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It is common knowledge that not every student likes writing. There is a lot that is involved in this task such that the student feels too overwhelmed at times. These students have no other choice but to tow the line and write assignments that will help them to get good grades. One such assignment involves writing an essay about a book. The idea is to give the audience a good opinion of the work such that they can decide to reads it or not. Even though literature is not among the most favorite subjects even in high school, the student is still expected to bring his A-game.

If the assignment requires you to write an essay on book, be ready to go through everything necessary for its success. Think of all the aspects that make the book interesting or not. Follow the author has discussed the various aspects in that piece of literature. It is your prerogative to know how to write an essay on a book, whether you like it or not.

Writing essays on books is a common assignment that you will have to face. As such, you are supposed to take a stand on a given work. You have to analyze it in the bigger context as well as analyze the themes therein. You also have to pay attention to the literary merit of the author. This means you have to read the book severally to understand everything about it. You have to capture what the authority intended to be the primary message of the work. Remember, after reading, it is the only time you can take up a stance on the work. This will help you to formulate an excellent thesis statement to make your writing more focused. This is one of the best techniques you can apply when you want to know how to write an essay for a book.

What you gain from this essay

One of the important things that you can gain from writing essays on a book is that you enhance your understanding of the work. It is also a chance for you to work hard for those good grades that you want. This is an assignment you need to take seriously, as it not only leaves with good grades but also with excellent skills of analyzing a given piece of literature in a better way that you would have before. Henceforth, you will be writing better assignments, whether or not you are reviewing a book or not.

what you gain from essay on a book

Quick pointers to write a better essay on a book

Before proceeding further, you can take these quick tips that can help you in the first instances. They include the following.

Select a book

If you have not been issued with a book, you can select one and decide to write an essay on it. This should be a book that is interesting to you and by extension, to the audience. However, remember that the audience may or may not have read the book. As such, you should be careful about the details that you divulge here.

Determine the goal for the length

This essay is likely to have a predetermined number of words. As such, you should read the book bearing in mind that you have a limitation on the number of words you can write. As such, be ready with a good strategy that will enable you to write a very competent essay about a book.

Decide the format and the style

If you are lucky enough to choose the format for yourself, choose something that you are familiar with. This will make your work easy because you will have control over everything. On the other hand, if you have been given a format to follow, ensure that you familiarize yourself with it before you even start writing the essays on book.

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Read the assigned book

The best way to capture the essence of a book as you seek to know how to write an essay on a book is to read the work. You cannot capture the message of the book with the first reading; hove well you are at it. You have to read the work severally, identifying different aspects that make the work stand out or fail in one way or the other. Reading is important, and you should invest time in it. This is the only way you get to write an excellent piece of essay on a book.

reading the assigned book

Formulate an excellent thesis statement

Remember that this is an academic assignment. As such, you have to follow all the rules. One of the best ways you will make your essays on book focused is to formulate a very strong thesis statement. This thesis statement is based on the content of the book. It is your stance on the work that you are going to defend through the points you discuss. Your thesis statement ought to be a single sentence or two at most. Use it to pitch your idea to the audience and use as much evidence as possible. The best way to defend your thesis statement is to choose memorable direct quotes from the book to back up your stance on the work.

Your thesis must be insightful enough and must have a very clear counter-argument. For instance, if in the book you believe that the protagonist left his lover because of the tragic upbringing and not because of infidelity and are sure that this argument can sustain your essay, you should sate your stance about hat idea. In most cases, thesis statements are written as the last sentences of the introduction paragraph.

With your thesis statement intact, you already have your thoughts organized. You also have a very good approach that you are going to apply when writing essays on a book.

Formulate a good introduction

This is where you start throwing a spanner into the works. One of the best tricks to know how to write an essay for a book is to grab the attention of the audience from the start; your opening sentence should be striking enough to have the audience drooling for more. This is where you give the background of the book as we as its author. Close your introduction with your thesis statement. This will serve as a reminder to the audience of what the work is all about. It is also a transitional way of introducing the audience to the first topic sentence you are going to talk about in the first paragraph of the body.

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The body paragraphs

To write excellent body paragraphs for your essays on a book, you have to present all your arguments. These arguments can never be discussed in a single paragraph. You should divide them into points; then make them topic sentences, each of which takes a single paragraph. The work is to ensure that the topic sentence that you formulate relates to your thesis statement. Remember that everything you are writing here must relate to the book that you are analyzing. The evidence that you use per paragraph must come from the book. This can be direct quotes or paraphrases that are duly cited.

The relevance of the points you make relies on how they connect to the central argument. As such, one of the ways to know how to write an essay on a book It ensures that he pieces of evidence and information you use are strong enough to prove your claims about the book, since you are trying to tell the audience if the book is worth it or not, you should be very convincing enough. Analyze, interpret, and present specific themes within the book. It can be themes, character motivations, rising actions, and all other elements of the book that you think will adequately support the central theme of your essay.

This should happen for every paragraph you write. If you have three body paragraphs, ensure they have distinct evidence from the book as support, and by far, they should help you prove what you want the audience to know. Remember that you are trying to give an honest opinion that is based on facts, albeit from your point of view. As such, work hard to defend it.

the body paragraphs

Using transitions in our work

Another tip of knowing how to write an essay on a book is that you have to use transition. This enhances the flow of your ideas. The audience can follow how you organize your thoughts easily. This not only adds to the readability of your paper but also positions you to get a good grade in the end. The smooth transition from claim to claim makes it easier for the audience to piece all your positions together. They will see the value of your argument. The idea o using transitions is no only used when writing essays on a book, but also in other academic writing tasks. Transitions make your essay more cohesive, thereby achieving its goal easily.

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Write your conclusion

This is the last chance you have of making a lasting impression on your audience. It is a time tom wrap the work and ensures that the audience is left with something to think about. The conclusion of your essays on a book allows you to restate your thesis statement. When doing so, you are not necessarily writing it verbatim as it is I the introduction. Some other words that do not negate its meaning in the first place. More so, you can also summarize the points that you have discussed in the body of your essays on book. Emphasize more on the significance of the work. Let the audience know if you are going to recommend it for them. However, the concludes is no to place where you can introduce new evidence or facts or anything else that you ave not discussed on the body of your paper. That would be too much and rightly so because it would go through the readers into confusion.

Revise and edit your work

For you to ensure you have covered everything well in that paper, revise everything. You can go through it to ensure you have covered everything you wanted in it. The idea is to ensure that the paper represents your points well. It is also a way to check whether you have covered all the aspects outlined by your instructor. Rest assured that you would have achieved a very crucial goal of writing a review about a literary work.

As you proofread, look at the grammatical mistakes, punctuation’s as well as the spelling of words, the idea is to ensure that you present a paper that is free of mistakes. Once you are satisfied with your revision and proofreading, you can prepare the final copy of your wok.

Those are the simple points you need to know on how to write an essay for a book. If there are problems with the assignment, you can always trust our online writing services. We shall help you with his assignment and many more. Trust our services and enjoy good grades henceforth.

revise and edit your work

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