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When joining college, students are always excited about what they are going to do. However, this changes when they discover the amount of assignment writing they are going to do. In most cases, students are always surprised at the level of writing requirements especially when it comes to psychology papers. If you major in psychology, you are expected to write various papers that range from lab reports to research papers. In all cases, you have to structure the paper in a specific manner and adhere to the rules as outlined in the APA format.

 Importance of learning andwriting psychology papers  

One of the crucial skills of dealing with psychology research papers is the ability to write well. Most of the psychology courses will involve a lot of writing. This will be in the form of essays, case studies, research reports and so on. You need to have effective communication skills if you are want to succeed in high school, university, graduate school and even in the professional world.  To enhance your skills in writing psychology papers, you need to take every assignment as a chance of practice and learning. You can check the resources available at your institution and learn more about the various types of psychology papers and how they are written. However if you are struggling with the writing process of writing psychology papers or you have problems originating psychology topics for papers, you need not worry. This article is going to help you with every tip and trick of how you can deal with both instances.

Basic tips for writing your psychology papers

If this is your first time dealing with psychology papers, you must start with the rudiments. Psychology writing is the same as other types of writing; only that some instructors will have special requirements for every psychology assignment. Before you can begin writing psychology papers, you need to learn and understand more about what you are writing, the structure you are going to use, and the type of sources you are going to include in your paper. An important tip here is that every time you are faced with such an assignment; check the grading rubric before you can begin the writing process. Ensure that you have the basis of writing the assignments.

Psychology research papers are written to provide a better understanding of people and groups. This is achieved through the establishment of the principles and research in very particular cases. Psychology papers are also written to provide an understanding of certain terms and perceptions. They play several major roles that include:

  • Explaining what has occurred
  • Predicting is it is going to take place again
  • Preventing or changing the possible behaviours or outcomes

The steps involved in writing psychology papers remain the same irrespective of whether you are in college or university. The process uses the following format:

  • Understanding the purpose
  • Selecting the topic
  • Gathering adequate information on the topic
  • Coming up with an outline
  • Understanding the format
  • Creating a rough draft and edit
  • Writing the final copy

Now let us look at each of them in good detail:

Understanding the purpose

As previously stated, psychology papers are written to explain or describe a given idea. Some of the examples of psychology topics for papers include the following:

  • Hallucinations
  • Autonomic nervous system
  • Causes of anxieties  or phobias
  • Behaviour analysis

Another purpose of psychology papers is to provide a diagnosis. You are supposed to provide a detailed explanation of why you think the person has this disease or disorder.

Psychology paper topics

When it comes to psychology topics for papers, you receive them either from your lecturer or given the liberty to originate one for your psychology papers. You can choose a topic based on the following:

  • A topic that falls within a specific branch of psychology

If you want to have god psychology topics for papers, you can get one from a specific psychology branch. When choosing this topic, ensure it is simple.  It is better to go for a narrow topic that will enable you to focus your attention on a particular subject. When it comes to a narrow topic, it should not be too narrow to find any sources of reliable data for your psychology papers.  For example, you can start thinking of how you ate going to write a psychology essay about cognitive disorder. However, since this is a wide topic, you need to narrow it down so that you can write effectively. You can have the topic read line cognitive impairment in Parkinson’s disease.  This is one way to narrow down your psychology topics for papers,and it would help you write a great piece on it.

  • A topic addressing a disorder

Mental disorders are behavioural or psychological indicators that strongly affect different areas of life. You can have the following psychology topics for papers:

  • Bipolar disorders which case one to have rapid mood energy swings
  • Mania which is characterized but feeing overexcited
  • Adjustment disorders which  result from a response to a sudden change like a nasty break up, job loss, divorce and so on
  • Dissociative disorders
  • Dissociative amnesia which is a temporary loss of memory which can last for a short time or many years
  • Trauma and stress-related disorders which can be occasioned by a traumatic event
  • Dissociative identity disorder which is the imagination of someone else living in your body
  • Derealization disorder which is a feeling of being outside your body and disconnecting from reality
  • Topics relating to human cognition

 Any psychology papers that relate to human cognition examine the functionality of the mind. This includes earning, attention, memory, language, perception, reasoning, conceptual development and decision-making.

  • Writing an academic journal or a book

You can also write your psychology papers as a critique ofmajor work. The basis of such a paper can be a book, an academic journal.

  • Analysing a famous study or  experiment

Any insights have been provided by different experiments especially to the world of psychology. These can form excellent psychology topics for papers.  As such, you can pick any aspect of the experiment that you can describe and explain how it functions as well as its contribution to the field.

