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If you want to be an excellent writer when it comes to argumentative essays, you need to know that these essays present facts, evidence, and reasoning to demonstrate a point. The kind of arguments that you present in these essays is typically strict. You cannot use any appeals to emotion, and personal stories illustrate a given point. You have to rely on logical argumentation, and nothing else. By the time, you are completing your argumentative essays; the audience must be convinced by the points that you have made in the essay, concede to your position, or agree that you have a valid point that is well argued. You also need to present at least one counterargument to your position.

The process of writing argumentative essays is not complicated, as some would think. This is regardless of the topics for argumentative essays that you have. As such, if you want to become an expert in this area. Understanding how you can structure your essay is a crucial skill here. Remember you are presenting the reader with a thorough view of the topic, where you cover all sides and attempts to persuade the reader into agreeing with your point of view. You can consider the following tips of the entire process. They include the following:

   Understanding The Format  

If you want to be a good argumentative essays writer, you need to first understand the format. Part of that process will involve the following:

Understanding The Purpose Of Argumentative Essays

All academic papers must serve a purpose and since argumentative essays fall in that category, they must be written in a manner that helps in achieving this purpose. Here you want to fully investigate the topic, and it will involve extensive research that covers all aspects of the topic. You have to gather information on all points of view irrespective of the topics for an argumentative essay is are hanging.

With the audience in mind, you can write your argumentative essays that include a well-rounded summary of the topic. However, you have to indicate where you stand on the topic and validate your stand to your audience as convincing as possible.

Understanding The Methodology Of Argumentative Essays

Getting prepared to write argumentative essays calls for your full understanding of the subject material. The effectiveness of your argumentative essays pegs on your ability to parse through different facets of the topic and lead your audience towards an obvious and logical conclusion. As such, ensure you are familiar with every opinion about the topics for argumentative essays to help you in outlining opposing viewpoints.

Understand The Desired Outcome Of The Argumentative Essay

The main reason why you are given this assignment is to try to sway the audience into believing your point of view. You have to achieve the right outcome in this essay, and it is important you keep it in mind throughout the process of writing.

Structuring Your Argument

All argumentative essays must revolve around topic. Writers must come up with different topics for argumentative essays that they can argue out without any problem. You do not just select any topic for your argumentative essays. There are steps involved, and they include the following:

Choosing Something That Fits The Format

Keep in mind the argumentative essays are supposed to argue in support of a point of view on a debatable topic.  As such, all topics for argumentative essay must be debatable. For instance, if you want to write an argumentative essay on why exercise is good for you, it would be hard to find a contradicting opinion because everyone agrees with it. You must find something that can evoke a serious discourse, some of which will go against what you believe.

Base You Topic On An Issue That Piques Your Interest

Since argumentative essays call for in-depth research, it is crucial for you to choose a topic that is interesting from the onset. Do not choose topics for argumentative essays that have been overdone or are too obscure. The reason here is that the evidence may be too scarce if the topic is obscure. If the topic has been overdone, the essay would be another one to the rising heap of cliché research.

Test Your Argument

Find a friend, preferably, one with an opposing viewpoint on the topic, and discuss your argument with him. This will help you in refining your thinking and develop new ideas that revolve around that topic and support your judgment.  You can try a debatable-style conversation in which you each bring up aspects of the controversy and try to explain your perspectives on the topic. This will be instrumental when writing your argumentative essay.

Always Keep Your Audience In Mind

This is a crucial aspect in every type of academic writing. When it comes to argumentative essays,you have to keep the audience in mind, and you do this by first understanding them. If your paper is a class assignment, your audience is the professor and your classmates. If you are writing a presentation for a larger group of people, you must think about your audience because you want to lead them to the desired outcome.

People’s background and experiences often influence the way they react to certain points of view that are different from their own. As such, you need to be very knowledgeable about these factors. You also have to consider the language of your argumentative essays and other academic papers if you are addressing different groups of people.  For instance, the way you speak to your local priest is different from the way you speak to your best friend. You have to be aware of these distinctions when you are considering your audience. It helps in formulating your essay on the best way possible to enhance their understanding of your viewpoint.

