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In most cases, what happens after one watch a movie is to comment on it immediately. The comments about various movies can be found mostly on social media platforms, and the process only becomes easier with the available tools online. Writing a movie review is a regular assignment amongst students. These assignments are seemingly simple, but they require good writing skills, time, and excellent organization. Reviewing movies must go bond the action on the screen to incorporate a deeper understanding of the events, characters and other aspects that contributed to its success or failure.

The purpose of a movie review

Review about a movie must serve the purpose of informing the reader about the film and the ideas, especially those that have yet to watch it. The most common mistake made by students is reporting the events that happen on the screen and giving one’s opinion about them. This task calls for an objective approach, one that is devoid of bias. Reviewing movies as you combine both aspects makes the paper ideal for the audience.

Writing a movie review will help the audience to decide if it is worth their time or not. Any film review should be a chance for you to introduce your cinematography work to the audience. Assume that they have never watched the movie before.

Professors and teachers want to assess your analysis of the characters and the plot. How to write a review on a movie is a chance for the student to test their vocabulary and writing skills.

A systematic guide on how to write an excellent movie review

Writing a movie review has to start somewhere, and as such, this tutorial is meant to show the simplest way of dealing with such an assignment. In the beginning, it might seem hard because you have to know the best approach that will work for this assignment

  • Watching the movie

This is a crucial first step because you cannot write a review of movies if you have not watched one. Watch it severally and take notes of major and minor events and characters. Do not rely on the power of your memory because it is easy to inadvertently overlook something important.

  • Start your review with a compelling fact about the film

Readers have to bet hooked from the onset, and the first sentence should give them a feel of the movie. Let them know if it is good terrible or okay. This will keep them reading your review. For instance, you can have something like this to start your review:

“Every day, the political class demand revenge against terrorists, rival sports teams or other political adversaries. However, few of them understand the cold, disparaging and unwarranted hallow thrill of revenge as el as the characters of Hunter Killer.”

The above example of a movie review is a comparison of a relevant event or a movie

  • Let your opinion be clear and well-established from the onset

If you know how to write a review on a movie, then you know the importance of letting the audience know your opinion o I early on. This gives you room to prove your rating. You can use stars to rate the movie, scores of 10 or 100 or give a simple thumbs up or thumbs down. Let the audience know why you choose that rating.

how to write a review on a movie

  • Write the movie review

The notes taken during the watching session come in handy now. These notes help you I support your arguments with facts

  • Go beyond the superficial plot analysis

The plot is just a piece of the film and should not be the basis of writing a movie review. Some movies lack fascinating plots, but that does not make them bad. You can focus on cinematography, tone, music, and sound, acting, and so on.

  • Cinematography

Her is a world full of color, with soft bright, soft reds and purples that build and strip away the feelings of love between the main characters. Every moment feels so alive.”

  • Tone

“Regardless of the loneliness of being stuck in a planet far away from home, The Martian’s wit, humor, and excitement come alive in every scene. Space may be dangerous and unforgiving, but the thrill of scientific discovery is, to say the least, intoxicating.”

  • Acting

“With his cool stoicism to counter is adversaries, Keanu Reeves outdoes his cofactors in the fight scenes of Joh Wick.”

  • Bringing your movie review full-circle

Review about a movie has to get some closure, and in most cases, you tie back to your opening fact. Remember that the audience read the review about a movie to decide whether it’s worth their time and money. Close with a sentence those them if the movie is:

review writing about a movie

Organizing your movie review

How to write a review on a movie also demands organization. You must have a well-structured outline to help you in focusing on the subject. This is how you organize your content when writing a movie review:

Review about a movie

The element of a movie review

Writing a movie review requires you to pay attention to the following elements:

  • title of the movie/documentary

Do not fail to mention the title of the film in the introduction of your movie review. This is a common mistake made by many students

  • Summary

The whole point of writing a movie review is to summarise the movie for the audience yet to watch it. To make it effective assume that the audience has not watched it, even if it is your professor. This helps you to include all the necessary details. As a reviewer, let the audience know if the filmmaker failed or succeeded in the movie. More so, say if you like the movie or not and support your argument with relevant evidence through examples from the film.

  • Filmmaker

Research on the person who directed the movie to find out if he is a controversial figure, whether he is known for a political stance or if he has a significant background. Talk about them in a paragraph or two and mention their other works to establish the significance of this movie under review, concerning his or her career.

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  • Significance to your class

Reviewing movies is sometimes a class assignment, and as such, you can show the relevance of the movie’s content to the course topic. Ascertain if it has historical accuracy. If it is based out of a book you have done in class, show the similarities, differences or some elements in the film that the book lacks.

  • Creativity

Creative elements are incorporated in movies and documentaries. Sow their importance in the plot and the movie at large. For instance, the costume or even the setting may betray the intent of the movie. Colors can affect the mood or atmosphere of the movie. Talk about ow camera movements and angels add elements to the original idea of the movie. If there are symbols within the movie, talk about them.

  • Actors

Casting is very crucial in a movie review. Review about a movie must tell the audience if the actors were realistic enough. It must talk about how they portrayed the role of a specific character successfully or otherwise. Say if they had good acting skills and if a particular actor was the right fit for the role.

That is how you develop an excellent movie review.

How to write a review on a movie

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