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Academic writing is not the most loved assignment amongst students. If it were in their powers, they would rather focus on other things that write it. Since academic writing is broad, it involves lot of assignments, and one of them is a research paper. Academic papers must have the introduction; the body and the research paper conclusion paragraph, which are written according to the prescriptions of the professor. Students must therefore wok hard to ensure them edit right from the onset. When it comes to introductions there are rules to be followed, and the same case applies to the body and the conclusion.

However, many research papers and essays have been destroyed by a bad conclusion, where the student fails to do what is necessary. As such, we are going to show you how you can prevent the destruction of an entire paper emanating from a poorly constructed research paper conclusion paragraph. The conclusion is an essential element that ensures the audience understands the topic, its important as well as giving them the final thoughts and closure. It needs tom be written carefully and must capture the major points discussed within the research paper. This way, your paper will achieve the desired outcome.

The major thing you need to understand here is that the conclusion of your research paper or essay is not a simple summary of the evidence that you have presented in your paper. These are you last words to your audience and as such, they need to be striking and convincing. In other words, you want the audience to think about them hours or even days after they have read your paper.

Writing the conclusion requires tactic to avoid weakening your paper. If you want to write a good conclusion for your research paper, you need to check any research paper conclusion example.

Any of the transitions can be used when you want to start the research paper conclusion paragraph. You could say they link the conclusion with the body paragraphs of your paper. They signal the beginning of the end to whatever that you are discussing. If the conclusion is going to be effective, the major argument should remain the same throughout the paper. For you to write a good conclusion you can use this pattern:

image 02 how to write good conclusion paragraph

Therefore, what is a conclusion of a research paper?

image 03 conclusion of a research paper

Things to avoid when writing a research paper conclusion

Remember that a research paper conclusion paragraph can make or break your entire text. As such, these are the things you need to avoid as you conclude your research paper. They include:

image 04 Introducing a new topic

There is no way you are allowed to introduce a new topic at the end of the paper. This will throw off the reader because h o she does not know what to believe now. Do not end with a paragraph that goes off on the topic totally. What you summarize at the end of the paper should be within the text that you have written.

image 05 Restating your thesis statement in the same words

When restating your thesis statement in the conclusion, you are not supposed to restate verbatim what you write in the introduction. You need to be very creative in the way that you restate your thesis. The idea is to ensure that you use words that do not negate its meaning, thereby maintaining the discussion of the paper as well as its purpose.

image 06 Apologizing for your point of view

You are not supposed to apologize to anyone about whatever you have written in your research paper. This would not augur very well with the audience, thereby making your paper weak. You have to remain as authoritative as possible and stand by whatever point you have made through this paper.

image 07 Trying to make up for an incomplete structure

For instance, if you say your discussion will tackle books and only try discussing two books, do not try to cover the remaining ones in your concluding paragraph. You had better limit your paper to topics that you can cover realistically.

image 08 Focusing on minor points

If your research paper conclusion paragraph focusses on the minor points, it weakens the entire paper. You only need to concentrate of the most striking points of your paper as you write you conclusion. This will strengthen your final statement and help the paper to achieve its purpose based on the topic you are addressing.

It is easy to avoid the above pitfalls if you are careful when writing the conclusion of you research paper. As such, you have to ensure that every major point you write is well discussed and makes the right impression you have in mind especially the last research paper conclusion sentence.

image 09 Using words that make the paper to sound stiff trite or unnatural

This includes the following words:
Finally, In conclusion, in brief, briefly, in the end, in the final analysis, thus, on the whole, to conclude, to summarize, to sum up, in summary, in sum and so on.
Therefore, a good conclusion needs to stand out on its own without being labeled as such.

image 10 Changing the tone of the paper

Ensure that you maintain the same tone throughout your research paper. Tonal shift occurs when an academic research paper is given an emotional or sentimental conclusion. Even if the subject may be significant to you as a person, it should not come out as such in the paper. If you want to give the research paper conclusion paragraph a human slant, you have to start and end the paper with an anecdote to give the topic more meaning to audience. Otherwise, changing the tone of the paper will destroy it supposed.

