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An essay is a type of an academic paper that any individual can learn to compose, provided they have the basics of writing the paper. An academic essay is meant to offer a solid and datable thesis that must be supported by relevant evidence. Note that the majority of research follows a standard set of rules. Knowing the fundamental principles for academic essay writing will give you an opportunity to compose valuable and persuasive papers even while you are in a time crunch.

Making a good outline 1

This will help you know what you need to write about before you begin the writing process. Knowing what you need to write about is of paramount help when composing your academic essay. One of the simplest tactics to narrow down a paper and come up with a perfect argument is to create a basic outline before starting the writing process. Note that the basic structure of a good academic essay comprises an introduction that must have a thesis, the main body of the essay which must have separated paragraphs that illustrates the evidence supporting the thesis. Your essay must have a conclusion that will tie everything together and link it the thesis. When it comes to the amount of evidence that you should include in your essay, your guideline must have at least three solid points that will support your thesis.

Have a solid understanding of the basic grammar style and punctuation

Note that grammar, style, and punctuation are of high significance if you want your research to be understood and taken seriously. Before composing an essay, ensure that you understand your grammar well. Basic grammar comprises verb and subject agreement, proper article and pronoun usage, without forgetting a perfectly created sentence structures. You need to ensure that you understand how all the common forms of punctuations are used. Additionally, you should be watchful for your comma usage and understand when a period is required. Bear in mind that voice of your sentences is important in any academic essay writing. For this reason, you should strive to write in an active voice instead of a passive one to help make the tone of your writing stronger. Make sure that you use a concise language while writing your essay. Never should you use transition words that don’t have any value to the sentence and unnecessary wordings that detracts from your thesis statement.

Make sure you use the right vocabulary

While writing an essay, you should understand the words you are using and what they mean. The way you use the language is vital, particularly when it comes to academic essay writing. While composing your academic essay, bear in mind that you are attempting to persuade your audience that you are a professional who can make an intelligent argument. Incorporating complex words in your essay just to appear smart brings negative effects in most cases. When you are not certain of the meaning of a specific word, you might risk using it inappropriately. Avoid using obscure language since it will have a negative impact on the clarity of your argument. For this reason, you need to ensure that you consider the clarity of the argument before you get rid of the lexicon to transform that perfect word phrase to something different.

Understanding the argument and critically analyzing the evidence

While composing your academic essay, you need to make sure you have the primary argument in mind. Even though it may be alluring to shift to a tangent about some exciting part of the topic, doing so will make your academic essay writing less concise. Additionally, you must question any evidence that you incorporate in your essay, and when you are evaluating the evidence, you must be critical and thorough. However, you must use the strongest research back up your paper, and everything you incorporate must have a connection to your topic and argument.

Know how to create a good conclusion that supports your research

A conclusion is one of the most ignored areas of academic essay writing. However, bear in mind that a conclusion plays a vital role since it ties all your research together to prove your thesis. A good conclusion should not be a recap of the introduction or a copy and paste of your thesis. Additionally, a good conclusion must outline the main evidence discussed in the body of the essay and directly connects it to the paper to explain how the evidence proves or disproves the primary argument of your research.

If you need to write a good essay, you must understand the criteria used by your instructor to grade them.

Development of the thesis 2

Note that a thesis is the essence of your essay that can be defined as the claim you are making or the point you are trying to put across. All the other preceding paragraphs in your paper will revolve around the main central idea which is the thesis. A good thesis statement must have one or two sentences of your introduction that will explain the topic to be discussed. Your instructor will evaluate all the paragraphs based on how well they relate to the thesis statement. To thrive in this area, you need to make sure that you have introduced the thesis in the introductory paragraphs. Make sure that the body of the paper supports your thesis statement and your conclusion must show how you have proved your thesis.

Strong form

An excellent essay must logically present ideas, and the format should be easy to read and follow. Your introduction must flow naturally to the essay body, and the conclusion must be able to summarize everything. You can create a clear outline of your essay before you start writing the paper. Once you complete writing the essay, you can review the form to find out if the ideas flow naturally.

Make sure all the paragraphs are in a logical sequence, all the sentences of each paragraph is well organized and ensure that all the similar pieces of information are grouped in the same paragraph. Additionally, make sure that you include transitions to show how paragraphs connect.


The style of essay plays a vital role in revealing your writing persona. It allows you to demonstrate your fluency by composing precise sentences that tend to vary in form. Make sure your sentences create a huge impact on the audience. Using different types of sentences like complex and compound sentences will also help.

Convection 1

These include writing techniques such as spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and grammar. Having numerous errors in your essay shows that you are careless and it will diminish the credibility of the argument. Once you make lots of mistakes, it will be hard for your readers to understand your writing. Make sure you proofread your work before handing it over to your instructor, and you can use various software like Grammarly to get rid of the errors.

Support your thesis and reference

Note that your instructor will evaluate your resources and for this reason, you must pick your information from reliable sites, articles, and books. Ensure that you use quotations and paraphrase to support your thought and cite your sources well.