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While getting information for the research papers seems to be an easy task, incorporating that information into your research paper without falling into the plagiarism trap is not easy. However, there are some simple ways to write non plagiarized research papers. Follow the following simple steps when composing your research paper to make sure that your academic paper is unique and free of plagiarism.


Once you have found the source that is perfect for your research paper, read it and compose it in your own words. While writing, you should ensure that you don’t copy exactly more than two words consecutively in the text you are using as a source of info. In case you use more than two words in one sentence, you will be required to quote your work properly.


Citing is one of the greatest ways that can be used to ensure that your research paper is unique. Make sure that you follow all the academic paper formatting guidelines recommended by your learning institution or the institution that delivered research paper writing request. The formatting guidelines include the citation in formats like APA, MLA, HARVARD, and Chicago. In most cases, this will include the addition of the author(s) and the publication date or similar information.


For you to properly quote your source, make sure that the quote is used the same way it appears. Note that no author will take it lightly when misquoted and the majority of higher learning institution tend to grimace on block quotes or quotes that have more than 40 words. A successful scholar must be able to paraphrase most material effectively. Even though the process consumes time, the results pay off handsomely. Make sure you quote your research paper properly to avert the erroneous plagiarism allegations.

Quote citation

Citation quote might be somehow hard citing a paraphrased material. This is because it always is required to include a page number and a paragraph number in the case of web content.

Citing your material

In case the source material you are using while composing you used your research paper in your previous class, current class or in ant place must also be cited. The text should be treated the same way as you could if another author wrote the piece. While this might sound odd, using a source that you have used previously is known as self-plagiarism, and it’s highly prohibited.


One of the best tactics to avoid plagiarism is incorporating a reference page or page of works cited at the bottom of the research paper. Additionally, make sure this page meets the document formatting guidelines recommended by your learning institution. Note that the information included in the title, source, author(s) and publication date.

As a student, you are involved in many academic and non-academic actives hence you might not have enough time to compose your research paper. Note that these final rushes can lead to mistakes and missteps that results to the plagiarized content being in your research paper. Without taking the proper precaution, you can easily find yourself facing numerous plagiarism allegations.

For this reason, it is good to take your sweet time while it is a bit calm and you don’t have many academic activities to focus on the ways to avoid plagiarism in your research writing.

Cite your research paper as you write

The majority of students like adding the citations after they have completed writing the research paper. It is not advisable since you can easily omit sources when you are doing the citation later, especially with complicated papers.
The only reliable way to ensure that you have incorporated all the sources you use is to cite them as you do your work. Fortunately, many word processing apps such as Google Dos makes streamlines the tasks for you. If you wait until you complete the work, you will easily omit some citations, and this will lead to plagiarism.

Inquire from your tutors

When writing your research paper, you might realize that there are some things you don’t understand about the citing a paper. In this case, you should not shy off from speaking to your instructor and get calcification. Bear in mind that your instructor is the ultimate arbitrator of if your paper is plagiarized or not. For this reason, even though talking to your professor or writing coach might of paramount importance, they might offer different guidance as your teacher.

On top of that, talking to your teacher will help you if issues with the final paper will arise. If you have been in communication with your teacher and working together on citation issues, it will be hard for them to believe that you plagiarized the paper intentionally than if you didn’t communicate at all.

If you feel that there is something you don’t understand, clarifying from your teacher is the best thing to do.

Make sure you count to check your work

If you are not sure that your research paper is not properly cited, you can ponder counter checking the paper before handing it over to your professor. The majority of higher learning institutions will let you use their plagiarism detection software to check whether your paper is unique. Additionally, you can browse the internet and find numerous plagiarism detection services that you can run your research paper through. For an instant, Writecheck is a service offered by Turnitin, particularly designed for students. Additionally, you can use PlagScan that offers the plagiarism checking services at low cost.

Even though checking your work is not a perfect solution, it plays a vital role in offering an outside idea on the work and allow you to know what your professor is likely to come across once they submit if for a plagiarism check.

Be confident and start early

Even though the above guidelines will assist you to avoid negligent plagiarism, you should learn how to avoid the temptation to plagiarize intentionally. If you don’t trust your work, get some help from professionals. Apart from talking to your instructor, you can consider looking for a writing coach who can give you instant feedback. This will help you come up with a high-quality research paper that is plagiarism free.