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There are many assignments students have to deal with during their time in school. One of them is speech writing. This assignment is both easy and hard. To those who have poor language commands an uphill task preparing a speech, especially if it is a class assignment. On the other hand, it will be an easy task if the student has the best writing skills, knows what he is doing, and is prepared to write perfect speech. As such, it is good to provide speech writing tips that will enable you not only to write an effective speech but one that has a balanced structure.

Some student has no clue how they are going to open their speech. However, that should not worry you because you can use any speech writing format template and see one or two things that you can utilise. More so, this article is dedicated to ensuring you have great speech writing services and tips that are essential to your assignment.

How to open your speech

Many ways abound that you can use to prepare and open your speech. The idea is to get their attention from the first word that comes out of your mouth. Since you will have written what you are going today, this is the best way that you are going to start that speech.

Using quotes

Your speech can open with a relevant quote to help in setting the tone for the rest of what you want to say. The quote that you prefer to use must be relevant to the message you want to pass across.

“What if” scenario

This is another way of ensuring your audience are attracted to what you have to say if you ask a “what if” question, you invite the audience to follow your thought process.

“Imagine” scenario

This is also a more relevant way of opening your speech for sensational examples. He members of the audience are thrust directly into the presentation and allowing them to visualise the unique scenario.


You can ask a literal or a rhetorical question. When the audience is posed with a question, whether for an answer or not, they intuitively provide an answer.


A pause at the start of your speech is among the great speech writing tips. A two or ten seconds silence allows your audience to sit down and quiet down. Most audience members expect the presenter or the speaker to start immediately, but an extra pause will bring the required attention to where you want it.


You can use a surprising statistic that resonates with the audience to get their attention and pass the message instantly. This has the power to trigger the emotions of the audience.

Powerful statement

A phrase or statement is a great way of stating your speech and keep them guessing your next point. If you can implement the silence afterwards, it will add to the effect, and they will be more attentive, wanting to learn more of what you want to say.

Writing a well-balanced speech means you have to strike good balance between the structure and the content. To achieve this, there are great speech write formats that you need to be aware of, and they will guide you. To achieve balance, you need to consider the following:

Choosing a content that has the right amount of the right information

You need to ensure that you relate everything in your speech structure into a single purpose. This implies that you have to edit some of the material that does not relate to the purpose of your speech or its structure. Ensure that the speech structure is clear to the audience. You are not supposed to insert anecdotes of your adventure and skip from point A to point D. the speech structure should help you to stress the most important points. In other words, focusing on the minor points for too long gives the audience the wrong ideas of the hat are important; you are free to repeat your key points.

You can structure your speech by having the introduction taking 10%, the body takes 80%, and the conclusion ends with 10%. This enables you to communicate the message effectively in a manner that will linger in the minds of the audience.

Come up with a powerful flow of information

You should go for a structure that enhances the intensity even as you progress through the speech. You should ensure you maintain the attention of your audience by building up to your climax as opposed to peaking too soon. The structure of your speech ought to show the audience a reason why they should keep listening to you. However, you should not satisfy his reason until just before you close your speech.

This intensity and be enhanced by the structure of your speech over time to a crescendo and then end quickly. The audience will able to remember your climax instead of a 10-minute droning ending that never ends.

image 02 speech writing tips

Find your narrative

As we explore the speech writing tips for students, you need to identify a familiar plot or storyline that can be applicable in structuring your speech. This will make your speech more memorable to the audience. You can use any of the following speech strictures:

image 03 melodrama

You can tell a story that is personal to you with a similar structure to most movies. You introduce the character can help the audience to see his or her circumstances. When a tragedy flows, and subsequently, you tell of how the character overcomes the adversity. The speech is a simple emotional journey that engages the audience and engages them as it builds credibility.

image 04 The tower structure

Here, you can use multilayered information that garners the attention of the audience by supporting your central message

image 05 Mystery structure

Your speech can be structured around a question or presenting a problem to the audience that they want to know desperately. This keeps them glued to your speech because they desire to hear your message.

image 06 The ping pong structure

Another way to stricture your speech is to present both sides of the argument in a manner that makes the audience want to find out who wins.

