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Writing is very important for every student, and essay writing is one of the most common assignments that you will ever do. As such, you are supposed to have the best skills is that you can complete the task without any problem. What’s more, essay writing is supposed to help you in understanding topics better. You are supposed to research extensively so that you can write something that is both interesting and one that will help you get a good grade. In the end, your skill and approach will have paid handsomely, or so it should.

Even as such, when writing your school assignments and you have done your research form a long time, but you are yet to reach the word count, anxiety settles in you are supposed to know how to make an essay longer is it should be. Sometimes you have a word count that represents the minimum words that paper must-have. If you do no reach it, you might be deducted some points. This demands you to get a little creative in the way you write your essay. However, as you do that, you need to be careful not to write fluff or anything that does not make sense. Even as you look forward to making your essay longer, you need to pay attention to the content that you write. Do not just write words so that you meet the minimum requirement of word count. You have to think about what you are going to write about.

Topics with insufficient points

Sometimes you may be given topics that have insufficient points, and you are expected to meet the minimum word count. This can prove to be a hard nut to crack. It puts you at a disadvantaged point because you will exhaust the point’s way before you meet the minimum requirements. For instance, you may be required to write a 1000 word essay, but the points you have only made half of that. What are you supposed to do? Worry not, y oar, just a step away from discovering how to make an essay longer if you keep reading.

Tricks to apply and make your essay longer

This is how you do it.

Ensure you include everything necessary for the essay

The first thing you do after you hit a snag with your essay is to check whether you have included everything. Look back at the rubric you used and ensure that you have discussed every point that the instructor wanted you to have in your paper. If you have a section that focuses on the counter-argument, it could be the reason why your paper falls short of the minimum word count. You may also discover that you left something out, thus, getting a chance to make your essay longer.

ensure that you include everything that is necessary in essay

Use transitional phrases

One of the ways to enhance the flow of your essay is to use transitional phrases. This has been the knowledge all along, but did you know you can use it to make your essay longer? Transitional phrases can be used as one of ho to make essay longer because they take up space. For instance, you can use ‘on the other hand’ to elongate the length of your sentence and, eventually, the essay. It may sound wordy, but it is a trick worth trying. Other transitional phases you can use include ‘in light of, demonstrating that, therefore, firstly, secondly, likewise, in conclusion, to put it in another way, in the same token’ and so on.

Spelling out numbers

Sometimes writing numerals may not work towards enabling you to write a longer essay. What you can do is to spell them out, especially those that fall below ten. For instance, instead of writing number 6, you can spell it out as ‘six.’ This not only makes your essay longer but also makes it more professional.

Instead of writing contractions, spell them out

If you can ditch contractions whenever possible, it will increase the length of your essay. For instance, instead of writing, ‘they’re’ write ‘they are.’ You can also write, ‘it is’ instead of “it’s.” This not only makes your essay longer but also gives it a formal appeal. As such, if you want to know how to make an essay longer, avoid using ‘don’ts, won’ts, and cant’s and write them in full.

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Reverse outlining

This may sound new to some of you, but it is a necessary trick if you want to know how to make a paper longer. Reverse outlining, as the name sounds are exactly what it means. The idea is to try reading your paper from the back can create an outline that hinges on what you have written. This is necessary for reorganizing your paper in a manner that makes me sense to the audience. This will also help you to identify areas that need more development. If you see a point that needs more clarification, make the chance and expound further on it longer. If there are larger paragraphs that have more than one idea, you can break them up. The rule of thumb is that every paragraph is supposed to discuss a single point popularly known as the topic sentence. This gives you a chance to explain different points exhaustively, and you will end up making your essay longer.

reverse outline to write long essay

Cut down on the pronouns

Whenever possible, specificity on names instead of pronouns will help you to make your essay longer. For instance, instead of writing ‘they,’ you can use Marcus, Joseph, and Tony. However, you need to be cautious about how you use the names because it may make your essay too wordy. You have to use the right amount of specificity to make your essay as interesting and lengthy as possible.

Do not forget about supporting material

If there are quotations, anecdotes, and any other aspects that you think support your idea, be sure to include it in your essay. It is a good way of knowing how to make a paper longer. However, be sure that the supporting material that you are using is relevant to the topic and, by far, your thesis statement. More so, if you are using quotes or paraphrasing research or any other literature, ensure you cite them properly. These citations are also a necessary way of making your essay longer.

Go over the essay prompt again

You have read your essay prompt for the umpteenth time by now, but if there is a problem with the word count. If you can read it again and think about it, you will discover if you have left out something. This is a sure way of how to make an essay longer. If you have a question, you may ask your professor for clarity. Ascertain if you have backed up every prompt adequately. If you have not, this will be a chance for you to take the essay longer.

go over the essay prompt again

Try being descriptive about everything

Depending on whatever that you are writing, you can try to be a little more descriptive. This buys you some new words that will help you to make the work much longer. This might be too much, especially if you are writing a science paper but is a good trick to apply, albeit minimally. It will keep your work well within the required minimum word count.

Write a longer introduction and conclusion

Both the introduction and the conclusion are usually short. As such, you can try to write a longer conclusion as a trick on how to make an essay longer. For instance, you can induce some little history about the topic you are discussing. This makes it easier for you to add more words that will give you a head start when it comes to the word count requirement. When you write your conclusion, use every possible means to make it longer. Touch on every point you have discussed but ensured it is in summary form. Add words that have meaning to your conclusion, and by doing so, you will have made your essay longer.

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Tips that go beyond content

Some of the tricks necessary in knowing how to make an essay longer will include the formatting of the whole paper. Consider the following points:

use slightly larger font


If our teacher has not specified the font that you can use in your essay, you can pick one of the larger fonts like Courier New, Arial, Bangla Sangam MN, or even Cambria. If you are limited to Times New Roman, you can choose something similar but a larger font. However, do not go for a way too big font like Arial Black or Lucinda Handwriting because the instructor will notice that you are to make your paper longer.

adjust the size of your font


In most cases, essays and other academic papers are written in font size 12. However, as a way to make your essay longer, you can adjust it to 1.3 or even 1.5. The adjustments that make a bigger difference are the ones you can use, and your essay will appear longer.

make your header longer


You are not sparing any detail, especially if you want to know how to make essay longer. When it comes to your header, make it longer, and you will have a good chance of adding more length to your essay.

increase the margin by quarter


If you are required to write your essay within a margin of one inch, increase it to 1.25 inches. On the word document, you can click on the ‘Format’ command, then’ Document. I the dialogue box that pops up next to ‘Right’ type 1.25. This adjusts the margin by a quarter or less, even though there are no visible changes. However, if the changes seem to be too noticeable, you can try 1.15 or 1.1. All documents are justified to the left, and as such, you should avoid increasing the left margin because it will produce a detectable change by your teacher. You can also increase the bottom margin by a quarter.

Place your tile on a separate line below the header


You can center the title and make it bold. You can also increase the font size to 14. As such, you need to ensure that the space between the header and the title is doubled. This should be the case with the first paragraph.

Enhance the spacing of your paragraphs


In most cases, it will be hard for the instructor to notice the spacing of your essay. The most common spacing that is used is 2.0, but you can add it to reach 2.5. This will not be as noticeable as one would think. Your essay will appear longer. However, this is a long shot, as some instructors are very keen when grading these papers. You do that, but keep your fingers crossed.

Now that you know how to make a paper longer, you can go ahead and start writing. Ensure everything is relevant because your grade counts. If you find difficulties reaching the minimum word count, you can always story using our services. We are here to give you professional assistance in academic writing. Try our writing services today, and see the results.

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