Figure Out The Rhetorical Situation

It is crucial that you understand every factor that surrounds the topic.  Rhetorical questions have five elements, which include the text, which in this case is your essay, the author, who is you, the audience, and the purpose of the communication and the setting. When it comes to writing argumentative essays, the rhetorical situation demands you to use the language intent on persuading someone towards your point of view.  As such, rhetoric becomes a crucial aspect of your argumentative essays. Remember that you want to convince the audience that your perspective is the correct one, and as such, you need to work hard and achieve that purpose.

Structuring Your Argument 1

When dealing with topics for argumentative essays, it matters a lot how you structure your arguments. You need to be good at convincing people about what you believe on a topic. This is how you do it:

Come Up With A Catchy Title

If you can develop a memorable and original title for your argumentative essays, you are well on the way to become a good essay writer.  The title is a chance for you to hook your audience into wanting to read more of your essay before they can get to read the introduction.  A good essay title is a preview of what your paper is going to be about. Many academic paper titles come in two parts, and in most cases, a colon separates them. The first part is a catchy hook involving a pun on the topics for argumentative essays or an impactful quote — the second part in the sentence that sums up or provides details concerning your arguments.

Formulate A Thesis Statement

This is a concise idea that tells about your perspective on the topics for argumentative essays. It comes at the end of your introduction ad if you have this idea in mind early on in the reading process, it becomes easy to guide the audience through the rest of your essay. Make your thesis statement concise and clear because it shows the reader the point of your paper and its importance. Your thesis must make some claim, which can be of value, definition, cause, and effect or about policy solutions.

Refrain From Using A Three-Part Thesis, Which is Taught To Novice Writers

By the time, you are writing argumentative essays it means you have developed your writing skills and you understand what it takes to write an academic essay. This format restricts the shape of your ideas and can take to be contained in three paragraphs. Without the three-part thesis, you have room to expand your ideas and incorporate other ideas that are too big for a three-part thesis.

Writing Your Introduction

From any examples of argumentative essays, you can tell how crucial the introductory paragraph is.  The introduction ought to explain to the audience e the essay topic and relevant background to make the reader familiar with the topic. Every time you write your argumentative essays introductions, ensure that your thesis statement comes at the end of that paragraph.

Write The Body Of Your Argumentative Essay

Now, this is where you discuss your point of view concerning your argumentative essay topic.  You have to support your argument and present opposing ideas. Acknowledge the evidence that supports your thesis and use powerful evidence to assert your claim. You can present your argumentative essays in any way, but the important thing is how you cover all aspects of the issue.  Do not leave out information simply because it goes against your position because that is unethical and does not portray the issue accurately. Use counter-arguments in your argumentative essays but explain to the reader why your point of view is more accurate and logical. It could be that the opposing view is based on outdated information. Do not implicate the opposing views in your argumentative essays.

Write Your Conclusion

The conclusion of your argumentative essays anchors on your ability to reassert the argument that you have made and to persuade the audience to support your perspective.  You have to connect topics for argumentative essaysto the interests andvalues of the audience.  Review your major points andrestate your thesis. In every conclusion, you are not supposed to include any information that you have not discussed in your essay. This would confuse the reader and fill to achieve the intended purpose of argumentative essays.

It is also helpful to close your essay with a look forward to further study on the topic with respect to whatever you have said on the paper.

Including Your Research And Sources

Research On Your Topics

With regard to the topics for argumentative essays, the writer is supposed to do adequate research to help him in making his point of view. Go to the library and look for books on the subject. Use reliable sources on the internet and ensure all sources that you use over every aspect of the topic. Remember that you have to present a well-rounded essay on the topic and adequate research is a way of achieving this requirement. Collecting this information is essential to your essay and not only does it help you to make your point, but it also demonstrates that you did your part as a researcher. You can ask a reference librarian to assist you in finding reputable, useful sources for your argument.

Your Source Must Be Reputable And Must Have Accurate And Updated Information

Your research for topics for argumentative essays ought to acknowledge the foundational works on the subject. It should also interrogate innovations in the field and divergences from the status quo. You have to look at both the old and new sources to get the foundation and current trends on the topic.

Cite Your Sources

With argumentative essays, just like any other academic papers, you have to cite your sources and rightly so. Failure to do this culminates in plagiarism because you have borrowed ideas from authors.  For verbatim words extracted from a source, you can use quotation marks. Others include parenthesis, in-text citation and so on.  Ensure that the format of citations you have used in your argumentative essays is the one requested by your instructor.

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