of all the major arguments and points you have made within the body paragraphs. You need to restate your thesis statement. Summarize your discussion and wrap the whole point. If you want this to be one of the best short essays, you need to give it a good conclusion that will leave the audience thinking as they analyze the lessons derived from the short essay.

Conclusions in short essays are not unique because they use the same guidelines. You are not supposed to introduce anything that you have not discussed in the body paragraphs.  The introduction of facts and new evidence at the conclusion will knock off the main purpose of the short essays. You must exhaustively discuss every explanation, arguments, or evidence in the body of your essay.

Now that you know how to write the best short essays, there are other important things you need to consider. Like any other form of writing, there are dos and don’ts of writing short essays. They will be helpful along the way.

The dos of short essay writing

Remember that the best short essays are part of the academic writing that is one of the mandatory assignments students have to do. This is regardless of the course or the institution in which they are pursuing their studies. However, not every student fancies writing, be it about short essays or long essays. There is no universal template that will ever solve the writing problem. As such, the student must work hard to adapt and ensure his skills are the best. Writing he best short essays has some rules that are applicable in any academic essay regardless of the topic or course. Let us first deal with the dos of short essay writing.

The dos of short essay writing

  • Make the essay easy to read

One of the things that students do not know is that instructors skim through the essays because of the large number that they are supposed to grade. They only assess whether the student was able to competently deal with the topic and how well they have adhered to the guidelines. As such, you have to make your points easily visible and clear enough to drive the message home.

  • Incorporate a thesis statement in the  introduction paragraph

You should never neglect this one statement in any form of academic writing. When it comes to short essays, you have to make it concise and clear.  Never use your thesis statement as the opening sentence in any form of writing. In most cases, thesis statements come at the end of the introduction paragraphs. It serves as the transition to the main body of your essay.

  • Use transitions between paragraphs

If you want to write the best short essays or any other type of essay, you need to ensure there are transitions between paragraphs. The audience does not want to read paragraphs that feel like separate pieces of text. Use smooth transitions that are coherent since they lead the audience from one point to the next. They bridge the gap between the paragraph on the short essays. Some of the transitional phrases you can use in your essay include:

  • Despite previous arguments
  • With regards to this
  • As has been noted
  • Regarding this
  • Speaking about this
  • To put it briefly
  • Cite your examples

Ensure that any example you have used from any scientific work or literature is well cited. You need notcite the examples that come from your own experience. If you cite examples, your short essays will look more convincing, credible, and reliable.

  • Respond to the prompt

One of the ways of writing the best short essays is to stick to the prompt even when you feel like writing whatever is dictated by your inspiration. The prompt will have several parts,and you are supposed to analyze the final draft and determine if you have covered every important point in your essay.

  • Use the appropriate language

The language that you use in your short essays shows your ability to research and analyze the topic. It also shows if you will prove your point through vivid explanations. It also shows your language prowess, knowledge of grammar and syntax, not forgetting the ability to develop a rich vocabulary.

The dos and don’ts of short essay writing

This is what you are not supposed to do when writing your short essays.

  • Refrain from overwhelming your short essays with information and facts

Remember this is a short essay,and as such, you must filter the information that you include. Writing the best essays demands you to include important information only. Select the most relevant fact to provide support and prove your argument.

  • Do not forget about formatting

You are not supposed to forget about the formatting details of your short essays because, for one, it is academic writing.  You have to pay attention to the margin, spacing, font size as well as the font type to use. You also need not forget about the narration types.

  • Refrain from plagiarism

This is one rule that every student needs to remember when they are doing academic writing, not just short essays. It is a form of cheating which when discovered has far-reaching consequences. You do not want to expose your writing to any risk.

If you are writing short essays, you can first look at it from the audience’s perspective,and it will be helpful in the research process.

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