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Life of a student is laden with academic responsibilities. They are all supposed to be enough to catapult the student to the highest level. When it comes to writing essays, a student has to put his best foot forward and come up with a paper that garners not only excellent grades but also something that will demonstrate his writing skills. Essays are the common assignments ta the student has to deal with. Among these essays is an ethics paper. Ethics refer to the moral principles of society. You can write about work ethics, everyday life ethics, and personal life ethics, and so on.

Even though some people may not agree with some ethics, it forms a very fertile ground to formulate good argumentative essays. As such, ethics essay topics are not hard to find, as one would think. However, it would be better to first concentrate on knowing how an ethical essay is written.

The writing process

This is the best process of handling ethics essay topics. You can write an excellent ethics paper if you:

Understand the assignment

It is crucial to read the instructions of the assignments before you can start your ethical essay. Anything that you find unclear should be explained to you before you start the writing process. You need to understand the objective of the assignment, the specifics of what you have to do to achieve a good grade, as well as the time you need to complete an ethical essay.

Select an ethical essay topic that you can handle

If this is a class assignment, the topic may be availed to you. However, sometimes you may be required to come up with ethics essay topics and as such; you should choose something that you can handle. The topic you choose can be broad, but you can narrow it down later to focus on a specific inquiry.

Narrow done the ethical essay topic

The ethical essay topics that you chose have to be narrowed down. It will allow you to dig deeper into the issue as you avoid the general overview of the subject. The topic can be refined as you write your paper, which is why you are free to write several ethical essay drafts.

Outline your points

After you have the ethical essay topic, you can outline all the major points you want to discuss your work. You can see them argue for or against certain perspectives within that topic. The list should not be writing in any specific way.

Develop a thesis statement

With any ethical essay topics that you handle, you have to formulate a good thesis statement. This is going to be the premise upon which your ethical essay is built. What’s more, your thesis statement is not cast on stone, meaning that you can refine it as you progress in your ethical essay.

image 02 ethics paper article

Use simple and understandable language

If you want your thesis statement to be understood, you need to refrain from using ambiguous language. Do not use the words “should”, “could”, “might”, and any other woods that sound ambiguous because they affect the clarity of your thesis statement, thereby making your stand on the issue unclear. The focus of your thesis statement should align with the intended focus of the essay. In other words, how you word your thesis statement affects the wording of your ethical essay. As such, it should be clear enough to avoid confusing the audience.

Research on your topic

The next thing you do after formulating your thesis statement is to research on the topic that you have chosen. You have to select the sources to research is that your argument may come out strong. Your ethical essay success depends on the research that you have conducted. You have to use reputable sources for your paper. To strengthen the arguments you have on the ethical essay topics, you need to use reliable and trusted sources as well as statistics. If you present statistics, you can affect the way you have presented your point. Citations that you use are very important because they help in making your argument more informed and broad enough.

Evaluating your sources

When writing ethical essays, you need to utilise trustworthy sources to enhance the credibility o your paper and still earn a good grade. Library databases are excellent for giving trustworthy sources. When trying to evaluate your sources, you need to consider the following aspects:

image 03 details of the author

Some sources provide details of the author like the first and last name as well as credentials like MD, PhD, and so on. Any source without the details of the author, especially in the medical or any other important field should not be used.

image 04 type of publication

Ascertain that the publication is a book, a journal, magazine, and website and so on. The publisher can be n an academic or educational institution.

image 05 citations

Ascertain the extent to which the author has donned his research on the topic and check the works cited/reference page. If there, are no sources provided by the author, then you may have to look for another source.

image 06 bias

Is the author’s account of the topic objective and well reasoned? If the argument seems to gravitate towards one side of the argument, then that is not a good source for your ethical essay.

image 07 publication date

Is the source presenting the most up to date information about the ethical essay topics that you are handling? If it is outdated, try a new source. Look for sources with the most recent information about the topic you are handling.

image 08 ethics essay article

Go through your notes

During the research, you must take notes that you deem necessary for your ethical essay topic. Go through your sources without forgetting about your topic. Anything you do not understand should be read twice or more times, ensure you understand the information that you read on your sources. Summarise the source in your own words and even generate a response to the main argument of the author. Organise your ideas in the best way that you see easy so that you can have a full understanding. This will make it easier to deal with your ethical essay topics later.

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Annotate these sources

As you read these sources, highlight and underline anything significant so that you can revisit it later. Any information that supports your thesis or counter-argument should be highlighted. Write down quotes that you think are necessary for your ethical essay. Indicate when you have quoted a source in your notes by putting it under quotation marks.

Writing your ethical essay

Remember that you came up with an outline for your ethical essay. This is going to guide you through the writing process. The time that you will take to write the essay is, not much because you have already prepared an outline to follow. The idea is to flesh out this outline with necessary details based on how you prepared your ideas and research.

Ensure you include the necessary parts of your ethical essay

Your ethical essay, just like any other essay, has to follow the introduction-body-conclusion format. Any academic paper must present an argument, present and defend a perspective, have strong counter-arguments and poke holes into them. This should be evident in the way that you have prepared your outline.

Be ready to write several drafts

As you write your ethical essay and discuss the topic, be sure to write several drafts until you are sure that you have captured everything you wanted to say in that paper. As such, you should give yourself room to carry out this Tsk. You cannot write your paper until you have your thesis statement right, have an outline, and read all the annotated information that you have obtained from your sources. The first draft should focus on the quality of the argument with regard to the ethical essay topics that you are handling. If you structure your argument well, supported your reasoning, and concluded the paper well, your second draft will not take tome. It should be to put everything in order.

Writing your ethical essay should not take time if you are well prepared. Once you finish your last draft, take some time off the work so that you can relax and let your mind rejuvenate.

image 09 write drafts

Editing and proofreading

Come back to your ethical essay draft and start going through the work. As you read the paper, ascertain if it fulfils the requirements, covers the major point well, considers the audience, ascertains the effectiveness of the evidence presented, how different parts of the paper relates to your thesis statement and so on. These aspects will be necessary to refine your paper. As you edit, you can add or delete information. You can also rearrange your ideas until they make sense to you. This is why you have to take time on that paper before you submit it.

After editing, you need to proofread the work so that you can weed out the grammatical mistakes, spelling errors and punctuation inconsistencies. In other words, proofreading deals with the outlook of your ethical essay. If possible, have someone to go through your work and suggest anything that might make it better. Use the feedback to make adjustments before writing the final copy of your work and submitting it.

This is how you handle different ethical essay topics. Implement the above tips, and your ethical essays will be more interest and garner you good grades. Speaking or ethical essay topics let us look at some of the ideas that you can utilise to write an excellent ethical paper. They include the following:

  • Should religion interfere with education?
  • How morality affects suicide cases
  • Can the moral code shape the character of a person correctly?
  • How can crime be prevented amongst teenagers?
  • How do countries of the world have different norms
  • Why does domesticate violence occur and how can it be prevented
  • How genes affect social interaction
  • How ethics in the modern world differ from the ethics of the 20th century
  • How is global ethics connected to the climate change?
  • Does the abortion term mean anything or is any type of abortion killing?
  • Is the death penalty for a dangerous criminal ethical?
  • Is it ethical to legalise marijuana?
  • Should kids get tattoos without the consent of their parents?
  • Is it ethical for schools to have some rules for student’s acceptance?
  • Is it ethical to be a sponsor for sports?
  • Should prostitution and drugs be legalised?
  • Why should nurses be ethical to all patients, including criminals?
  • Is it ethical to go for an abortion if there are severe problems with the fetus?
  • Compare the philosophical and religious ethics?
image 10 ethics paper

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