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Writing a term paper that is worthy of high grades transcends research and putting the contents down on a paper. Time, planning, and excellent writing skills are necessary and are part of the requirements to write term paper. This assignment is a mandatory research paper that is done at the end of the semester, and professors use it to assess and evaluate a student’s knowledge concerning the course.

There is a big difference between an okay term paper and a great paper. As such, you need to ensure that you have the right skills and resources to write a great paper worthy of high grades. When writing a term paper, a lot of research and technical writing, analysis, organization, and incisive research is necessary because it reflects a student’s knowledge on a certain subject or course.

Topics for term papers

Instructors can sometimes provide topics, and in this case, they are related to the course you are studying. However, you may be required to originate a topic for your term paper whereby you are free to choose a topic that interests you the most. You can search for it on the internet, reading articles, watching the news and reading newspapers, magazines, and blogs, and so on to get ideas for your term paper. When you have the liberty to choose a topic, go for one that will meet the requirements and objectives of your course. You will have an easy time even if it the first time you are discovering how a term paper is written. The process becomes more fun, especially if you consider the following pointers:

image 02 length of term paper

You need to consider the length while you write term paper, even as you choose your topic. Is it a 5-page or a 10-page assignment? You also need to consider the number of words to determine how you are going to fix the information within that limit. The number of words determines the length, and it is important because you are able you choose a certain topic and decide its broadness.

image 03 resources

Those who know how a term paper is written can attest that checking the school library for available resources is necessary. You also have to consider online sources and ensure you have hands on books and other important materials that you need for reference.

image 04

Ensure that you will be able to explain the topic regardless of how complex it is. If you have questions, feel free to ask even the experts and sometimes it is necessary to consult your lecturer.

The above tips are very crucial, especially for those who are trying to find out how a term paper is written and for those who know but have not mastered everything. Let us delve into the next step.

Steps to write term paper

Once you are faced with this assignment, keep in mind that it can anchor on anything. Not all term papers are reserved for English and literature. Every student ought to have the right skills and knowledge on how to write term paper. It should follow this basic process

  • Choosing the topic
  • Thorough research on the topic
  • Formulating the outline
  • Writing the sample proposal
  • Writing the term paper
  • Editing and proofreading

How to start writing an excellent term paper

Every time you are given a term paper assignment, ensure that you go through the instructions. You should seek clarity from your instructor on areas that you do not understand. This will present chances of being stuck midway through the process of writing this assignment. Using a term paper example would also be a good idea because it will shed light on how you can go about the process and see how other students have dealt with various subjects.

image 05 5

Do not be a last minute person such that you are going to clarity when there is no time. When writing term paper, you need to be very proactive. If you are garnering for a high grade, plan and make time every day for this assignment. Allocate enough time to proofread your term paper before submitting it to your instructor. The best way you can start writing term paper is by giving it a very catchy title. The title page is the first impression of your term paper, and as such, you have to ensure it grabs the attention of the audience.

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Making your term paper outline

The outline of your term paper is the roadmap as it guides the direction of your writing process. It organizes the points that you are going to discuss in the entire paper. Writing an outline will only benefit, your writing process, and help in saving a lot of time. You are able to stay within the topic. Sometimes you will be required by your professor to submit your outline before you can start to write term paper. When you start writing the outline, the introduction should be the first thing that comes to mind. The other parts include the body and the conclusion.

Technical writing skills are essential in the way that you organize your paper. This is a term paper rubric that you need to follow when presenting your argument:

image 06 title page

This page is separate from the rest of the paper, and it contains your name, course number, teacher’s name, and the deadline date

image 07 acknowledgment

Here you state and describe the subject, explain the rationale behind choosing the research topic and add any relevant introductory information

image 08 abstract

This is usually less than a page, and it describes your paper. It tells the reader the direction of the paper, the topic at hand, and why it is interesting or significant enough to warrant a discussion.

image 09 introduction

The introduction of your term paper ought, to begin with, a statement on the topic at hand. You can give the current social events that are linked or elucidate on the significance of the problem you are handling. You need to write about how you plan to solve the problem. Your introduction ought to end with a thesis statement.

image 10 body

The body of your term paper gives you the stage to discuss your topic. It carries the synthesis of your research, and the information herein should help the audience to understand further, what is being discussed. In it, there is the literature review where you explain the research methodologies and the procedures used to implement them. This requires as many details as possible

image 11 results

This is where you explain the findings of your research in terms of how it has led you to infer certain things concerning the subject. Show how your view had changed from when you began the project. Is it the same, and if yes, why? You have to tie everything that you have explained to what you started with at the introduction of your term paper.

image 12 discussion

From any term paper sample, you may come across; you will find that the discussion ends with a summary and a conclusion. It can also promote the reader to carry on with his or her research on the matter through a discussion

image 13 conclusion

When concluding your term paper, you need to restate your thesis statement even though not with the same words you used in the introduction. You can also state your major points to give it more weight. What you have to refrain from doing in this last and important paragraph of your term paper is to introduce any new information that you have not discussed in your paper. Any evidence or facts that are not in the body of your paper should not be introduced at the concluding paragraph because it will throw off the reader and confuse them. The conclusion can destroy or help your term paper to achieve its purpose, and as such, you have to be careful about it.

image 14 reference works cited

Depending on the format of references and citation that you have used in your term paper, this is where you list all the sources that you have used in the research and within the text. The list should follow the citation format. Remember, to include in your reference list/works cited any source that you have not used in the research or the text.

image 15 7

Common mistakes to avoid when writing your term paper

Sometimes when writing term paper, some students are prone to making some avoidable mistakes. These can cost you a good paper and even grade as such, try as much to avoid the following pitfalls:

image 16 little research

Do not rush to the selection of a subject for a term paper. Do good research and choose a subject that you can connect with and an excellent job on it.

image 17 weak thesis statements

You need to create a strong thesis statement as you get into the process of writing term paper. The hallmark of a strong thesis statement is when you take a stand on the topic. As such, you should ensure that the topic that you choose for your term paper could warrant further discussion.

image 18 making improper citations

Give proper credit to all data and references used within a paper. Specific requirements for citing and reference may vary depending on your professor. This demands you to know the format of referencing that you are using in your term paper, be it MLA, APA, Harvard, and so on.

image 19 lack of appropriate connections

The flow of the term paper starts from the thesis statement to the supporting statements, and this makes the boy of the paper. You have to create a stimulating discussion of your topic by making links to the thesis statement. You can check out any term paper sample to see how this is done.

The above simple steps present you with a better way of writing a top-notch term paper. However, if you find difficulties writing one, you can always contact our writers to help you with this assignment

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