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High school students know that high GPA is important, strong and standardized scores matter as well as extracurricular activities for your college application. However, have pondered about the application essay? How much does it matter in your overall academic profile? A college essay depends on a number of aspect. It is significant since it will influence the overall application. This application varies from one college to the next, and so is the profile. It will be prudent to look at the factors that influence the impact of college application essays first.

Notable public schools usually have more applicants as compared to private schools. They also have limited resources to assist in evaluating each of the applicants. Some of these huge public schools use GPA as the basis of test score before they review the extracurricular activities and essays.

If you are a student with god but less competitive test scores bad grades, you could use a strong essay to push for your admission into the school. However, the essay that you write might fail to compensate for the grades that fall below average. This is if the basis of primary evaluation is the quantitative aspect of the application.

In smaller institutions, they use a more holistic approach in candidate evaluation since they receive less application. They dedicate their attention to an individual candidate. Some of the top private schools also prefer this approach of evaluating students. They seek to understand the candidate and his background altogether. They work easily since most of the students who apply in these Ivy League and similar tier schools are excellent. The essays of the applicants are just an added aspect of differentiating the candidates and understand their profiles and personalities better.

Application essay importance also depends on you as an individual student. For those who present a strong profile, high GPA, competitive test score and excellent extracurricular activity, the essay you write might have minimal impact on the application process since you have shown that you are already successful. However, you should strive to write a strong essay to complement your talents and abilities that have been covered in the rest of your profile. You have to impress the admissions committee.

You have to understand that a college application is important even when you have shown strength in every aspect of evaluation. You might have the best GPA, test scores, and extracurricular activity profile. Your application still depends on the application essay that you write. It will be thrown away if it has been written hastily. You have to invoke careful thoughts when writing your application essay.

Consider your particular interests, talents and what you want to major in once you are admitted. These aspects pronounce more the importance of writing a college application essay. For instance, if you are taking humanities such as Journalism, English, or list writing oriented extracurricular activities must accompany your application. If for instance, your college notices that your focus is on writing and receive a poorly written essay, it will confuse them, and you might lose the opportunity to join that school. You have to align your strengths in a way that makes sense. Conversely, if your focus gravitates towards a subject that does not require personal writing and creativity and your intended major matches, you may get leeway for less harsh judgment. This does not exempt you from writing a well-structured essay. If you are weak on this front, you can seek the assistance of your teacher, guidance counselor, family members, or friends. However, the institution will understand where your talents lie.

If you are a student who has less competitive grades and academic profiles, you rely on your essay to work in your favor. This happens with smaller institutions that take their time to comprehensively go through your application. However, while a good college application essay might help borderline students in getting their desired admission, it is not enough to make up for otherwise weak academic profiles.

This is why it is important to write a college application essay that will win you an admission. This is the case with students who do not have a strong academic profile but want to be admitted to a given school. It is critical to start early enough in formulating a thoughtful idea, writing several drafts, editing, and looking for feedback that will help you in writing a perfect application essay.

Do not view application essays as obstacles that warrant fear. Instead, take it as an opportunity to directly address the admissions committee, You do not have to discuss your GPA, test scores, extracurricular activities, or even recommendation letters since they are all part of your application. Review your talents in a manner that is self-serving or pompous. The application essay is the only thing of the application process that you will have absolute control. Take advantage of that control and express your individuality.

Some of the colleges will require you to write a general personal statement whereas others will dictate a topic to the student. These essays take time and require the student to employ critical thinking. You have to ensure that the essay is well researched. If you are giving reasons as to why you are going to a given college, you need to focus on the one that sparks interest and aspirations. Most importantly, you have to explain why the college to which you are applying matches with your interests and aspirations. To achieve this a college tour would suffice especially if you attend an information session. Alternatively, you can learn about the college from its website, its literature, or catalogue. Again, you have to invest in the time to write this kind of an essay. You have to study and come up with a creative way to write it perfectly.

