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Most of the time, students are used to writing an essay that dwells on different topics. However, the tune changes when it comes to writing your dissertation. You have to prepare a dissertation proposal before you even think of writing the paper itself. This proposal works in the same way as an in-depth essay outline that guides you where to begin and the entire process of writing the whole paper. When writing a dissertation proposal, you need to ensure that the methodology is in and that your paper is consistent and conforms to every rule, especially when gathering the information, data, as well as its analysis. You also have to consider the ethical rules, he reasons for your sample, perceived limitations for the research and other factors that would help you during our research.

Note that writing a dissertation is a culmination of joining your gradate school. It can be a source of great anxiety to many students, especially if they are yet to hone their writing skills. However, you need not worry because this article is dedicated to letting you know how to write a dissertation proposal. If you can consider these steps you will have an easy time with the assignment and the process may be less stressful.

A proposal is preceded by formulating a god idea. You need tom to have an excellent idea at you run by your supervisor to ascertain its authenticity and weight before you can start developing your dissertation proposal, but first things first;

What is a dissertation proposal?

A dissertation is defined as a lengthy, formal treatise that is written by doctoral degree candidates at the university level. It uses a thesis that has to convince the faculty that the research you are proposing is worth to carry out. In other words, you are justifying why you need to carry out a study to facilitate writing our dissertation.

Preparing for your dissertation proposal

As you explore ways of knowing how to write a dissertation proposal, you need to know how to prepare for it too. Start thinking of the bigger picture and pare down from there. If you have ideas in your head, write them down even if they do not fit together. This is a good way of brainstorming and ensuring you have several areas from which you can choose. You will not lack one or two ideas that stand out for you. Remember that writing a dissertation proposal in partial fulfillment of an academic requirement. As such, you need to take this seriously.

By the time you are finishing your coursework, you must have a choice of topics that can help you do formal research. The ideas will help you in formulating a research methodology so that you can write a proposal that will earn you the go ahead to do the actual research work. The proposal that you formulate helps you to get an advice from your instructor so that you can avoid mistakes in your dissertation.

Importance of a dissertation proposal

In view of the importance of writing a dissertation proposal, you have to come up with one because:

It is the blueprint of the subsequent research


The dissertation committee gets an idea of how your research is going to be and where it will focus on. As such, you must prepare an excellent prodigal that will win the go ahead for the actual research.

Helps in convincing the committee that your research is worth pursuing


When writing a dissertation proposal, you are trying to convince the dissertation committee that the research is necessary. The dissertation proposal gives healthy ideas and justification of why the research is needed in the first place.

It demonstrates that you are well qualified to handle the topic


By submitting a well-written dissertation proposal, you are demonstrating to the committee that you are qualified to handle the topic. As such, the committee is convinced by the way you write the proposal that you have what it takes to carry out very reasonable and excellent research on the matter.

dissertation proposal has an explicit research question, testable hypotheses



You submit a dissertation that shows the committee of your hypotheses and how you are going to test them through your research. As such, the dissertation must have a clear way that you are going to use to prove all these things. Write it in a manner that convinces the committee.

dissertation proposal writing

It convinces the audience and also contributes to the field in general

You dissertation indicates in all ways the way that you are going to contribute to the knowledge within that field through your research.

It allows you to understand your goals


By writing a dissertation proposal, you can understand all the goals that you want to achieve with your dissertation. Keeping these goals in mind makes it easier to develop an excellent paper structure, a good dissertation proposal outline, and the right direction for the entire paper. This is helpful even to those who are doing it for the first time.

As you prepare for the process of writing a dissertation proposal, you need to be sure that you have the necessary understanding, ability and motivation to handle the entire project. You also have to be sure that you are familiar with the research within that field. As such, it is good to look at any example of a dissertation proposal to get a better idea of what is expected of you. It will also help you to make your research more focused. You can get successful proposals from your library or ask your professor to share with you some of the proposals that were written before by other graduate students. This gives you a good head start and eliminates any doubts you might have concerning the work.

