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Research is a very crucial component in any academic setting, especially for a student is pursuing postgraduate studies. Among the many research activities, that students engage in has to do with writing lab reports. Before you can write this report, you have to collect the data necessary for your report. More so, you have to ensure that you write a lab report abstract. However, before you can ben think of writing an excellent paper, you need to know how they are done. The lab report format has to be understood. Some of this assignment requires a supervisor who is going to guide you in every step that you take.

Lab reports are written to serve various purposes. They can highlight changes or establish patterns with some management issues. They can also be written to archive information to avoid repeating the work in the future. The first thing that should come to your mind when faced with such papers is the format that you have to use. Whether or not you are an expert, writing a lab report with abstract should be something you have to do. If it is a class assignment, you should ensure you meet most requirements, if not all.

The lab report format

Like a research paper, lab reports have different sections, all of which play a given role. You have to stick to the format provided if you want to achieve anything with your report. Pay attention to the ab report write up because it is a crucial part of the entire paper. You also need to look at an example of a lab report so that you get an idea of how you can formulate an excellent paper. It does not matter whether this is a class assignment or something professional; the format of your lab report is essential in guiding you when formulating a coherent and articulate paper in the end.

The format of your lab report should include the following components: title page, abstract, introduction, methods, and materials, experimental procedure, results, discussion, conclusion, references, appendices, further reading. Let us look at them in detail:

Title page

If you have come across an example of a lab report, you will see that the title page houses what the study is all about. However, not every lab report has a title page because your instructor can instruct you otherwise. If you have to include this page, it must contain the title of the experiment, your name, and those of any lab partners, the name of your instructor, the date of performing the lab experiment, or the date of submitting the report. The title should not be written as a question, just a normal sentence. The title should also say what you did and ought to be brief.

image 02 lab report abstract


Writing a lab report with abstract is very important. It should appear at the beginning of your lab report, even though you can write once you are done with other sections of the paper. It is a comprehensive summary of the research report. It sold be brief without using the note form. You can use any example of a lab report to see n how this paragraph is done. The abstract of your lab report should have a minimum of 150 words. As you write a lab report with abstract, you should start with a one or two-sentence summary that provides the aim and rationale of your study.

You also need to describe the participants and the setting. You need to tell about ho, when, where, how many, and if there are groups, how many are there? Your lab report with abstract should also describe the method. Talk about the design, the experimental treatment, questionnaires, surveys, or tests used.

You should also describe the major findings that may encompass mentioning statistics used and the level of significance. You can put in in one sentence that sums up the outcome. The last sentence of your lab report with abstract should outline how your report is contributing to the existing knowledge within the literature. Give the meaning of your research and mention any implications of your findings.

The introduction

This is the paragraph that introduces your work to the audience. You need to explain your hypothesis and its source. You must be very clear based on how the research outlines the connection to the aims or the hypothesis of your study. The introduction should start with a general theory that introduces the topic briefly. Narrow down the discussion to a specific theory and research. Feel free to use two or three studies. Show the logical progression of ideas and be concise as we are as selective. Do not include anything that is not relevant to the lab report. Your introduction should not turn into an essay and do not provide the entire details of the research here you also should not include any relevant critical comment on research but ensure that your claims are consistent with literature review.

image 03 lab report article blog image

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When writing this section of your lab report with abstract, you should assume the audience knows nothing of what you did. Make sure they can replicate your study through what you write in this section. It should be written in past tense but should not justify or explain anything. You only report what you did. It should have the following subheadings:

image 04 design

You have to state the experimental design, the independent variable, and name various conditions. More so, have the dependent variables and ensure they are operationalized. Should there be any controls, ensure you mention them.

image 05 participants

Make known to the audience the target population and the type of sample as you show how you obtained this sample. Say how many and age range.

image 06 materials

You have to describe the materials that you have used, even though you do not have to include the entire replication of them. You only include a sensible level of information for the audience.

image 07 procedure

From an example of a lab report give the exact procedure that you used in the research sufficiently. Give concise information but do not include details of the instructions.

image 08 results

This gives the descriptive statistics as well as the inferential statistics. You should not interpret these results since you will talk about them in the discussion section. What you need to do is put these results clearly and concisely. Descriptive statistics can be expressed using a table for a better understanding.

Discussion or analysis

In this section, you may have the data section that contains numbers, whereas the analysis section has the calculations that you made based on these numbers. Discussion helps you to interpret the data and determine if the hypothesis was accepted or not. You can also discuss any mistakes made during your investigation. Describe, if possible, the various ways that might have improved the study.

The conclusion

This section is important because you want to wrap things up. If you want to know how to write a good lab conclusion should sum up the results as opposed to evaluating them individually. This also extends to the implications of the said results because you have to compare them to the assumptions presented in the introduction of your lab report. Now that you know how to write a good lab conclusion, it does not have to be too long make it brief but ensure it captures everything.


In your lab report, you should list all the sources that you have cited in your work. Do it alphabetically since this is not a bibliography. For instance, if you have referred a name and a date of a given work, reference the source.


You can include the raw data, calculations, graphs, pictures, tables, and figures that are not in the body of your lab report. Ensure that you refer to each appendix at least once in your lab report.

image 09 appendices

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The length of the abstract

In most cases, the abstract of a lab report carries between 10 to 500m words, and this depends on the volume of the work. Lab reports are shorter in length but can still vary. The best way to deal with an abstract for your lab report would be to have specific guidelines suggested by your professor. These requirements may vary from task to task. The elements that make up a good abstract for your lab report include the following:

  • Experiment and research motivation that shows why the research was performed, its importance, a brief additional context that gives a mini-introduction.

  • The research question or the hypothesis gives an idea of what was researched or the problem investigated

  • The general methods and strategies used show how the experiment was performed. Remember that a good lab report with abstract should be very brief.

  • Key findings indicate the observations made and their reliability

  • The conclusions show how the researcher inferred the whole research. It should confirm the hypothesis or otherwise.

Tips for writing excellent abstracts for your lab report

A good lab report with abstract snows that the researcher is serious about the work. As such, if you want to write a good abstract for your report, consider the following tips:

  • Find the right balances between generalizing too much and writing too little. You need to balance how you write genera information and how you comprehensively describe the contents. This balance depends on the number of words used in the abstract.

  • Write your abstract after you are done with the entire lab report. This is because it draws information from all the other sections of the report if there are any alterations to any of the sections. It should be evident in the abstract.

  • Do not include any extraneous information in the abstract that is not mentioned in the report. You should not include tables, figures, graphs, or chats in the abstract.

  • The lab report abstract should be self-contained. In other words, the audience can understand what you did and the results obtained.

  • Use the appropriate keywords in your abstract since it is the essence of the lab report. In most cases, the audience evaluates the abstract, and as such, it should ring all the bells and create an association with the subject. Using keywords is important especially because search results depend on the

image 10 tips for writing excellent lab report abstract

That is now you write a good lab report with abstract. If you would want some assistance with writing this paper, you can always contact our professional academic writers. We have the best services that you can try today.

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