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Writing the research paper conclusion

To write a perfect basis conclusion for your research paper, consider the following tips:

image 11 Restate your topic

You can restate the topic and explain its importance. However, do not take too much time on it especially if you have made this importance apparent. You only need a single sentence to achieve that.

image 12 Restate your thesis

Your thesis statement is important, which is why you need to relate it in the research paper conclusion paragraph. As such, you have to use words that do not create its meaning. In other words, you are not supposed to repeat how you wrote it in the introduction paragraph. The sentence that you write should be too similar to whatever you write from the onset. The rewording of your thesis statement should complement the summary of your topic in the first sentence of our conclusion.

image 13 Summarize your major points

This is done to remind the reader about whatever that you have talked about in your paper. You can achieve this by re-reading your topic sentence for every paragraph that you have written or the major sections of the body of your paper. Restate each point mention as the topic sentence in your conclusion. You are not supposed to repeat the supporting details that you have used within the body of your paper. Remember that you are also not allowed to introduce any new information, as it would confuse the reader. Summarizing means putting in a few words, whatever major points that you have discussed because you deem them as crucial. You can look at a research paper conclusion example to get the idea.

image 14 Add everything up

This is not needed for all research papers. However, if your paper goes in an inductive way and have not explained fully he significance of your points, you have to do that in the concluding paragraph. If yu have explained the meaning of your of your major points, you do not need to provide much details in the conclusion. You can only restate your thesis or the significance of the topic.

Always address all the crucial issues and fully explain your points in the body of your paper. Remember that the conclusion ought to summarize the arguments you made to the audience and to perhaps call them to action.

image 15 When and if appropriate make the call to action

If need be, or when required, you can make a call to action. You can state the need for further study on the topic. However, a call to action is not necessary to some conclusions. For instance, if you research paper is based on criticism, you are most likely no going to need a call to action. If you must put it, then your paper may be handling a topic that addresses a public or scientific need

image 16 answer so what question

The research paper conclusion paragraph provides a platform for you to elucidate the broader context of the issue that you are handling. You are simply making the audience to understand why the research paper truly matters. As such, you have to answer the “so what” question since the significance of the topic may not be apparent to the audience.

image 17 write conclusion paragraph in research paper

How to make your research paper conclusion as effective as possible

If you want to have an effective conclusion an eventually, as strong research paper, you need to consider the following aspects:

image 18 Stick to the basic information synthesis

Summary closing is the most common conclusions you can have for your research paper. As such, you have to synthesize information instead of summarizing it. Do no repeat things, but rephrase them and support your points in a way that ties them together. This makes your paper look like a complete thought instead of a random collection of related ideas.

image 19 Bring things full circle

Your research paper needs to be tied together by linking your introduction and conclusion directly. To do this you have to ask a question in your introduction and then restate it in the conclusion. You can also have an anecdote in the introduction and instead of sharing it in the end, you can write the conclusion to the anecdote. The same concepts and images that you introduced in your introduction can be used in your conclusion. The images may or may not paper at other points in our paper.

image 20 Formulate a logical closure

If your research paper presented different point of an issue, use the conclusion to bring about a logical opinion using your evidence. You ought to include adequate information about the topic back to the statements up. However, do not include excess details. If the research paper did not provide a clear-cut answer to the question, you have to indicate so. It is good to restate your initial hypothesis and tell the audience if you still believe in it or the research has swayed your opinion. You can indicate that an answer may reside in further research of the topic.

image 21 Pose a question

This research paper conclusion paragraph helps the audience to infer their own conclusions. However, this does not apply to all research papers. If you are asking a question, let it go direct to the purpose of your paper. In most cases, it is the same question, or a version of it, that you started with in your research. Ensure that the question you pose can be substantiated by the evidence you have within your paper. If need be, you can summarize the answer after restrain this question or you can leave it hanging for the reader to answer.

image 22 Make suggestions

If you have included a call to action in your research paper conclusion paragraph, you have to recommend to the audience on how they are going to do further research. The recommendations can also come even without a call to action

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