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Use a speech structure that will force the audience to act on your words

One of the best student speech writing tips is to organise your thoughts to prevent making snap decisions as you are speaking. Your speech should make the audience to remember the key things. Feel free to edit our speech to the simplest structure without being overly simplistic. You also should feel confident about the speech structure that o choose. This will help you to be more fresh with whatever that you are talking about.

Having talked about the structure, how to start a speech, how then do you start the writing process? This is how you write a well-balanced speech.

Research on your topic

Whether you are writing an informative or a persuasive speech, you have to research on the topic. Research is one of the great speech writing tips that will make your presentation effective. It also gives credibility to your points. You can use scholarly sources to find information that supports your claims.

Outline your major argument

This is also among the best speech writing services online for students. You have to outline your major ideas and organise them for completeness and flow before writing the first draft of your speech. If you are writing an informative or persuasive speech, you should arrange your speech with a problem and a solution structure. You can start the speech talking a lot the problem and then let the audience know how it is going to be fixed.

Remember that your speech outline is not cast on the stone you can change it as you go along writing your speech.

Hook the audience from the onset

Your opening in should grab the attention of the audience. It is an imperative sentence because it makes them decide if they are going to pay attention or not. The way you hook the audience depends on the topic. You can use the strategies of starting a speech, as stated earlier in this article.

Let the topic of your speech connect to a larger issue for background

Depending on the topic you are handling, you have to explain its relevance to the audience. This will help them o pay more attention, especially if it is relevant to them. The introduction of your speech should be a sine paragraph to avoid spending too much time on the context and background.

Your points should be addressed in a logical manner

The great speech writing tips demand that once you introduce your topic, context and background, you delve into your points and present each one of them you can offer additional information, facts, evidence and anything that helps to explain your point to the audience. Each point should take one paragraph.

Introduce new topics ad summarise everything you have covered

Among the speech writing tips is the idea that you can assist the audience in understanding your points by providing a brief overview before moving to a new topic, and then summarise it after you re done explaining it. This will enhance their understanding.

Use transitions throughout your speech

Transitions are necessary for enhancing the flow of your speech and show the connection of your ideas. Words like then, next, before first, second, and so on are perfect transitions that you can use within your speech.

Close your speech with a call to action

As you approach the homestretch of your speech, the audience ought to be excited by your topic. You can encourage them to seek more information on the topic or even participate in solving the problem that you have described. Let them know how they can play their part. At this point, you can hare your resources with the audience and direct them on how they are going to be part of the solution.

image 07 speech writing structure and tips

Making polishing your speech and making it more engaging

As you explore the great speech writing formats, you need to know how you can make it more engaging. Trying the following speech writing tips for students:

Use short and simple sentences

Avoid using bigger words in place of simpler does to express the same thing. This alienates your audience. What’s more, long sentences can be confusing and boring. The best thing is to stick to simple language for the better part of your speech.

Use nouns instead of pronouns to enhance clarity

You can use occasional pronouns, but it can be hard for the audience to follow the argument. Use proper nouns whenever possible, to avoid overusing pronouns.

Feel free to repeat a phrase or a word within the speech

Repetition is good in speech writing when it is no overly used. However, if you repeat a word or a phrase a few times in your speech, it makes your arguments stronger.

Limit the use of quotes and statistics

Overly using statistics and quotes overwhelms the audience. You can use one or two of them per point and only use those that are meaningful.

Use the appropriate tone in your speech

The overall mood of your speech is important. It can be upbeat, urgent, or humorous. The word that you choose to deliver the speech affects its tone.

If necessary or required, provide visual aids

This may not be a requirement for your speech, but it is a good way of enhancing the understanding of your audience, especially when you are tackling a compelling topic. However, avoid relying on these visual aids to make your speech for you.

Practice your speech

One of the greatest speech writing tips is to practice what you have written to ensure its string ad well as areas you need to improve. Read it aloud to ascertain it is natural. Get someone to listen to you and ask them what they think. Use the feedback to refine your speech.

That is how you write a well-balanced speech. You can contact our writers for more assistance.

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