Common psychology questions and how they are addressed

This will comprise of the common questions and how you can attend to them in your psychology papers. They include the following:

  • Is psychology a science?

Many debates surround the scientific nature of psychology due to the disproved Theories and abstract ideas.  The counter-argument here is that the field anchors much more on hard sciences like chemistry and biology.it then narrows down to the subject that explains that he depression and anxiety with blood tests and brain scans. However, it cannot tell why people often slam doors, when they are angry.

  • Why you choose psychology

Sometimes you will be asked to write psychology papers explaining why you chose the field in the first place. When dealing with such a question you have to be very enthusiastic toward the subject. You then list genuinely why you hope to learn and take away from your studies.

  • Nature-nurture

This forms part of the basic questions in social science. You are asked if human beings are the way they are because of heredity or biology or it is because of the nature of the environment. Some psychologists have the perception that it is a mixture of both aspects that makes humans what they are.

  • Forensic psychology

Thisis where the justice system and psychology meet. Some of the peopleworking in this field deal with trials and law. Some of the subjects you will deal with in your psychology research papers include testimony validity, sexual harassment, and anti-socialbehaviour and so on.

  • Child psychology

This type of psychology research papers will deal with the development psychology. It provides anindulgent of the development of the mind from infancy to adolescence. If you are writing psychology papers based on this area, you can tackle many topics. Talk of language acquisition, attachment theories, and crucial periods of development.

  • Every day psychology

These psychology papers utilize the practices of applied psychology. This includes counselingg, clinical, and medical education. There are many psychology topics for papersin this area,and if you get this from your professor, you can choose one that piques your interest.

Gathering information to use in your psychology research papers

Since these are an academic paper, you need to write a comprehensive, understandable and credible psychology research papers.  Gather information from credible and reliable sources. Seek information about your psychology papers   from the following sources:

  • Reading reliable literature

With the criteria of the assignment in mind, you need to choose the best literature. Remember tat your responsibility in psychology papers is to fulfil the expectations of your audience. This must touch on the credibility and quality of your paper. You will find literature everywhere raging from online databases to public university libraries and so on.

  • Primary sources of information

Remember that psychology papers are academic level papers. As such, youmust use a credibleprimary source of information.  Academic journals contain articles that have up to date knowledge in the field of your topic.  Pay attention to them because they are helpful when you are searching for information relevant to what you are discussing.  They provide a report on original research, which might have the latest knowledge in the field of study you are dealing with.  Whencollecting information, you need to make use of these materials.

  • Other sources

Depending on the psychology topics for papers that you have selected, you have so many relevant sources. Interviews with experts, films, documentaries, museum exhibitions, newspapers and so on. These can be instrumental sources of information when writing your psychology papers.

Crucial components of psychology papers

For you to write effective psychology papers, you need to consider some aspects. They include the following:

  • A global structure

The contents of psychology essays have to be structured in a way that allows for the logical flow of ideas. Every paragraph must contain a sensible statement linking it to the subsequent paragraph. More so, every paragraph ought to have a major theme illustrated and developed via several points.

  • Knowledge and understanding

When writing your psychology research papers, you need to recognise, recall, and demonstratea perfectunderstanding of various scientific materials that connect with your main theoretical point of view.

  • Critical evaluation

When writing your psychology papers, the evidence you get from different sources must support all the arguments you have made. It should also have evidence of the independence of thought, insight, and evaluation of the existing evidence.

  • Written through quality communication

Remember that through your psychology research papers, you are communicating to an audience. As such, you have to write it in a clear manner using appropriate paragraphs, grammar, and spelling. Psychology research papers are referenced using the American Psychological Association (APA).

When writing the body section of your psychology papers, you have to show critical evaluation and knowledge. You must balance between the two components and do not include too much knowledge at the expense of critical evaluation.

  • Knowledge and understanding

You are not supposed to include everything that you know. It is better to be concise an articulate your argument and ensure that no sentence ha unnecessary words. You are also not supposed to use too many quotes and instead, use original content to demonstrate your understanding.

  • Critical evaluation

You have to show the strengths and weaknesses of a research study or theory as you write your psychology papers. You can use a methodologicalevaluation of research, compare, and contrast different theories, perspectives, or debates.

When you use research studies in your psychology papers, they can be either knowledge or evaluation. To demonstrate your knowledge and understanding, you can refer to the process of findings in a study. Commenting on what the study shows, what it supports and the challenges of theory, it demonstrates your ability to evaluate. Even though psychology papers may not be your cup of tea, you can write them having read the above tips.

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