Just how important is the college application

A college essay gives an opportunity for the student to unleash their best qualities and to show the admissions committee their uniqueness. In as much as the grades, test scores and the strength of the curriculum play a great role in college admissions, many of the colleges and university place significance in application essays. It helps them to determine which academically qualified student they are going to admit. A marginal applicant can write an essay that would tip the scales in his favor.

What are the admissions officers looking for in essays

The essay provides evidence that a student can write about ideas and support them using relevant and logical arguments. The essay also gives away the personality of the student. This is why the admissions offers require college applicants to write their essays. It is also a way for the college to determine if the student is up to the task ahead.

Types of application essays

There are three types of college application essay questions: the ‘You,’ “why us,” and the “creative” problem.

The “You” question

You have to explain to the admissions officers about whom you are. They want to see how you introduce yourself and know you better. This is a chance for the student to reveal something that is not found in the grades or the other application papers. However, this question is somewhat open-ended and might lead you to write an essay that is all over the place. What you need to do is to focus on a few aspects of yourself, so then you do not spill everything at once. You can write your resume in prose form. You ought to understand that this is a chance for you to tell a story that no one else can.

The “Why us” question

Some of the institutions will demand the student to write about his choice of college or career. In this case, they are looking to see your career goals and your commitment to the college. This essay must, therefore, concentrate on the reasons that led the student to choose that university or college. The answer to this question must be very clear.

You have to be very factual since any misrepresentation about the college will show that you have not thought about your choice. On the brighter side of this question, the student might realize the college does not match his objectives, which is an important aspect to know sooner than later.

Therefore, the student must ensure that they know their subject well. They ought not to go overboard with flattery. Instead, they should sound sincere when providing an answer to this question.

The “creative” question

This question evaluates the candidate’s ability to think and write creatively. It also assesses the student’s education and knowledge. With this kind of a question, the student has to demonstrate his personality as well as views. However, do not take this creative aspect as a leeway to be obscure, undisciplined, or pretentious in your essay. You should remain creatively focused.

The essay should be informative. For instance, do not write about fantasy meetings with an artist, only to get the titles of his paintings wrong. Students should use common sense while writing this essay. Do not look to impress the reader if you write about exotic places or high-minded topics.

Just how much assistance should the student get

There are instances when student are made to sign statements that require them to swear that their work is original. This is after admissions officers express concerned over the kind of assistance the applicants get concerning the application essays.

  • As a student, you have to overcome nervousness and anxiety and start writing
  • You can seek advice from a teacher who knows you well
  • Ensure that those whom you go to seek help from know the importance of a college admission essay.
  • Be ready to accept feedback on your essay and work on areas that need revision.

As earlier stated, a good college essay may help a student with a less competitive academic profile to get an admission. On the flip side, a poorly written essay will cost the student the admission. Essays become more important especially for small schools that apply a holistic approach to evaluate college applications. The school wants to ensure that the student who is admitted will have a positive impact on the campus life with their talent, personal qualities, and leadership capabilities. All these should be seen in the application essay.

With the application essay, you have to make the admissions officer feel your presence in it. You have to start early and avoid procrastination. Different admissions offices will place different weights on the application essays. This is one chance that you only have to speak to the officers, and as such, you have to use it wisely. There are so many application essays that will reach the admissions officer’s desk, yours included. You have to make it unique so that it does not end up in the dustbin.

You are supposed to give it a personal input. Whatever you write must not be embellished in any way. Since you are writing about yourself, you are the best person to do it. No one knows you better than yourself. Application essays come fourth in the order of importance, which is why you need to pay attention to every detail in the instructions that the admissions committee have given out. It does not matter whether you are a borderline student or an excellent performer in both grades and extracurricular activities.


The application essay levels the playground for all. This is where the colleges and university identify those that they think are up to the task they have ahead. So write your essay bearing in mind that your application is solely in your hands. Prepare early, practice and be ready to write a captivating piece about yourself, answering all the prompts that have been provided by the admissions office. Share your voice in the essay even if you have met all the academic and extracurricular activities criteria for admission. The idea is not to fit in those instructions; rather it is an opportunity for you to stand out completely.