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Generally, it is confusing to write the title correctly when writing an essay that includes a book title, however, once we know the rules, it becomes easy. The title is the first thing our readers will experience about our papers, therefore, it needs to catch the reader’s attention by being attractive. The article below is an appraisal of the approaches on how to write a title book for essay.

General Considerations

Writing an essay is considered to be a pesky activity, however, coming up with a good title can be challenging as well. When deciding on how to make a good title for a paper, we should carefully think about our audience before deciding on a title. A good title for an essay should take the following into consideration to determine the right tone for our audience:

image 02 draft your essay

As much as the title is the first thing a reader will see in an essay, it is the last thing a writer creates. We may not know what our essay will really be saying until we write part of it because they usually change during the process of revising and editing. Surprisingly, titles that we come up with at the beginning may not reflect the essay after we are done with writing, therefore, it is important to revise the title after we have finished the essay.

image 03 Identify themes

Normally, non-fiction essays have an argument, therefore, we should create a list of main points we will be writing upon. It is important to look at our thesis statement because it contains the main argument of the essay and can help us to craft a title. We should read our topic sentences together to help us pick out symbols, themes as well as motifs in the paper that can be integrated into choosing a good title for an essay. It is also important to consider asking our friends to read our essays and help in identifying themes.

image 04 Determine the target audience

We should note the few groups of people who will be interested with our topic and define the reasons why they are drawn into it. We should use formal language if our essays are for school assignments or when our audience are academics or specialists in our topics. When writing for an online audience, we should come up with key words that might be used to find our essay and lastly if the essay is a news story, we should consider who we are writing about, for example, referees, fans, or players when doing an article about a football team.

image 05 Determine the function of the title

Typically, titles for essays not only reflect the tone or slant of the essay but also predict the content, therefore, to catch the interest of our audience, we should include keywords. Our title should not be misleading, instead, it should reflect the purpose of the article like theoretical approach, historical context or argument.

image 06 interrogative decriptive titles

As a matter of fact, it is important to think about the kind of information we want to convey to our audience when choosing one of the following titles.

  • Interrogative titles should introduce our subject in a question form
  • Descriptive titles should describe our essay subject without revealing the main conclusions.
  • Declarative titles should state our main conclusions or findings.
image 07 Avoid long titles

Hypothetically, titles for essays that are too long sometimes get in the way and are cumbersome, therefore, we should keep around ten words and less. Non-fiction titles should contain keywords, important information and even methodologies.

image 09 Review sources

When writing titles for essays, we should review the sources that we have not only used to support our points but also are appealing to the audience. For example, quotes like ‘’God was silent” is both thought provoking and arresting when doing an essay on religious persecutions, making readers to either disagree or agree thus the need for the audience to want to read our explanation. In case we use someone else’s words, we should put them in quotation marks.

image 10 create a list of possible titles

Indeed, when we use lists of possible audiences, themes, quotes and phrases as appraise above, we brainstorm possible titles. When we try to combine different elements like a theme and a quote, we should separate them with a colon. For example; “Affliction of Peace”: Understanding the American Front in World War Two (a combination of a quote and a theme)

image 11 respect conventions

Inevitably, different disciplines like humanities, sciences and arts have different rules about how to write title of book in essay. We should conform to their guidelines if we are aware of specific expectations taking into consideration the following general rules;

  • Most words in our titles should start with a capital letter.
  • The first word of the title as well as the first word after the colon should start with a capital letter.
  • If words a, the, an, or short prepositions are not the first letters in the title, they should not be capitalized
  • When the title of films or books are part of the essay, they should be italic.
  • We should know the style of the essay, for example, if the paper is in MLA, APA formats and get help from websites like; MLA handbook, APA style and Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab with conventions for titles.
image 12 considerations

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Titles for Academic Essays

Primarily, academic writing is complex thus demanding purposeful and complex titles. The titles should be long with multiple of phrases such as; The Impacts of Temperature and Light on the Development of the Bacterium Population. When we carefully appraise this title, we will notice that it has three separate elements namely;

image 13 The hook

In its entirety, the hook is typically a readable and catchy phrase that advertises the essays’
specific subject and is used as a creative element to draw in our reader. In some cases, the hook can be a direct quote or an introduction of a new and exciting element of our topic. In fact, a good academic title should tell our reader as much as possible about our essay’s significance and claim.

image 14 key terms

Key terms are crucial phrases or words indispensable to our topic. According to the literature of academic writing, scholars are often required to choose some terms that will identify the essay in an index. In the same way, when we use key terms in our essay’s title, it makes our paper to be more searchable online. A good title for an essay summarizes our entire paper, they should be loaded with important terminologies as a way to orient our reader to the concepts under appraisal.

image 15 The source

Sometimes called the location, we should use the source in our titles because this is where discussions are found. Our source might be a name of a text, piece of writing, person, geographical place, an organism, existing debate and so on depending on the discipline. Our title should not apply a generic label to the essay nor state the obvious.

image 16 Academic essays

Titles for personal papers and narratives

Unlike academic essay titles that should be simple and clear, narratives and personal papers demand titles that should be both creative and interesting. In this case, we should use one of the interesting phrases from our essay as the title. As a matter of fact, narratives should interest the reader and be unique, therefore, we should reserve a phrase or a quotation from the essay for the title. An example title for essays includes; My Wife, the Looter, Revisited. This title has a hilarious history behind the title that makes our audience to want to know what the husband will write about his looting wife.

In practice

Envision that we are students writing an essay for a human behavior class. After doing all the field study as well as species study, we settle for “Monkey Behavior” as the title for our essay. This title is very general and does not define the monkey. “The Effects of Bananas on Monkey Behavior” is mildly amusing and a little clearer, however we can make it clearer for example; “Bananas Stimulates the Vigor of Tail-Twitch Behaviour in Mandrill Monkeys.

image 17 Practice

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