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Maybe you have been reading a book or watching your favorite movie for college or university before you can explore the college life and its intrigues; the professor hands you some work to do. You have to be ready for the challenge. Writing an analytical essay is seemingly hard, especially for those of you who have never done it before. This might seem tedious, but still, you have to write an analytic essay.

Understanding the analytical essay

As you will find out, analytical refers to the critical and well thought out observation of a given idea. An essay, on the other hand, represents academic writing that tests a student’s knowledge on the topic at hand. Through these two interpretations, one can infer that analytic paper is a piece of writing that gives the audience an informative observation about a specific topic or idea. The topic must link back to the book or the movie and must contain your judgment.

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Coming up with analytical essay topics

From any analytical article example, you will find that excellent analytical essays stick to its topic and explore it exhaustively. You can formulate a list of analytical essay topics and choose one that piques your interest. This should happen if you are the one choosing the topic. If you have been provided with one, ensure you deal with it comprehensively.

Selecting a topic or your analytic essay involves brainstorming where you generate ideas and write them down, putting all possible issues related to the topic on a separate piece of paper. Researching is another step that involves gathering relevant information on the topic. Subsequently, assessing the quality of the available sources is essential in deciding on the topic to be covered. Titling follows suit, and it involves choosing the eye-catching, original title for your analytic essay.

The above process is applicable when you have not been provided with a topic for your analytic essay. You can also consider any of the analysis essay examples for inspiration.

Types of analysis

Even as you look at an example of an analysis essay, you need to know the different types of analysis that you can use on any analytic essay you write. Every separate kind has a distinct definition, and you know how to write each one of them because they require different approaches in the analysis. They include the following analyses:

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Among the analysis essay examples is the poetry analysis essay that demands the writer to research the contents of the poem, structure, and historical significance. This should be done in an explanatory manner because you have to make the reader understand the overall significance and messages of the poem.

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In this analytical article example, the writer has to prove or poke holes to a fact that already had weight. As such, you have to base your analysis on facts and logic. Most of these papers are written in the fields of science and mathematics.

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This one is very common in the literature class. It anchors on a specific story or piece of literature, and the writer has to provide an informative analysis of a certain situation. He can also critically analyze a quote and its influence on the plot. This analytic essay delves deeper into emotions and decision making of some characters.

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In this type of analytic essay, you have to explain the process, which is a change from one state to another through a series of stages. You have to explain the purpose of your essay as well as the transformation using paragraphs.

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If you have come across an example of an analysis essay of this type, you understand that it explains and analyses the transformation of a character from one point to the end. Some of the things to analyze comprise a mental transformation, personality, character, role in society, and so on. You have to explain the development of the character.

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In this case, you are answering the “why?” question. A causal academic paper requires the writer to describe the process that occurs, followed up with why you believe it transpired.

The above analysis essay examples are the common ones that students are required to write. They have their variations but follow the same type of outline. To write a well-rounded analytic essay, preparation is important.

Prewriting stages for your analytic essay

When writing an analytic essay, you need to prepare adequately because it may take you some time before you can write a compelling paper. You need to consider the following steps:

  • Define and understand the objective of the paper
  • Deciding on what to write about
  • Brainstorming
  • Coming up with a title
  • Formulating your strong thesis statement
  • Finding supporting evidence
  • Creating the outline for your essay
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Writing an analytic essay demands you to present an argument or claim on the topic you are analyzing.

In most cases, you will analyze a piece of literature, like a book or even a film, but you can also base your analytic essay on an idea or issue. This demands you to breakdown the topic and provides relevant evidence to support your argument. The evidence must come from the book or the film that you are analyzing based on your research

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If it is a class assignment, you are likely to get a topic from your professor. As such, you have to read the instructions carefully and understand what is required of you. Sometimes you will be required to formulate a topic for the analytic essay. For instance, if your analytical essay will anchor o a work of fiction, focus on what motivates a given character or a group of characters. You can also argue on the importance of a single paragraph to the entire work. If your analytic essay pegs on scientific research findings, you have to stick to the scientific analysis of your results

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You do not need to have immediate knowledge of your thesis statement even after selecting your topic. Brainstorming will help you to discover your thoughts on the topic of your analytic essay. You can consider it from many perspectives. Aspects like repeated imagery, phrases, metaphors and so on are crucial as you try to understand o they’re important. Are they repeating the same way every time or differently?

Look at how the text works, especially if your analytic essay is a rhetorical analysis. You can examine how the author uses logical appeals to back his arguments up and decide if the argument is adequately effective. Excellent brainstorming can be everywhere, and you are free to write any element or the the fact that you think is essential to the topic.

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Since you aim to prove a given point through your analytic essay, you have to link things together and come up with a certain decision. Your thesis statement is a sentence or two that summarizes the argument that you are making in your analytic essay. You can borrow a leaf from an example of an analytical essay as you try to come up with on. Your thesis ought to be controversial, debatable, and requires incisive research to make it a high Impact statement.

As you can check from an example of an analytical essay, you have to make our thesis statement take shape. This statement must examine the text to make a specific claim that is arguable. In other words, it is not a statement of facts. It should be narrow enough to align with the scope of the analytic essay.

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Depending on the nature of your analytic essay, it may be possible to only use primary sources or combine them with secondary sources. From an example of an analysis essay, you will find that swaying anybody to believe your thesis requires you to have evidence. The assignment needs to suggest the sources that you can use to make your argument convincing enough. You can list all your evidence showing its source and how it supports your idea.

Writing your introduction

In the course of your reading, you must have come across an introduction that made you want to find out more about the text. This is the same tactic you need to apply in your analytic essay introduction. You need to use a hook made out of one or two sentences to grab the reader’s attention. The choice of the hook depends on the type of analytic essay that you are writing. It can be a joke, shocking statistics, anecdotes, rhetorical question, famous quotes, and proven facts, and so on. However, you need not use exclamations or unnecessary questions in the introduction of your analytic essay.

There is no specific way of introducing your analytic essay, but background information is a common method of approach. You have to provide information relevant to your thesis statement. It should start our and narrow own in relevance to the thesis. What you need to have is a hook statement or a brief introductory point, narrowed background information, a transition sentence, and finally a thesis statement.

Writing great body paragraphs

This is where you prove your thesis statement. Every individual paragraph needs to have a topic sentence that introduces the main point within that paragraph. The analysis follows as you show your supporting evidence and how it connects to your thesis statement. You can write on or two sentences here, and they can be facts, statistics and so on. Ensure that these two parts link together straightforwardly.

The concluding sentence demands you to restate the analysis and its significance to the topic and the audience at hand. The topic determines the length of the essay. The depth of the thesis statement also influences the length of this analytic essay.

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Writing an effective conclusion

This vital paragraph ties up the entire analytic essay. You have to restate your thesis statement to remind the reader how you supported your clime and show ow the argument connects to the outside world. As you end your analytic essay, you can create an overall concluding statement. It can be you what you inferred from writing the essay or what that audience ought to learn from your work.

Proofreading and editing

After you finish the writing process, you need to take a break and reread your work. You have to work on every mistake that you find in that paper before making the final submission. Ensure there are clarity and flow in your work.

Get a second person to read the work for you

Since the analytic essay made sense to you, do not mean it will happen to everybody. You can get another person to read the piece of writing and provide you with important feedback on where to improve.

That is how you write an analytical essay, and with the above simple steps, you are bound to write a fascinating paper.

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