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Many things can cause plagiarism. For instance, when you are required to submit a lot of assignments, or when you don’t understand a particular topic well, or even when you don’t have enough time to do comprehensive research. These are some of the things that might tempt you to copy a snippet of what another author has written and claimed it’s yours.

Bear in mind that plagiarism is a serious offense that can threaten any profession. In case a paper you hand over has some plagiarized content, the minimum consequence is mostly that you will fail in that particular assignment. In some situations, students will fail to graduate just because they submitted a plagiarized paper.

Here are simple and practical steps you need to include in your writing process to help you avoid plagiarism and improve your writing skills.

Writing in bullet points

When researching a subject matter, you are required to use other people’s work as source materials to make notes. A mistake that numerous students tend to do when conducting research is copying and pasting the entire passage from the source material and use them as their researching notes. Then, once they start composing the assignment, their notes will have numerous words that are borrowed from other people’s work since it is not easy to rephrase things in your words when the main points are a jumble of other people’s work.

One of the best ways to write down your notes is having them in brief bullet points. Make sure that your notes are down to the bare minimum amount of the writing, as this will be helpful to your learning and revision since it makes you focus on the essentials. Additionally, it helps you to ensure that your final paper is not copied from the source material used as a reference. While expanding from the notes you have, you will be required to create unique sentences since your notes are minimal.

You can include a reference so that you can you back and verify the details anytime you are required to, and it helps you in creating your bibliography and all your inline citations.

Plan your writing

Make sure you have a good writing plan whenever you are writing an essay, a report, research assignment or any other academic assignments. Planning your writing helps you in making your work clearer and well-organized. Additionally, this is one of the best tactics that can help you avoid plagiarism. Bear in mind that plagiarism is not caused by the words used. Your paper will be plagiarised if you use the structure of another author’s writing, using the similar points and organization and just rewrite it. The truth is that you can be easily tempted to use someone’s structure if you just went through their writing and you immediately begin composing your paper. You will be forced to structure your points and ideas similarly as the author did. One of the best ways to avert this is taking your research notes and re-arranging them into logical sections depending on the argument you want to present. The procedure of organizing your points will help you create a high-quality paper and also the structure of your paper will be unique.

Leave time to do your research

If you use just one source as your research material when writing your assignment, your chances of producing a plagiarized work increases since your knowledge are limited exclusively to a single source. Students are advised to do their research, take short bullet point notes and then take a break before organizing those notes into a working plan. This offers you a great time to think over the research you did and approach your notes with a fresh mind, assessing the evidence that you gathered, identifying any missing thing in your argument. You will then be able to come up with a writing methodology that fits the argument you want to put across, instead of just using the one similar to the research you have used.

Implement these practical tips so that you can craft a unique paper and evade falling into the snare of plagiarism in your writing. Additionally, the three things discussed above can help you improve your writing skills. Therefore, don’t be tempted to take short-cuts and rather, set aside quality time to conduct your research, summarize your research into brief bullets points and rearrange the notes into a writing plan before commencing on your assignment.

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Another viable tip to help you get rid of the plagiarism is to proofread your content thoroughly. This will also assist you to improve the quality and overall distinction of your final assignment. Additionally, proofreading lets you to check your paper for plagiarism and also helps you to get rid of any mistakes from spelling mistakes or grammar. Bear in mind that small mistakes in your content can compromise the effectiveness of your assignments and that is why you must allocate quality time to ensure that you cross check your papers.

Plagiarism removal services become vital when you have used numerous research materials that need to be referenced, or when you are studying a pre-existing research work. Therefore, you need to get a plagiarism removal company that not only helps you write original research papers, but also the one that helps you check for plagiarism in your papers. Make sure the service provider uses tools like Turnitin to capture any traces of unoriginal part. Since the traces of copying can make it your paper accidentally because the detailed research paper can have some parts of wording similar to the ones used somewhere else. Use a comprehensive plagiarism removal service provider that relay on several checks to ensure that there is no trace of copied work when you submit your paper. They should also give you a plagiarism report.

Don’t be stooped in your quest of crafting a good research paper because of unoriginal content that can as well result in rejection. You can take advantage of plagiarism removal services to ensure the authenticity of your work and also helps you get positive feedback from your professor.