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It does not matter whether you are in college or high school, but writing an essay is one of the common tasks that you will come across in the course of your studies. You will encounter different essays and among them is the definitions essay. You will be required to read a lot of materials and practice writing if you want to become a better writer. This will also be essential for you when trying to formulate new topics. Coming across new words for the first time prompts one to look it up in the dictionary. Some words have complex and deeper meanings and require and incisive explanation for on to understand. This is what makes the definitions essay very important.

Understanding the definitions essay

By now, you may be wondering about what the definitions essay is. This piece of writing involves giving a formal explanation of a specific word. This is an essay, meaning you cannot pick a simple terms described with a few words. The term has to be complex enough to warrant the writing of a definitions essay. This will include the background information and historical origin of the word to make it more relatable. For instance, ‘love’ is a word whose concept is seemingly impossible to explain briefly. As such, you can write a definitions essay about it to give an accurate and universal, meaning.

There are many definition essay examples that you can find on the internet, especially if you are dealing with this assignment for the first time. This will give you a gist of what is done and what to expect should you be required to write one. It is also essential in enhancing your knowledge and skills on how to write a good definition essay.

An approach to your definition essay

Let us say you have found a new and exciting term with a complex background that warrants writing about. Before you can name it the subject of the definitions essay that you are about to write, you have to consider the things you can do with it. To write a perfect definitions essay based on that word, you can consider the following approach:

image 02 Analysis

This allows you to break the subject into different parts, each of which requires a different individual definition

image 03 Classification
You have to identify the classes to which the issue belongs
image 04 comparison

You can determine unusual things by sowing their likeness to the common or contrast from it

image 05 details

Identify the characteristics and other distinct features that describe the idea of the essay

image 06 negation

Here, you have to explain what is not to clear the air for what is.

image 07 causes and origins

Identify the origin of the theme and background information. In other words, the history of the idea is important

image 08 results effects

You have to describe the after effect and uses of the subject that you are handling

For you to write a perfect definitions essay, you need to pick the best topic that you are comfortable portraying and explaining. In other words, you have to become a word artist.

definition essay image 9

Prewriting steps of a definition essay

The first thing to do before you start the writing process is to ensure that the word you have chosen is worth writing about. As such, you can do the following before choosing your definition essay term:

image 10 word could be disputable

You need to choose a term that can create controversy to use in your definitions essay. This will give your paper many views and for it to be adequately disputable, its meanings must be similar to the meaning of another term.

image 11 choose a complex word

When choosing the wood for your definitions essay, ensure it has a complex meaning. A word with direct meaning makes your essay to omit on the illustration needed in the paper. Go for a word with general meaning so that you can have enough points to write in your essay.

image 12 consider intimacy of the term

You have to choose a word that you know very well and are confident about it when within your definitions essay. You can choose a term that correlates with your life to make it sound more like you know what you are talking about.

image 13 research origin

The etymology or the origin of the word comes with a historical reason for being the shape it is. You have to explore the history of this term and write your findings in a definition essay.

image 14 choose familiar word

The word that you chose for your definitions essay is the topic, and as such, you should go for a term with which you are familiar. It will be easier for you to explain it and give matching examples.

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The outline of your definition essay

As is the norm with other creative writing assignments, definitions essay can never be successful without a plan. An outline may also be included the supervisor deems it important. Regardless of that, you need to formulate a good outline for your definition essays. It follows the introduction-body-conclusion structure, and even if you go through examples of a definition essay, you will find out this aspect. The length of the body paragraphs of your definitions essay may vary depending on the term and should incorporate all the points made by the writer.

The introduction

When writing a definitions essay introduction, you need to to include several crucial elements. You need to have a conventional explanation of a primary term that you are describing. This should be found in the dictionary or online. If the term has several meanings, you can pick only the best ideas and add your perspective on the original word you are explaining in your definitions essay.

Mention something that grabs attention at the beginning of your introduction that does not involve the dictionary definition. Use facts, surprising statistics, or even quotation that regards he topic at hand.

Thesis statement

This is part of the definition essay introduction, and it is your version of the meaning of the term that you are defining. This essay does not have a regular statement because, for one, you are not trying to prove anything. To write an effective definitions essay, you ought to keep the thesis statement as short as you can. Add a primary assertion of our work in the introduction and refrain from describing too much in this section. With your thesis statement, you transition not the body of the text.

Body Paragraphs

At this point, you need to know how to write a definition paragraph example for your essay. You are supposed to break down the term to its core parts in the paragraphs of your definitions essay. You have to analyze the term from different angles and give relevant explanations. You can have more than three paragraphs, but this anchors on the nature of your assignment. You can follow this tip on how to write a definition paragraph example below:

image 15 1

The conclusion

Remember that the primary aim of your definitions essay is to provide the proper definition of the term to the audience. For your skills to be considered the best or to show that you know how to write a good definition essay, you must write a conclusion that summarizes the major points of the argument. You can restate your thesis without using the exact words and without interfering with its original meaning. You also need to restate the major parts of the definition and sum up everything that you have shown in the body of the definitions essay.

Post-writing tips for your definition essay

Consider the following post writing tips even as you look at different examples of a definition essay.

image 16 mention how the definition affected you

If there is a specific part of the term that you are defining played a role in your life and experiences, you ought to mention it in the final concluding comments. Be precise when you are mentioning this role.

image 17 thesis

You have to think about the purpose of the argument that forms your thesis because it is the claim of your definition essay.

image 18 references

Ensure that you have chosen the most appropriate references or the term and the entire definitions essay.

image 19 develop an outline

You need to develop an outline for your definitions essay. This makes the writing process easier, and you can include everything that you wanted to have in that paper. You can look at different definition essays examples and their outline to ensure you get a good idea of how you can develop one.

image 20 proofreading

After you finish the writing process of your definitions essay, you have to proofread it to ensure there are no typing errors and that the words are spelled correctly and the grammar is on point.

image 21 editing

Editing is an essential step because it allows you to make necessary changes to your definitions essay once you proofread.

image 22 sources

Always remember that your sources regulate the essay. Simply put, do not chose inappropriate sources because if you do, the audience will misinterpret the meaning of the term you are trying to communicate about.

Some of the interesting definition essay topics for inspiration

Some of the examples of a definition essay topics include the following:

  • Explain the origin of the term Fidelity

  • The philosophy meaning of the term ‘love.’

  • What is the etymology of the word Zenith?

  • The ideal family according to American history

  • Explain the opposite of Happiness and give reasons

  • Historical evolution of the term ‘Freedom.’

  • What is happiness for most people?

image 23

The above examples of definitions essay topics can help you to identify the kind of assignments you will handle when writing this paper. You can pick one of them and dissect it using the above tips. If you would like help with your definitions essay assignment, feel free to contact our writers, and we shall get the work done for you in good time. We make it easier for you, especially with your performance.

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