Beginning the writing process for your dissertation proposal

In light of the success that you anticipate with your dissertation proposal, you have to organize it around a set of questions followed by an appropriate methodology as a response to these questions. Ensure that your problem statement defines and presents an issue that is framed with specific questions. When writing a dissertation proposal, you have to explain the importance of the problem and the need to research within the context that you have already established. As such, you should have the following questions in your dissertation proposal:

  • What is the problem under investigation?
  • Why is it a problem?
  • What is the importance of addressing it?
  • Where are you getting your answers?
  • Why are you going there, specifically?

Beginning the writing process for your dissertation proposal

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As such, the above questions should help you to focus your proposal to a significant problem pf your interest, your committee and the research community at large. Show them who will benefit from the research and how the findings will apply. Let the intention of your research be known and ensure that the questions are written in question form.

When writing a dissertation, you ought to demonstrate that:

  • You have defined and delimited a fascinating research question
  • You can elucidate on the importance of the question to someone who is not intimately familiar with it
  • You can come up with a hypothesis that can be tested
  • You have a detailed plan to test the most promising hypothesis

The structure of a dissertation proposal

From an example of a dissertation proposal, you will find that they are mostly written in the present tense. They should contain the introduction, conceptual framework, methodology, literature review, bibliography, and appendices. These sections are essential to the way you are going to argue your reasons for the research. As such, you should pay attention to the details you include I each one o them.
The structure of your dissertation proposal should, therefore, look like this:

The title

You need to come up with a working title to focus on during your research. The wording of the title is subject to change as you progress with the writing process. However, you need to ensure that the title means something in the first place. An important note here is that your future employers might ask you about the topic of your dissertation. As such, you have to think of the future as you come up with something that will be of interest.

The introduction

This section allows you to introduce your topic to the audience. You need to provide the audience with the backdrop to the more specific research. This is done by exploring the background to give the subject a wider context. The introduction is also, where you lay out your main thesis or hypothesis and then explain why the research is important in this area.

The body

When writing a dissertation proposal, your body should have the following sections:



This is where you outline all the methods that you will use to collect and prices your data. You have to show how and what you are going to do. If you are carrying out quantitative research, you must include a reference to a questionnaire, data source, or survey. More so, you need to have a clear scope of research. Explain why you have chosen those methods and why they are more specific to your research.

aims and objectives


As you write your dissertation proposal, you have to show the main issues that you are exploring. Let the audience know what you want to achieve and the main questions that you will answer. Ensure that you also make know your predictions.

writing a dissertation proposal

Literature review


This is a chance for you to make a god argument concerning the importance of your research. You can also connect it to similar research, or present it as an extension to other existing studies. List all the relevant sources that you have consulted so far within your research. Show the audience how these sources have helped you in the research. You can also place your work alongside others to demonstrate and elaborate or contribute to the general field. This shows that you have prepared adequately for the process of writing a dissertation proposal. You can also include flaws that you might have identified in any existing work. This demands you to show the audience how you will avoid these flaws in your dissertation. The sources that you include in your literature review sections are the only ones that add value to your work.



As you write your a dissertation that is informative and effective, recognise the limits of that hinder you from exploring and presenting your current findings. It may be about word count that makes it hard to present some issues. This section shows the audience that you have engaged with your subject and are familiar with the wider concepts that relate to your topic.

Ethical considerations


Any ethical considerations should be included in your dissertation proposal. For instance, do you have permission from the respondents to interview them?



Every dissertation proposal must have a timeframe within which the work will be delivered. It can be a chapter-by-chapter basis otherwise. Ensure that the timeframe is realistic to allow you to write a good paper.


When writing a dissertation, you do not necessarily require a conclusion, but you can close the paper with a few reminders of why you chose the topic the type of research you will carry out and the expected outcomes.


This is a list at the end of your proposal that shows the depth of your research. It acknowledges these sources of information and ensures that your dissertation proposal is free from any plagiarism. Any source that you have cited within the literature review section should have an entry in the reference list. You should not include any source that you have not cited in the body of your work I this list.

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The above tips are important, especially if you want to know how to write a dissertation. You can also consider the help that we give when it comes to writing a dissertation and other academic papers. Try our services today.

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