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When a student needs an essay or a research paper to be composed, he might consider enlisting the services of professional writers. These writers must have the capacity to give elite custom essay services to the student because they are aiming at a higher grade. Seeking the services of custom writers has its pros and cons. Many students have resulted in these ways of countering demanding assignments, thereby making it easy for them to deal with other issues. However, there is a debate surrounding the use of online writers. Some of the people think it amounts to cheating while to most students; it alleviates the stress that comes with assignment writing in general. The answers to this question hinge on whom you ask.

When a student decides to pay someone to write their essay, he must have some reasons. It is important to ensure that these services are used and the last resort. Overreliance on essay assistance from professional writers may make the student lazy and complacent since he knows someone will do his assignment at an affordable cost. The reasons for using these services vary from one student to the next. The advantages of these services are very obvious and innocent superficially. But do they amount to cheating?

Benefits of using essay writing services

  • They are cheap
  • They are professionally written and well-structured because they are written by college professors who happen to double up as custom writers
  • They are not plagiarized although they are not written by individual students
  • They help the student in understanding the nature of a good paper and how to write a good essay personally
  • They save time because students have so many things to deal with during their academic career which may physically hinder him from completing these assignments in good time

However, not everything is not as it seems at face value. A student must think twice before they decide to invoke the services of a professional writer. Here is why they should give it a thought.

Reasons why you should give it a thought

Why do universities and colleges ask the student to write essays and other academic papers?

These papers enhance the critical thinking ability of the student. They make the student capable of thinking and forming arguments and meet deadlines. These assignments enrich the student with skills that apply to life after their education is over. More so, when a student writes an essay, he gets to learn better than when reading an example of the same. If one can write about something that he has learned, then it indicates his understanding of the material effectively. When you pay for papers, you are trying to cheat t professors, but in actual sense, the joke is on you.

Professors know their students because they have interacted with them for a long time. As such, it will be easy for them to notice a chance on writing style and knowledge. This will make it easy for them to know it was not you who wrote the paper. If your previous essays were not as good as this one, then your professor will know. This is something that a good and strict professor will notice.

Why do you want to pay for these services?

The internet is laden with too many online writing companies because the business of custom writing has thrived exponentially. There will always be students who do not like writing and are lazy or not clever enough to write their assignments by themselves. They prefer paying someone to write their essays rather than spending the time to work on their assignments.

The downside here is that the student has no chanced of checking the professionalism of the writer he has entrusted with his work. Every online writer will say he is a professional and they have full knowledge of what they are doing in various assignments. They all purport to be native English speakers and guarantee a high-quality paper in the end. However, how can a student ascertain all this information about the writer?

Sometimes there are extremely cheap essays, and this should be your first red flag to think twice before you even consider hiring them. Prices vary and every online writing company is offering low prices, but when you find a price that is way below the minimum price, you need to take a step back or even run because this could be a fraud. There is no guarantee of a quality work nor are you sure that your work will not be plagiarized.

Reasons why you should give it a thought

There are colleges and universities that have put stringent measures in place to curb purchased assignments. In most cases, they work together to find methods of disclosure. This move is aimed at preventing students from buying essays and other custom papers. The punishments are severe, and every student must be ready to face the consequences if they use these services.

If a student is caught or disclosed, the official punishment is expulsion from college or university. However, why would everything be so awful when there are college professors who are paid to write these papers? Why do they put strict punishments for services they gladly offer? The ethics, morality, and conscience all have to take center stage in this discourse because even though the system might vilify the players, everyone is in it for the money, or so it seems.

Staying safe when paying for these services

Some students believe that if they pay college professors to do their assignments, they will get some source citation for their works. When you are paying for these services, you have to consider the following:

When you as a professor to write a paper for you, you know it will be of high quality. It becomes easier to pay for the paper, and when it is done, you will cite it in your essay and voila! Not plagiarism and you are the original authors of your work.

There are no exact guidelines that apply to citing such works. This is why it may be a safe way to guard your reputation. However, it might amount to the academic offense if they notice you purchased your paper. College professors do not believe that student would pay for a paper and cite it afterward. It does not make sense if you find many reliable sources that you can cite free. When you are ready to pay for such an assignment, use trustworthy and checked essay-writing services. You also have to keep up with the progress of your order and always check the paper for plagiarism. This is irrespective of the guarantee of high-quality work that is authentic.

It may be still worth to try to use these services, although caution must be exercised always.

 Finding help with essay writing free

It is quite common and strange to find still modern students willing to pay for the assignments. As such, there are so many sources of free help around. With the internet, writing academic papers is much faster and easier because it gives you a platform to land and use all the information from around the world. There is so much knowledge that relates to your area of interest, and all you have to do is make use of the internet.

When you are an active user of Facebook, Twitter and other social media platform as and thematic groups, you can ask for help from professionals. Your social accounts can help you find good sources for your paper. You can also become a member of thematic groups to research, discuss, and ask for essay topics, opposing view as well as statements and so on.
Reddit can also help you in finding all the information that is related to your topic. Many universities have online libraries that are open for everyone to use their archives. You can also ask your fellow students to help you with essay topics, research, and structuring of your paper. Thematic communities are a haven for professionals who are ready to help you with editing and proofreading of your work.

When you use a large number of sources for your work, you risk nothing. This averts the risk of choosing unknown and unchecked custom service provider that requires you to pay using your credit card. There is a risk of identity theft in it.

Many custom writing companies offer genuine and clean services to students. However, the choice to use this service must be an individual decision. When doing so, every consideration must be taken into account as well as the consequences that each service portends. Paying someone to write your essay seems like a good idea, but there is much more than meets the eye. Every student is the captain of his academic ship, and every decision rests on his shoulder. Weigh the choices at hand and make the right decision in this quest. The success of your essay depends on the choice that you make in this case.